5 Things You Must Know About Weight Gainers

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5 things you must know about weight gainers

Do you want to build muscle faster and grow bigger? Than you should consider trying a weight gainer to supplement your nutrition.

Some people don’t believe in weight gainers but there’s multiple reason why they’re beneficial for anyone looking to gain mass.

Having successfully used myself as a human lab rat, I noticed many advantages during my bulking journey that I want to break down with you.

#1 Grow Bigger, Faster

Weight gainers are packed with carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids and protein. It’s the perfect growth mix to add to your daily diet. Taking a scoop after waking up and before going to sleep will almost double your growth.

Most weight gainers on average contain 250 grams of carbohydrates and 50 grams of protein per serving. That’s a ratio of five grams of carbohydrates per gram of protein. Usually a 5 to 1 ratio is a decent mix. However if you can find a 3 to 1 ratio its a very high quality mix.

#2 Digests Quickly

After exercising, your body for thirty minutes enters a state of enhanced absorption. This is the best time to feed nutrients to the body to grow its muscles. The problem is that most meals take over an hour to digest before releasing their nutrients.

The solution is to take weight gainer after working out. Mixing the powder with water creates a liquid drink full of nutrients that’s almost instantly absorbed by the digestive track. This is also one of my favorite advantage of taking weight gainers.

#3 Saves You Time

To grow bigger and develop larger muscles you have to eat more calories. However ask anybody who’s been on a bulking diet how difficult it is to eat 3,500 calories a day. That’s five really large meas and lots of time spent cooking.

With weight gainers you can save your time by not having to cook or eat. You receive the amount of nutrition in five minutes that you would from cooking hours in the kitchen.

#4 Saves You Money

To get big you have to eat more food. It’s that simple, which means more expensive grocery bills. Some bodybuilders even spend up to $400 dollars a week on food. Not everyone can afford to eat steak for dinner every night.

The average cost of a good weight gainer is around $40-$50 dollars. Usually they’ll last you two weeks, maybe three. You literally save about 50% each week compared to if you had bought the same nutrients from food.

#5 Use The Bathroom Less

I don’t want to be over zealous in my truth revealing of advantages of weight gainers but it must be said. You will use the bathroom less! During bulking diets some individuals have to #2 almost four times a day. That’s way too much time spent sitting on a toilet.

If your diet goal is 3,500 calories a day and you can supplement 1,000 calories from a weight gainer, you will literally save yourself from having to go to the bathroom. Personally I noticed a big difference when I switched from hard foods to supplementing with liquid bulking smoothies.

Which Weight Gainer Is Best For Bulking?

This is a common question which many first time bulkers often ask. For a more in depth analysis we recommend you check out the “Top 8 Best Weight Gainers” article recently published by ASCVS.

Remember to use the ratio which we discussed in section #1. If there’s 5 grams of crabohydrates per 1 gram of protein than it’s a good mix. However don’t buy anything that’s more than 6 grams of carbs per 1 gram of protein because it’s a low quality mix.

The best time to take weight gainer is right after waking up, before going to bed, or after working out. Pick two of the three and stick with those times to take it each day.

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