The 3 Weight Loss Mistakes Most Beginners Will Make

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three weight loss mistakes beginners will make

Going to the gym for the first time can be intimidating. Seeing other people who have been training for years and then realizing it’s only your first day, it can feel pretty scary! So congratulations, you’ve made it this far but chances are you’re going to make some of the mistakes listed here below.

Hopefully, with my years of experience as a bodybuilder and nutritionist I can be of some help to you. The goal is to fast track your results by learning from the mistakes others have made, so you don’t make them yourself.

1. Over Training at Gym and Not Focusing on Diet

Overtraining at gym and not focusing on diet

This is a HUGE problem for so many beginners. This mentality came around that if you lift every day you will magically grow big muscles and a chiseled frame, which isn’t true. Have you ever noticed that friend or acquaintance who has been exercising for years but still looks exactly the same? YEAH, don’t be that guy and focus on your diet!

As a nutritionist the breakdown of importance in my opinion is, 80% diet, 10% bodybuilding and 10% sleep. Your body is like a factory, sleep is its energy, lifting weights activates it, and whatever you eat will be the result your factory will produce. If you eat low quality food, your factory will produce low quality results.

If you’re eating high quality foods, your body like a factory will produce high quality results or rather yield good weight loss changes and visible muscle growth.

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

Basically if you’re not eating enough of the right nutrition, your body doesn’t even have the chance to grow. So going to the gym becomes a huge waste of time. Your diet will always be the most important factor in transforming your body.

Gym simply activates your muscles to absorb nutrition and grow. That’s why the most important variable for your muscles to grow is the quality of nutrition from your daily diet.

Diet over gym because diet is 80% and gym is 20%

I present this simple example to you, which is easier? To train two hours at the gym and burn 200 calories, or to not eat a snickers bar and avoid 200 calories all together? The best approach to weight loss is taking preemptive measures, instead of being reactive and fighting an uphill battle.

Focus on changing your diet first and avoiding junk food, while eating healthy, non-processed foods. The results will come faster than you can believe. Being preemptive and preventive with your diet is much better than taking a reactive approach and spending hours in the gym to burn junk food calories ate throughout the day.

That’s why people train for years but never have any real progress. Anyone can train for multiple hours of the day, the real battle is following a unique and richly nutritious diet every day.

“It’s so easy to find a diet right for your body on Google”

It’s this simple. See how many calories your body burns per day using a BMR Calculator, which will calculate based on your size and activity level around how many calories your body burns each day. Usually an average sized male (5″9) burns 2,000 calories a day and a female (5″4) around 1,400 calories.

Once you know your BMR add 500 calories if you want to bulk, or subtract 500 calories if you want to cut weight. You’ll find a variety of diets specific for the results you’re looking for after you use Google. I’ll explain below.

Using your bodies “BMR”, it’s very easy to use Google and find a diet right for you. For example, after using the BMR calculator my daily average calories burned is 2,300 calories. Now I can easily Google, “2800 calorie bulking diet” or “1800 calorie cutting diet”.

I’m adding 500 calories a day to gain weight, or cutting 500 calories a day to lose weight. I’ll explain it again. So if your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1900 calories a day, than you’ll Google, ” 2400 calorie bulking diet” to gain weight/muscle, or “1400 calorie cutting diet” to lose weight and burn fat.

Calorie breakdown on why diet is more important than gym

Our caveman ancestors were all predominately muscular with vast strength. So why is it so difficult for us now to achieve similar results if our genetics are still very much alike our predecessors? It’s simply because of our environment and the diets we eat.

Of course we don’t have to physically hunt or fight off wild beasts anymore, but even the cave women who didn’t exercise were physically fit! That’s because of their diet. Your diet is so important that your body can even grow muscular and fit without the gym, simply by eating the right foods.

Cavemen didn’t have the option of eating bread, pasta, or any carbs other than the few berries they found. Their diets consisted mainly of meat and fat. They ate animals and the fruits they found, which resulted in a prehistoric ketogenic diet.

Without the need of training and simply because of the diet these cavemen ate, it resulted in muscular attributes. The results that men now a days will train years for and never even come close to achieving.

The goal of this section is for you to see the importance of focusing on your diet over the gym, because you will get all of your results from what you eat, not how hard you train. Find a diet you like on Google using the instructions given above, then once you have your meals prepared start focusing on following a good gym routine.

2. Exercising with Improper Form

Weight lifting with improper form can cause back injuries

I cannot emphasize how important it is to lift with proper form. It’s a beginner’s mentality to think lifting heavy is good and also a big mistake because you can hurt yourself lifting improperly. Instead for the best results you’ll want to lift lighter weight in a controlled form.

When you lift heavy your body uses secondary muscles to assist the primary, but that’s not what you want. For example, when you squat heavy your secondary muscles like your back will start to assist in carrying the weight, which is not what you want when squatting.

The goal is to find your happy medium when lifting, so that your body is not over straining and using secondary muscles. Weight that is lighter but still challenging for you to move. About 60% of your strength. Training at this medium will cause your body to focus more on proper form and you will get better overall results.

When you lift lighter you have more control of the weight, more control of the weight means better form, and better form causes the lift to better workout the primary/intended muscles of that lift.

When you lift heavy your body will activate secondary muscles to assist with the weight, which is bad because it steals from the workout of the primary muscles and slows down progression.

How to squat with proper form and avoid injuries

Elite aesthetic fitness trainers and models use lighter weight to lift and close their eyes, using their brains to focus their concentration on whichever muscle they’re training. Mind to muscle concentration creates a connection that increases efficiency of the workout by 20%, which is proven by science.

So next time your lifting close your eyes and focus your thoughts to the primary muscles your exercising. Feel the muscle as it pushes and pulls. That connection will actually cause your muscles to grow bigger and faster.

However it’s not enough to lift lighter and use mind-muscle connection. You literally have to know the proper form for each exercise, and that’s not something you’ll learn online or even by video. It’s a skillset passed down generation to generation and only inherited from someone with years of experience in the gym.

Coach H was our Powerlifting coach who would scream at us for bad form, it’s funny now to think about lol

Thank god for Coach H. in our Texas high school for verbally whipping us when we were lifting with bad form. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know to tuck my shoulder blades on benchpress or to look up and “drop the ass” during squatting.

Honestly, I recommend getting a personal trainer even if it’s only for one month. It’s too complex to learn the secrets of proper form on your own. Hire an experienced trainer to teach you correct form, take one month and make the investment into yourself.

Once you’ve learned correct form you can use the new knowledge for the rest of your life. It’s really embarrassing seeing big guys lifting improperly, it shows they were never taught well. Take the time to learn the correct way to lift before jumping into the gym and picking up bad lifting habits and form.

3. Using The Wrong Supplements!

Using the wrong supplements is bad for the brain

The only supplement you will ever need is a good multi-vitamin. Nothing else will benefit you better than a good diet and a multi-vitamin. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something, and this is coming from someone who recommends fat burners for a living, so you know I’m being honest with you.

If you wanted something more than just a multi-vitamin, the next best supplement I would recommend you is Creatine Monohydrate. It will increase the amount of available energy (ATP) stored in your cells, so that you do not fatigue as quickly. For example, at full sprint you have about 8-10 seconds before fatigue hits, with Creatine that’ll change to 14-16 seconds.

With Creatine you will train longer and harder, which in turn results in faster results because you are training more intensely overall. It’s not the actual Creatine that gives you results but rather your enhanced performance in the gym that causes you to grow faster.

What I don’t like about Creatine is that it causes your cells to hold more water. Your muscles will look bigger and your strength will increase. However the extra water weight will create a bloated look. Imagine the body of a powerlifter, big and solid.

bpi best creatine monohydrate from my gym experience

The best Creatine I have ever used is BPI Creatine from Amazon, it’s only like $20 and will last around two months. I felt much stronger while on it, I did get blocky looking while bulking this time but I noticed a big difference in size and I believe the reason I got bigger is because I added BPI Creatine.

If you want the ripped, chiseled look that won’t happen holding lots of extra water weight. In that case Creatine isn’t for you, at least not right now. Whenever we transform our bodies we first bulk to build muscle, then cut to remove the excess fat while trying to retain as much muscle from the bulk as possible.

If you really want to get results slightly faster than I would recommend you the fat burner Phen375. I’ve added a video review from a customer of Phen375, in case it’s something you want to learn more about.

Honestly the supplement that’s best for you depends on your fitness goals. If you want to burn fat and lose weight to get the ripped look than I suggest you try Phen375, because it’s the fat burner that’s worked best for me and my wife.

Phen375 Review and Ingredient Break Down

The best place to try Phen375 from is the official website, they offer the lowest price available, a money back guarantee, and you can see many other Customer Phen375 Reviews.

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