There's one thing that all of us have in common:

“We all want to look our best however weight loss can be very challenging… But is it?”

There are weight loss tools that can help us, but finding one that actually works is not easy.

​So I’ve made a list for you of the Best Fat Burners 2017. After investigating customer reviews and taking some of these supplements, I’ve come up with the 10 best fat burners that work.

Best Fat Burners 2017

Keep in mind, these fat burners are the best that are currently available on the market.

Regardless if you’re a beginner or bodybuilder, these supplements will give great results and make our list of the top 10 best Fat Burners 2017.​

1. Phen375

Phen375 reviews for women and men

Phen375 is the best fat burner of 2017, because it's the strongest and most effective weight loss supplement currently on the market.

​I personally have used Phen375, and lost over 47 lbs in three months. You can see my before and after pictures above, that's me holding my baby.

Because I've used this supplement and know that it works, I've started recommending it to family and friends like you!

2. PhenQ

phenq-best fat burner of 2017

PhenQ is one of the best fat burners that's priced under $70, it will burn your belly fat and will provide excellent weight loss results.

​This is a great supplement to use for fat loss but because I've personally used Phen375 I recommend it more instead.

The good thing is that you'll get a diet guide with your purchase and a full money back guarantee as well.

3. Performix SST

performix sst reviews and results

Performix SST is probably the best appetite suppressing fat burner because it will control your cravings and overeating.

If you have a hard time following a diet than this supplement will make it much easier and you should see noticeable results within two weeks.

The company behind Performix is well known for their fast working supplements, so you will get your money's worth. 

4. Xenadrine

Xenadrine Reviews

Xenadrine is an elite energy boosting fat burner, it's excellent to take before you exercise and will give you good results.

There are many stimulant-based fat burners but this one is probably the best of its kind, because it much safer than most other stimulant supplements.

If you want extra daily energy or want to feel more active while quickly losing weight than you should try Xenadrine.

5. Zantrex-3

Zantrex 3 Reviews

Zantrex-3 has been around for years, its very popular with many positive reviews and will give you decent results. It does have some mild side effects, but it will rapidly burn fat.

​The price of this supplement is more expensive than the others but it's price is made by its potency to burn fat quickly.

If you want a high quality fat burner that will boost your metabolism and boost your energy than take this fat burner!

6. Animal Cuts

animal cuts

Animal Cuts is the most "hardcore" supplement on this list and mainly for men, because it's extremely powerful and requires 9 pills each serving.

This supplement is an excellent choice if you're already active in the gym and need to burn those few remaining pounds!

My husband has taken this supplement before and he says it does work very well but he also had to urinate more often.

7. Jym Shred

Pre Jym Shred Reviews

Jym Shred is the one of the best pre-workout fat burners, because it will widen your veins to improve blood flow and also boost your energy so that you exercise more intensely.

This is a thermogenic and stimulant based supplement, so it will speed up your metabolism and burn your fat, but it can also cause mild sweats or dry mouth for the first week. 

Try this If you're wanting something to boost your workouts and burn fat at the same time, with only mild side effects.

8. Plexus Slim 

Plexus Slim Review, Ingredients, Side effects, and customer feedback

Plexus Slim is the most travel friendly fat burner because it's actually a weight loss powder, all you have to do is mix it with water and drink it for it to burn fat.

There are many stimulant-based fat burners but this one is probably the best of its kind, because it much safer than most other stimulant supplements.

If you want extra daily energy or want to feel more active while quickly losing weight than you should try Xenadrine funny.

9. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Reviews

Instant Knockout is one of the best fat burners for men, because it will widen your veins to improve blood flow and

This is a thermogenic and stimulant based supplement, so it will speed up your metabolism and burn your fat, but it can

Try this If you're wanting something to boost your workouts and burn fat at the same time, with only mild side effects.

10. Shredz Burner

Shredz Fat Burner for Women

Shredz Burner is a great supplement for women, and the only other better alternative is our #1 fat burner Phen375.

This is a thermogenic and stimulant based supplement, so it will speed up your metabolism and burn your fat, but it can burn fat very fast for you.

Try this If you're wanting something to boost your workouts and burn fat at the same time, with only mild side effects.

Why are Hydroxycut and Cellucor not listed?

Many of you asked how come I didn’t include any Hydroxycut or Cellucor fat burners? The reason is honesty.

Best Fat Burners Their fat burners have potential side effects.

Best Fat Burners Both brands are not more effective than some of the cheaper supplement brands.

Best Fat Burners Not everyone has results. There’s no guarantee that either of those brands even work.

Basically, you spend more to get a name brand supplement but it’s not more effective or better. That’s called a rip off in my mind, right?

So, you’re better off using your money on one of the Best Fat Burners 2017 that actually work.


1. Phen375 – Best fat burner to take in 2017 for results

Phen375 side effects and ingredient list

Many of you are familiar with the banned supplement Phentermine. However for those who don’t know, it’s the godfather of weight loss supplements and for the last sixty years it was the best diet pill available until it was banned. The supplement we’re going to go over today is called Phen375 and it’s the official and safe remake of Phentermine.

This supplement comes with a complete diet guide and exercise workout plan, something that many of you will find very useful, especially if you’re new to dieting or exercising. The fat burner is high quality and made with effective ingredients, personally it’s how I lost 19 lbs in two months.

Phen375 is a thermogenic fat burner and appetite suppressor, while taking it you will eat substantially less without feeling hungry and it will boost your energy so that you won’t feel fatigued from weight loss. Keeping that in mind, Phen375 is made to help users see results as quickly as two weeks and one bottle can provide up to 25 lbs of weight loss.

Effectiveness, Safety, and Results

phen375 review and real customer results

When you take it for the first time, you’ll feel your hunger go away and have a big surge of energy like if you’ve just drank a cup of coffee. So from the first day you can feel its effectiveness and that it really works.

Your safety is my biggest concern when recommending a supplement, so I’m happy to inform you that Phen375 uses a natural formula that doesn’t cause bad side effects. You may have sweaty palms if you’re not used to stimulants like caffeine but secondary effects are not common and quickly subside within the first week. 

If you want to lose weight fast and see big weight loss results than Phen375 works very well to burn fat and suppress hunger, so now you can get the body that you’ve always wanted. 

To summarize, this fat burner is perfect if you want to lose weight fast, I give it a 9/10

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2. PhenQ – Thermogenic fat burner (Best Fat Burner under $70)

phenq-best fat burner of 2017

This fat burner is a Phentermine remake, if you’re not familiar with PhenQ it’s popular because it provides impressive results and is a safe version of the powerful but now banned diet pill, “Phentermine”. So PhenQ will provide you with big weight loss results and burn even the most stubborn belly fat.

This fat burner is a phen related supplement, and like the name says it’s made to mimic what once was the best diet pill ever made (Phentermine). This fat burner can cause up to 5 lbs of weight loss per week and I know people who’ve taken it and had great results.

I like PhenQ better than most fat burners because it’s effective. My friend started taking it and didn’t think that it would work but within three weeks she had lost 14 lbs.” 

PhenQ also comes with a 14 day Fat Burn guide, that is basically a low calorie diet plan and exercise routine. I highly suggest that you follow it if you have never tried dieting before or are unfamiliar with what to do at the gym and need a little help.

Effectiveness, Safety, and Results


Right from the start,  you will feel the weight loss effects, and it comes with a money back guarantee so you will be satisfied. The only thing that I didn’t like is that it’s mainly a thermogenic, so it will burn fat by increasing your metabolism and core temperature, but this usually causes a mild sweat for the first week.

The PhenQ fat burner is one of the most effective fat burners that I’ve come across, it really does what it promises. Its effectiveness is unparalleled and its potency is immense, even my friend who took it was surprised she had lost 6 lbs in the first week alone.

This supplement works great for women and men of all ages. If you’re a beginner than don’t worry because the best package they offer comes with a diet meal plan and exercise routine to follow while taking it maximize your results

Now let’s go over the results, with PhenQ you’ll see rapid weight loss changes, because it will reduce the amount of food the body craves and eats throughout the day. It also boost the metabolism and increase energy. This means the supplement will cause you to burn more calories daily, and consume less calories, so that you lose weight faster.

Its effectiveness makes it one of the best fat burners you can take without needing a prescription

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3. Performix SST – Best Fat Burner for Appetite Suppression

performix sst reviews and results

This third fat burner is one of the best hunger controlling supplements. If you’ve never heard of Performix, the brand makes some of the most sleek products available and they’ve taken over the market because their supplements are very effective. 

To be honest, Performix is probably the most unique supplement manufacturer yet. Their sst capsules look and function like something out of the future, they’re full of tiny micro beads that actually release the ingredients in controlled and timed doses throughout digestion.

SST is an excellent fat burner when it comes to suppressing food cravings.

Users have confirmed that this fat burner is effective, convenient to take and side effect free, and can be taken before the gym for extra energy. I also found that this weight loss supplement makes dieting incredibly easy because it’s one of the best at suppressing the appetite, and will also greatly boost your energy to help fight any weight loss fatigue.

Results, Side Effects, and Costs

performix sst customer reviews

We already covered how the stylish look of the Performix package will help sell itself, but what about the results or its cost? Well, this fat burner is actually cheap if you purchase it from Amazon but if you get it anywhere else than you’ll pay upwards to sixty dollars. So save your money and purchase it from Amazon instead. However that’s enough of the cost, now we’ll cover the results.

If you’re someone who struggles with overeating or constant food cravings, than this supplement is the solution. Even though you should probably diet, this fat burner alone can help you lose up to 20 lbs in the first month and many users have had successful weight loss transformation by taking Performix.

“My friend lost more than thirty pounds in two months with Performix!”

If you need a faster metabolism or more energy than this supplement can only somewhat help in those aspects, but it can really help you control your eating and that’s why it’s so effective at weight loss. Knowing that, this is an excellent choice for any man or woman wanting to change their body.

This is probably the best fat burner for appetite suppression and is very stylish looking

(Check Performix Price)


4. Xenadrine – Energy Boosting Fat Burner for Exercising

Xenadrine Reviews

If you thought that the Performix sst fat burner was something that you might take but you wanted something with more of an energy boost, than Xenadrine is the supplement that’s right for you.

It showed be noted that Xenadrine is an extremely potent energy boosing fat burner, it’s main goal is to use thermogenic and stimulant ingredients to burn fat, unlike the calmer approach of Performix sst which insteads focuses on mainly suppressing the appetite.

Stimulant supplements have had a negative reputation because they can cause insomnia and light sweating, which is why Xenadrine only ranked number four on our list. However if you compare Xenadrine to other stimulants supplements, than I think that it’s probably one of the best thermogenic fat burners because it’s effective without the usual side effects of stimulant supplements.

Even though this supplement contains stimulant ingredients, it also is a thermogenic and metabolic booster because of it’s other ingredients. In the end you should feel more energy and a higher metabolism, which will cause you to lose up to 1% body fat per week. This may sound like a lot but it’s about eighteen pounds per month that you can expect to lose.

You won’t find a better stimulant fat burner than Xenadrine because it’s effective and safe

(Check Xenadrine Price)


5. Zantrex 3 – Lose Weight Faster with This Popular Fat Burner

Zantrex 3 Reviews

This supplement is like the previous one on the list because it’s is also mainly a stimulant based fat burner. However if you only really need help controlling your appetite than you’re better off trying one of the previous choices listed above.

This is one of the more expensive supplements on our list, however it should be noted that it causes multiple weight loss effects, so its effectiveness justifies it’s pricing.

If you want to get yourself a reliable weight loss product that will cause you to burn up to 250 additional calories each day and greatly boost daily energy levels, than Zantrex 3 is well worth it’s price and a great choice for any beginner looking to start losing weight fast.

Effectiveness, Price, Results

Zantrex 3 before and after customer results

This fat burner is very effective alone, but it’s energy and metabolic boosting effects are useless if the user is overeating, which is a common problem with those trying to lose weight. Although if you can control your eating or try to watch what you eat than this supplement will provide you great results.

Zantrex 3 will help you get rid of belly and inner thigh fat, because it acts as a catalyst that helps your body’s natural fat burning capabilities. The people that I interviewed who’ve taken this fat burner said they had good results overall and felt only minor side effects. This supplement will also boost your energy so much that it makes it easier for you to concentrate and exercise or workout at the gym.

The best part is that this supplement can be combined with a fat burning tea, healthy diet, and exercise routine, which will further enhance your end results and cause noticeable changes faster.

Few thermogenic fat burners are as effective as Zantrex 3 which is why it’s constantly a best seller

(Check Zantrex Price)


6. Animal Cuts Fat Burner

animal cuts review and before and after results

This product needs no introduction, but if you’re not aware of Animal Cuts than just know that it will get you real weight loss results. Even though it’s pretty affordable, this fat burner is made for those really wanting to shed a lot of weight.

Animal Cuts might not be as smooth as the previously listed supplements, but it’s hardcore and will get the job done with it’s 9 pills serving dose. Twice a day you’ll rip open a mini-packet containing 9 pills, and each pill creates it’s own unique effect.

By the way, this supplement requires a huge serving of 9 pills, twice a day. This includes a thermogenic pill, diuretic pill, appetite suppression pill, etc… So you’re really getting the full bang for your buck.

Personally I think 9 pills per serving is too much and taking so many pills each day can be very taxing on the body, which is why this product is considered hardcore and only ranked number six even though it will give you great results.

Results That You Can Expect


This supplement is a complete package for losing weight but that’s if you can take all eighteen pills each day and follow the diet meal program as well, than you’ll have astonishing results within two months. 

The Animal Cuts package deal includes a diet meal program that you can follow while taking the fat burner for maximum results.

Something that many of the users like is how the pills are color coded by their effect, so if you don’t want to shed water weight than you can remove the blue pills which are the diuretics or any of the effects you don’t want. 

If you want the complete package for weight loss than Animal Cuts is worth its cost and will provide you great results

(Check Animal Cuts Price)


7. Jym Shred – Best Preworkout Gym Fat Burner

Pre Jym Shred Reviews

The fat burner we’re going to talk about next is probably the best preworkout supplement, because it will help improve blood circulation and energy levels so that your body is ready to exercise. However if this fat burner compares well to the other popular weight loss supplements is something that we’re going to break down below.

When you first take this supplement, you’ll feel the effects within twenty minutes and you’ll have more blood oxygen and huge boost of energy. With this extra addition, it makes it much easier to exercise and not feel so fatigued afterwards. You’ll feel energized and should lose approximately five to seven pounds a week. Some users even see better results but it really depends on how clean your diet is and how much you exercise.

Jym Shred  is made of high quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective at improving the bodies conditioning and reducing body fat. This makes it the ideal supplement to take as a preworkout before the gym and to lose weight fast. It can also be taken alongside other supplements like CLA, vitamins or any diet.

Results and Customer Reviews

Plexus Slim_girl_results

You should see noticeable results within 12 to 14 days, and by the time you finish the bottle you will have lost around eighteen to twenty-four pounds, which are very solid results for a fat burner. It’s effectiveness is definately better than many popular weight loss products like Hydroxycut and Cellucor.

Just remember, this supplement has worked for thousands of other users and consistently receives great reviews because of its potency and ability to burn fat. If you’re looking for a fat burner and are already fairly active or want to start being active than this supplement is perfect for you and can really help you achieve the body that you desire.

Studies have proven that this fat burner is an effective weight loss solution, so if you need to lose weight than this is a great supplement to begin with.

(Check Jym Shred Price)


8. Plexus Slim – Best Belly Fat Burner 2017

Plexus Slim Review, Ingredients, Side effects, and customer feedback

Plexus Slim isn’t a typical weight loss pill, instead it’s a weight loss powder that you mix with water and it’s one of the best belly fat burners (Of 2017).

The powder supplement is ideal for those who would like to lose weight without interrupting their busy schedules, this is accomplished because of the convenient and the on-the-go powder packets.

Regardless of where you’re at, you can empty one of your Plexus powder packets into a water bottle and drink it throughout the day, you’ll never miss taking a pill or capsule again. It’s convenience and effectiveness make this a great weight loss supplement for beginners.

Lose Waist and Thigh Fat


This is a beginner supplement, so it’s formula might not be the best for bodybuilders or extreme athletes who like the hardcore supplements. Keeping that in mind, Plexus Slim is perfect for someone who wants to lose weight without crazy side effects or dangerous weight reductions.

Most likely you’re wanting to lose weight and not an Arnold Schwarzenegger like bodybuilder, so Plexus Slim would be great for you.

Talking about how it actually works, Plexus Slim is a dietary supplement and when taken it will affect blood sugar levels to make the body burn fat. It has a multitude of other functions, for example it acts like a dietary fiber to make the user feel more full without actually eating more.

Plexus Slim reviews are mostly positive but we did notice that many of the customers reviews came from Australia, where the supplement is most popular.

Probably not the best for bodybuilders but it is the perfect beginner weight loss supplement and for those who want a truly convenient fat burner.

(Check Plexus Slim Price)


9. Instant Knockout – Best Fat Burner for Men

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Reviews

If you’re a man who wants to see a a thinner stomach or even the start of abs than Instant Knockout a great supplement to take. Some people do consider it’s price of $59 as expensive, but if you read the customer reviews than you’ll see that the price is justified because you receive a lot of value and weight loss power.

The Knockout formula is very similar to what you would get from taking like Zantrax because it’s also a thermogenic and stimulant fat burner. Instant Knockout will boost the metabolism and increase energy levels so that the body burns more daily calories and at a faster rate than normal.

Something else that’s great about this fat burner is that unlike other stimulant supplements it actually has little side effects and will help control your cravings because of it’s appetite suppression ingredients. This may not seem like a lot, but if you consider that most stimulant based supplements don’t help fight cravings than it’s a big deal.

Taking all this into consideration, the results that most men see from taking Instant Knockout are very impressive. Case studies involving multiple participants have proven that the ingredients in this supplement are effective at weight loss and that this supplement does work.

I would like to give you fair warning that the first few days you might have mild sweating or faster heart rate but it will quickly subside within a few days. 

Final Thoughts

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

To finalize, I would like to address that this is probably one of the best new fat burners of 2017 and easily on of the best weight loss supplements on this list. The price may seem steep to some but the results you’ll see in the end are totally worth it, because you will lose anywhere from 20 lbs to 25 lbs each month.

However your results are not guaranteed and it really comes down to what you eat and how clean your diet is. 

The problem is that a lot of people think just because they take a fat burner that the weight will drop right off, but that’s not the case. If the user is eating constant junk food than taking a fat burner won’t help. However if the user is eating right or at least attempting to eat better than Instant Knockout is a sure way to burn off fat for men. 

One of the best new fat burners of 2017 Knockout has proven to be a great weight loss solution for men and has excellent customer reviews.

(Check Instant Knockout Price)


10. Shredz For Women – Best Fat Burner For Women

Shredz Fat Burner for Women

The final fat burner on this list is from the infamous Shredz.

If you’re familiar with Shredz than you’ll know that this company loves sending lawsuits to anybody who speaks negatively about their supplements. However aside from the hissy fits that the bodybuilding juice brain ceo usually has, the actual product is not that bad. So let’s go into further detail, ok?

First I want to go over the ugly truth, this supplement comes from a social media based company, which means they pay celebrity-athletes to endorse their supplements. This false advertising makes the fans believe that they’re favorite quarterback or fitness model is taking Shredz supplements. Now that we’ve got that out of they way, I present the fat burner for women that’s made by Shredz, and it’s probably the only supplement from Shredz that I would recommend. Let’s go into further detail on why I chose this supplement even though I don’t agree or approve of the company.

This supplement is effective because it’s formula is actually quite good and that caught a lot of us off guard, because it was Shredz who made this and many don’t expect much from them. However this new fat burner that they’ve recently made for women is taking the market like a storm and it’s very popular, but why? Well the results women are seeing from taking these weight loss pills are astonishing. My girl friend even started taking them and started to recommend them to me, because she said they really helped her stop craving junk food and without any weird side effects.

The main issue I have with this supplement is the company that makes it, they’re not somebody I personally would ever buy from. However this fat burner made the list because it’s proven to be very effective for woman who are wanting to lose stubborn or old pregnancy fat, and have the body that they always dreamed of.

Definitely the best fat burner for women and supplement from Shredz but I wouldn’t ever take anything else from that company.

Best Fat Burner Shopper’s Guide

After reviewing all the fat burners on this list, you should now be able to find a store and buy your desired weight loss supplement, ok? NO, wait!

Please understand that, weight loss pills comes with multiple ingredients and you need to be aware of what you’re taking. There are all types of stimulant and thermogenic ingredients and some may not be good for you. So I’m going to go over the common ingredients found in most fat burners.

The ingredients inside a fat burner

Most fat burners contain these common ingredients which I’ve broke down below. Keep in mind, the three kinds of weight loss ingredients are thermogenic, stimulant, and appetite suppressors.

  • The most used stimulant ingredient is coffee bean, the caffeine derived these beans will cause your metabolism to work faster and also increase energy so that your body burns more calories throughout the day. 
  • The most common appetite suppression ingredient is garcinia gummi-gutta, many of you are already familiar with Garcinia cambogia and overall it’s pretty effective. 
  • Ultimately, the most common thermogenic ingredient Capsicum, which is basically the compound of chile peppers that makes you hotter so you burn more calories.

So you fully understand what you might possibly end up taking, I’ve broke down the most common second-hand support ingredients that are often found in fat burners.  

  • Raspberry Ketones: This ketone acts as a stimulant and thermogenic ingredient, similar to Capsaicin (Capsicum). Because it’s compound is so similar to other fat burning ingredients, it can be added to act as a catalyst and further help the main ingredients work more effectively. 
  • Forskolin: The most important body part is the heart and this ingredient will help create a stronger heartbeat and will widen your veins so that your body is operating at a higher blood oxygen level. This will cause you to burn more calories as well as making you more conditioned to exercise without having to do anything else!
  • Saptrees: Saptrees are the lower classification of Garcinia gummi-gutta, and there are hundreds of different species of this tree. This means that the Garcinia you consume can create different weight loss effects depending on where the tree was harvested and what type of saptree species it is. 
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids: Rather known as BCAA’s, they will cause protein synthesis and make your muscles grow at a faster rate. This is used to help prevent losing muscle while cutting weight, because the goal is the lose fat and not muscle!

Alternatives to diet pills and weight loss supplements

After analyzing the top fat burners on the market, some of you might feel that maybe you don’t want to take a supplement for whatever reason. That’s fine. There are natural alternatives that you can take to ensure that you don’t put your body through any risk.

If you don’t already, drinking 1 cup of black coffee during breakfast is an excellent way to burn, because coffee beans contain natural Caffeine. The purpose of drinking this stimulant is to raise the heart rate. The faster the heart beats, the faster fat will be burned by the body to support the extra activity. So basically you’ll lose weight while doing nothing, your heart will continue doing it’s thing but now burning more fat than before!

Another easy alternative is to drink 8 cups of water a day, because it will fill the stomach so that the user feels less hungry. Drinking water will also help keep the body hydrated and that’s very important for weight loss, because urinating is how burned-fat is excreted through the body and that’s why drinking water is so important for fat loss.

If you do not like to drink Coffee than you can also use Green Tea as an alternative to weight loss and diet pills. It has very low stimulant properties but more than that it helps suppress the appetite unlike coffee, so they both have their purposes.

If you want the best possible results without taking any supplements, than I suggest that you start each morning with a cup of black coffee, drink 8 cups of water and 1 cup of green tea a day, and if you combine that with exercise than you don’t even need to diet as long as you watch the food groups that you’re eating and don’t overeat either.

Taking this into consideration, my advice is that there are many effective fat burners that are effective and free of side effects. Why not get the most out of your weight loss journey and combine the previously mentioned fat burning drinks/strategy with a proven fat burner like Phen37 to lose the most weight possible

Reasons to Buy and Use a Proven Fat Burner

  • The fat burners covered in this list have proven to be great choices to lose weight with and will provide lasting results. With that said, this isn’t a change of body but a change of life and a new happier way to live. So remember this is more than just abs but rather a complete new transformation to your mentality that you’re making as well.
  • Most fat burners are very convenient to take but swallowing pills is too much for you than on this list we have easier to take supplements like Plexus Slim which actually is a weight loss powder in mini packets that you can easily drink throughout the day and without interrupting your busy life.
  • Many of you are just starting to exercise and that can be very fatiguing, so the extra energy provided by a fat burner with stimulant ingredients is a great boost that’s helped many people last longer in the gym and have more effective workouts.
  • A lot of the market is saturated with scam weight loss products and fake diet pills that don’t actually work. That’s why with this list you’ll notice that the recommended supplements come with a 100% money back guarantee. So I only am recommending true products that back their formula with a guarantee, and in the end if you don’t like the supplement than you can simply return it 🙂
  • Finally the last and more important reason on why taking a proven fat burner is a hoice, because you’re making an investment into yourself and the results syou see come down to the time your willing to invest into making your dream transformation. So take the risk, make that change, and don’t look back until you’ve reached your goals! probably the
  • Last but not the least, most high-end routers also come with some additional advantages like the prioritization of networks, the ability to do shared printing over the USB, parental control as well backup servers for important data.

Weight Loss Companies That I Avoid…

There are some companies that I personally do not buy from and never would, because they sell bogus products that are only try to make money and not even truly effective in my eyes. However to avoid any lawsuits I have pick my words carefully, even though openly telling the truth about a company shouldn’t be the reason to sue someone.

  • Advocare: The issue with Advocare is that it’s a multi-level marketing pyramid company, this means their products can be cheaper in quality and over-priced because it’s a huge pyramid of people wanting their commission for each sale. I always avoid MLM based companies and stick with more ethical companies but that’s my personal opinion.
  • Healthkart: Is an online based weight loss supplement provider and they have cornered in the market in countries like India but I think there are better deals sometimes by shopping on However I do like how Healthkart offers a 14 money back guarantee but I would prefer to buy directly in like a GNC. 
  • Herbal Life: Another multi-level company, Herbal Life has been around for years and is well known but the truth is that aside from the representatives when have you ever heard of an actual user who’s taking Herbal Life and recommending their products. Because I’ve been to a lot of gyms and still have yet to meet an active Herbal Life customer. 

Personally this is my opinion and frankly just what I think, but you can bet at the end of the day we don’t want problems with these companies. Their products are great for some but personally not for me because I know what really works and that’s why I’d never suggest taking any of these brands.

Get a Fat Burner That Works!

Many of us spend a very longtime looking for a fat burner that actually works, the problem is that the market is full of scam products. So how are we supposed to know what works? It would be nice to be able to read an online fat burner review and know that it’s real, but unfortunately most are fake or biased and try to trick you. That’s why you need to trust a friend or an actual human being who has your best interest at heart, that’s me!

I’ve taken a lot of different weight loss supplements during my journey from obesity to being a healthy person. If I hadn’t of changed my ways I don’t think I would be alive now to be able to help you or see my daughters. That’s what motivates me everyday and that’s why I want to help you, because I know how easy it is to hate ourselves and how hard it can be to love ourselves. Now that you know more about my background, let’s discuss what are some good products that you can buy which will work and help you burn fat.

Garcinia Gummi-Gutta Compared to Phen375

I’ve personally taken Phen375, so I know that it works and will help you achieve an incredible before and after transformation. So If you want a skinnier waist and thinner thighs than try what I consider to be the most effective supplement that I’ve ever taken. However there are alternatives like Garcinia Cambogia, which has received a lot of hype during the last few years and now is a mainstream product.

If you have never heard of Garcinia before, it’s a species of saptrees that produces a unique fruit that has fat burning properties. This fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, which will help the body burn more fat faster and detoxify the liver. This dietary supplement is often taken in combination with a more powerful product, because it will help protect the liver and make any potential side effects very minimal. Some customers do not believe that Garcinia Gummi-Gutta works, because they felt no changes in energy or in waist size. However for every one negative review, we were able to find at least twenty positive customer reviews.

You can buy Garcinia Cambogia at any Wal-Greens or CVS for a very affordable price. The way the it’s made is the fruit, “Malabar Tamarind”, is extracted and turned into a pill form. Not only does Garcinia Gummi-Gutta help you to lose weight effectively but it also helps regulate your blood sugar levels and may help keep your cholesterol down. Although this product was initially brought into the market during the late 60’s, it didn’t really pick up until the early 2000’s after receiving praise from the Dr. Oz tv show.

So how does Garcinia Gummi-Gutta actually compare to Phen375? Well, if you’re looking for a thermogenic burner that is safe but will provide great results than I would go with the Phen supplement. However the secret is that you do not need to pick one over the other, because they can be taken together and won’t cause any bad side effects. So to get the best results possible, just take these products and also eat fat burning foods like lean meats and nuts.

Do Raspberry Ketones Work for Weight Loss

This is an ingredient with tons of hype but zero scienfitic proof that it works. There’s a lot of men and women who honestly think that Raspberry Ketones will help them lose weight and burn fat more effectively. The bright red color of the berry are the ketones, and the extract is what is thought to cause lipolysis (The burning of stored fat.). However if you want to accomplish the same effect but with a proven and safe weight loss ingredient, than you’re better off supplementing Coffee Bean.

There have been some studies on Raspberry Ketones but they were performed on lab rats and with doses far larger than normal. Researchers found that the ketones mimic the effect of another similar fat burning ingredient. However a human would not be able to take a dose that’s equivalent to these studies, so the data is conclusive. If Raspberry ketones actually work and help you lose weight is a mystery, because it did for rats and there’s no evidence disproving it either.

Raspberry Ketones are the fakest of the weight loss scam products on the market, in my opinion. They do not clean the colon or help filter the liver for toxins, and if they raise the users metabolic rate is unknown. So you’re better off using a fat burner that is guaranteed to help you change your body and reduce your weight in less than a month.

Potential Coffee Bean Extract and Caffeine Related Side Effects In Adults

Unless you take stimulants on a daily basis like Caffeine than you could suffer some side effects during your first week with your new supplement. Usually when you start to take a stimulant or thermogenic fat burner, you’ll suffer some mild symptoms for the first few days. (These symptoms are harmless and not dangerous) This usually only lasts until your body develops a tolerance to the newly introduced product. This can take around three to five days. During that time you may feel minor side effects like sweaty palms, nervousness or anxiety, mild sweating, but nothing serious and these symptoms will pass after a few days.

If you start to feel sick with your new weight loss supplement, than you can take half of the recommended dosage. That will help your body create a tolerance and reduce any potential symptoms that you’re feeling. Some people are very sensitive to stimulants, and the amount of Caffeine and Ginseng used in some of these fat burners is enough to make you feel like you’re having a heart attack. So it’s best not to consume any other coffee bean products like Starbucks while taking your new supplement, because you’ll increase the chance of Caffeine related side effects.

Fat Burning Ingredients and Foods to Lose Weight

Just remember, at the end of the day nothing is better than hard work in the gym or following a healthy diet. If you can do twenty minutes of cardio each day and avoiding eating carbohydrates like sugar than you’ll lose weight without having to stress. However that requires time and discipline, which is why many of us fail. So you need to stay motivated! There are special fat burning ingredients that you can take to improve your results and help keep you motivated. You’ll feel that you have an advantage and that it’s mentally easier to stay committed, so that you don’t give up.

My first recommendation is to buy a substitute supplement like Garcinia Gummi-Gutta which you can take with your fat burner to maximize your results. This will help detoxify your body, it also assist the liver and help prevent potential harmful side effects from occurring. Another fat burning ingredient or rather “substitute supplement” that you can take are Raspberry Ketones, which you can buy for a cheap price on Amazon. They may not be proven to be effective but most of the raspberry ketone reviews are promising and it seems its users do see beneficial weight loss effects.

Personally I think that best fat burning food is lean meat, the best fat burning drink is probably coffee or water. If you eat lean meats like turkey or chicken, they’re very low in fat and have zero carbohydrates. Eating lean meat tells your body to burn its stored fat, because it’s not eating any dietary carbohydrates. You could technically burn a lot of fat by eating only lean meats and drinking water, which is the diet that some super-models actually follow.

If you want to burn more fat and use appetite suppression to eat less, you could try adding a cup of black coffee to your morning routine. The extra energy created by the Caffeine will boost your metabolism and make your heart beat faster, which will cause your body to burn more calories throughout the day. So some of the best fat burning diets only really consist of coffee beans and leans meats like turkey, fish, chicken, etc..

How Real is The Mehmet Oz TV Show?

The Dr. Oz tv show has been around for nearly ten seasons now. Originally created by Oprah Winfrey, the shows host Mehmet Oz has been making weight loss claims and recommendations for many years now. However some of his suggestions got him into trouble and many viewers began to question his honesty. I remember being in college, the overweight girl who loved watching Dr. Oz. I liked his show and thought he made good points, but you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

The show does cover some tasty and easy to make weight loss recipes. They’re quick to cook and are very nutritious meal-replacements. Most of the recipe ingredients can be bought at a cheap price. So if you want to try some weight-burner recipes than the Mehmet Oz show has great recommendations worth trying. The supplement he reviews the most is probably garcinia cambogia, which is manufactured from garcinia gummi-gutta extract. Dr. Oz believes that it’s the best supplement but there’s a lack of scientific evidence that it’s even effective. So fans at one point thought that maybe the show was receiving a seceret endorsement for promoting Garicinia related supplements. However this was later disproven and found to be not true though.

The Mehmet Oz TV Show is entertaining to watch if you have nothing better to do. However you could go burn some weight in the gym instead, maybe prep some diet meals for the week. The goal is to be productive and constantly work towards accomplishing the best before and after results. The human body is conditioned to fight change, so your hunger will amplify and it does get harder. So you need a good supplement with appetite suppression and thermogenic effects. That’s why I recommend Phen375 as the best supplement of this year, it’s what you should buy if you want to burn your weight quickly. It gives the most value and for the best price currently offered on the market.

One Reason Why L Carnitine Supplements Help with Rapid Weight Loss

I had never taken L carnitine until I spoke with my personal trainer. He recommended that it would be best to use it and suggested I read some customer reviews of the supplement. He explained L-Carnitine is a great because it’s already naturally produced by the body within the liver and it really helps to turn fat into energy. So if you have a couple extra pounds that you want to burn into energy than you should consider taking L Carnitine as a supplement.

The most common reason that people take l carnitine is to help with their heart. It’s been proven to reduce the chance of suffering a heart attack and reduce chest related pain like angina. There’s many other reasons to take this natural burner, for example it helps aging bones and will make it so that your body feels young. However these are secondary effects, the main one reason to take L Carnitine is because it helps the body burn belly fat and keeps the stomach looking skinnier.

It’s been proven that it will help suppress your appetite but it’s main effect is to oxidize fat, which means that it turn fat into energy for the body. If you want to buy it so you can try it than I recommend you order it on because you’ll get the best price and fastest shipping. If you wanted to do more research than check out the reviews, not all of them are real but some have to be true so read a few different reviews and decide if it’s for you or not.

Which is The Best Fat Burner for Women?

Finding a fat burner that works is not an easy task, especially if you’re a girl and don’t want a supplement with crazy side effects. Trust me, I know what it’s like to buy a new fat burner and then realize it’s making you feel sick. The excitement of taking your new pills are quickly overrun by that angry feeling that they’ve wasted your money and made you feel bad. That feeling is bad and it happens to the best of us. So I normally get reviews and suggestions from my coworkers on what they’ve used for themselves. That’s how I’ve always bought my weight loss supplements in the past, it’s also how I discovered phen375.

Not all women agree on which is the best product to effectively lose weight. However from my experience I believe that Phen375 is one of the best fat burners for women, because it’s something I’ve personally taken and I know it gets consistent positive online reviews. There are other alternatives like Plexus Slim or Phenq which are both supplements that I’ve taken and had great results. However regardless of which supplement you pick, all of the fat burners in this top 10 list are very powerful. So you will achieve that beautiful before and after transformation that you’ve always dreamed of.

Most women would like to lose a few more pounds and that can easily be done by taking Phen375. However there are other fat burning supplements that you can take in conjunction with it and get even better results. Imagine like you’re taking a weight loss cocktail of different ingredients. The first I recommend are Coffee Beans, if you can drink a cup of black coffee in the morning than you’ll stunt your hunger for hours and will suppress all food cravings. This can be very helpful for those of us who have a challenge sticking to our diets and not eating cheat meals. I’m going to go over some of the other alternatives that you can take if your a women and want to burn away that annoying belly fat that never seems to go away.

Where Do I Buy Instant Knockout Fat Burner?

After checking through many online stores for Instant Knockout, I could only find the supplement on its official website. It’s also not stocked in any physical retailers like GNC or Wal-Mart. That’s somewhat alarming because it’s best to be able to make your purchase with a real customer representative. However even with the lack of a storefront this fat burner is a top seller and many adults are seeing great results with it. After looking at different Instant Knockout reviews, we noticed that it had about a 90% approval rating. About every nine out of ten people saw great results with it and left a positive customer review.

Instant Knockout is a dietary supplement that will attack belly fat and other problematic trouble spots. It’s made of natural ingredients that help the body with weight loss and make the user feel more active throughout the day. The formula is a simple but effective blend of three quality ingredients. I’m going to analyze the its ingredients below, so that you know exactly what it contains and if there are any potential side effects.

  • Green Tea Extract – Everyone knows the famous green tea but did you know that it’s extract is an effective weight loss agent? It’s extract will make the brain produce and release more norepinephrine, which helps the body turn its stored fat into energy. So that extra weight that you’ve been wanting to burn will come off easier now. Green tea also helps with appetite suppression by making the user feel less hungry, and has a slight thermogenic effect that can raise the metabolism as well.
  • Cayenne Pepper Seeds – Have you ever ate a spicy meal and felt like you were suddenly a lot hotter? That’s how Cayenne Pepper seeds work, they raise the body’s internal core temperature which causes more calories to burn to sustain the hotter temp. It may sound confusing but it’s been scientifically proven in multiple studies that Cayenne Pepper can boost the metabolism for hours. The best natural thermogenic and fat burning ingredient are peppers and this extract will help you have a huge before and after reveal transformation my friend.
  • Glucomannan – Most Americans lack dietary fiber in their diet, and it’s a big necessity to prevent obesity. Now researchers believe that obesity rates are rising because we are not eating enough of it. Glucomannan is an excellent dietary fiber that will help your stomach with digestion and also make you lose weight. It will stop the digestive track from absorbing as much dietary fats and acts like a sponge in your stomach so that you absorb less of the bad stuff. It works in a reverse manner since it doesn’t actually make your burn calories but instead it reduces the amount of fat calories that you eat in your diet. It may stunt hunger too, however there’s an insignificant amount of data available and that is still unproven.

The one concern that I have with this fat burner is that its something more for men, but many women are seeing great weight loss results and in a short period of time. The price may make you consider the decision, that’s why each purchase comes with a money back guarantee. That’s still not enough to convince some smart shoppers, so please go ahead and see the instant knockout customer reviews. You’ll be satisfied with the before and after results that normal people have seen. This red capsule is taken by athletes like mma fighters, all the way to bodybuilders. So it’s a good supplement to take for a beginner or newbie first timer.

Saptrees Are a Species of Garcinia Gummi-Gutta




Conclusion – Last Thoughts

Looking at the state of the fat burner market, it’s pretty sad. Feeling confident and trying to trust a supplement or weight loss brand is no longer easy. That’s why there’s real people like myself who take the time to make lists like this. I asked friend’s to try these supplements, have taken three of them myself and worked as hard as I could to present solid information.

Hopefully you are now easily able to decide which is the best fat burner for your needs and body type. Please remember that there isn’t a magic solution and that everything requires effort on your part, so I added the fat burners that will work most effectively at burning fat and that way your effort isn’t wasted because you’re taking the best fat burners of 2017!