Best Diet Pills Of 2016 That Actually Work

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Phen375 Review and Ingredient Break Down

Want to find the best diet pills for women or men that can burn 16+ pounds in just two months? Always feeling really busy in life? Tired of random food cravings made by stress?

If you answered a ‘Yes!’ — We can recommend some supplements that will help you get a hot body in one month and visible results as soon as two weeks!

Best Diet Pills #1: Phen375

4.8 out of 5 5 Star Review RatingPhen375 customer reviews, side effects and real feedback

No Prescription Necessary

Phen375 is the best weight loss pills for women and men that will stop junk-food cravings, boost your metabolism so you can burn more fat, and prevent fat from dietary foods from being absorbed!

Phen375 is made to help working adults and busy people who want to lose weight, but without exercising or starting any crazy-strict diets.

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Best Diet Pills #2: PhenQ

4.5 out of 5 5 Star Review Rating   PhenQ Reviews That Cover the Side Effects and Ingredients

No Prescription Necessary

PhenQ is one of the best weight loss pills for women and men that has taken the market by surprise. It is a best selling fat burner and is only beaten in effectiveness by Phen375.

PhenQ has received lots of positive feedback from its consumers and is used by all types of people including doctors, all the way to athletes and even bodybuilders.

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Best Diet Pills #3: Phentermine

4.3 out of 54 Stars PhenterminePhentermine 37.5 Prescription Required Review

Prescription Required

Phentermine is the best weight loss pills for women that’s available only by medical prescription.

Approved in the USA for almost 60 years, it’s still not allowed in some countries like Australia because of it’s potential side effects.

(Consult Your Doctor to Learn More)

How To Find The Best Diet Pills

Phen375 Review and Weight Loss Success Story

She lost 58 lbs in 5 months!

For some of us it can be a real challenge trying to find the best diet pills for women or men that are effective.

Regardless if you’re 20 or 60, how much money you spent on your supplement or how much you want to lose

On the market, less than 20% of all the best weight loss pills for women and men actually work.

So ask yourself: how do you know which supplements work? by taking proven products. (Learn More)

Phen375 versus PhenQ

Use this chart to compare the best weight loss pills for women and men – Phen375 Vs PhenQ

Phen375 Reviews and Side Effect Ingredient Break Down VSPhenQ Reviews That Cover the Side Effects and Ingredients

Phen375 VS PhenQ

Overall Rating: 4.8 VS 4.5

Success Rate: 90% VS 80%

Money Back: 60 days VS 45 days

First Results: 12-16 days VS 17-23 days

Best Results: 2-4 months VS 3-5 months

Safety: No Side Effects VS Mild Side Effects

How to Take: 2 pills per day VS 2 pills per day 

Complete Review: Learn More VS Learn More

Top 3 Best Weight Loss Pills

Phen375 Weight Loss Changes For Men and WomenAfter investing side effects, effectiveness, and user feedback, we have ranked the three best weight loss supplements that will help you lose 10 pounds in a month and possibly more.

These three supplements are effective for both men and women, who want to lose weight and burn more fat without needing to exercise.

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Best Weight Loss Pills #1: Phen375

4.8 out of 5 5 Star Review Ratingphen375 vs Phenq Review and Side Effects

No Prescription Necessary

(Click Here to Learn More About Phen375)

Phen375 Review for women with weight loss imagePhen375 is a best selling fat burner, fat blocker and hunger suppressant. With three different functions in one slimming pill, Phen375 has been a powerful weight loss supplement since its release in 2009 and continues to be a great alternative to prescription fat burners.

Taking just 2 slimming tablets each day, your body will quicken its metabolism, burn more calories, absorb less dietary fat, and feel more full from eating less food, so that you consume less food or calories throughout the day.

Like many natural products Phen375 does not cause bad side effects, unlike most prescription weight loss supplements.

Phen375 does not disturb REM sleep or upset the stomach’s digestive track, it’s the real deal with proven results and has thousands of satisfied customers. (Read More)

Best Weight Loss Pills #2: PhenQ

4.5 out of 5 5 Star Review RatingPhenQ Comparison Chart Review and Side Effects

No Prescription Necessary

(Click Here to Learn More About PhenQ)

PhenQ Reviews That Cover the Side Effects and Ingredients

PhenQ is a new, powerful weight loss supplement and a great alternative to most prescription diet pills that are currently available.

PhenQ boosts the body’s metabolism, which improves the overall ability for the body to burn calories and stored fat.

The increase in the metabolism will also provide the user with more energy, this extra energy is what causes the body to burn more calories, it’s a similar effect to taking caffeine.

To date there have been hundreds of thousands of PhenQ bottles sold (Learn More)

Best Weight Loss Pills #3: Phentermine

4.3 out of 54 Stars PhentermineAdipex Phentermine Review User Feedback and Side Effects

Prescription Required

Phentermine 37.5 Prescription Required ReviewPhentermine is the most argued about and potent prescription pill for weight loss since 1959. If a doctor agrees to prescribe you Phentermine, expect to lose 12-22 lbs a month taking this diet pill.

Unfortunately, Phentermine’s many potential side effects usually outweigh its weight loss power. You will have to ask your doctor if it’s safe for you, that’s why it’s prescription required.

Now there are safer Phen diet pills, but with the same effectiveness. Learn more about it below.

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How to Lose Belly Fat & Thigh Fat

Phen375 True Feedback and Supplement Review

There’s a common misconception that the body can burn fat in just one area, like belly fat or thigh fat.

The truth is you cannot lose fat in just one spot, instead you have to lose overall body fat. Any fat burning cream or “as seen on tv” product that says otherwise, is a sham.

By starting a healthy diet and exercise routine, your body’s overall fat will reduce at the same time, taking diet pills will only speed up this process. Keep in mind, you can’t focus on just one spot, instead you have to work on your whole body.

Yes, I get it. Now show me the best weight loss pills for women and men

What Are Phentermine Diet Pills?

Phentermine (Adipex-P®) has been on the market for almost 70 years now. It’s the alpha of fat burners, it was the first of its kind made in 1959, it continues to be the most controversial and best diet pills for women and men to date.

Phentermine 37.5 are the best diet pills that are Prescription Required

Phentermine Facts:

  1. 60 million customers have tried phentermine to burn fat since its release in 1959
  2. There’s over ten million online articles about the history of Phentermine and its effects
  3. 20% of phentermine takers see great results, 60% fail and 20% don’t know if they see any results
  4. The users who see great results with Phentermine rank it as very effective
  5. Taking this prescription weight loss pill, you can lose up to 22 lbs per month

“Lose 12-22 lbs per month with Phentermine”

Phentermine will suppress the appetite and reduce most hunger. When you take this diet pill, its ingredients will tell your brain that you’re full when your stomach actually isn’t. Most users reported losing an average of 12-22 lbs per month.

Phentermine will also boost the body’s energy, which will make the user more active. This prescription diet pill is perfect for men and women who’s biggest downfall is fighting the urge to eat food.

Clinical trials have found that even obese patients (350 lbs+) who take Phentermine report that their hunger cravings stop and that they feel a noticeable change. Those who have taken Phentermine claim that they ate 60% less and were constantly losing weight, which is why they review Phentermine as the best weight loss pills for women and men on the earth, but the most harmful as well.

Here’s what a real customer review had to say:

PhenQ Comparison Chart

How do I take Phentermine?

Which should I take, the capsules or generic tablets? Well, both are the same.

Both of the pill forms contain 37.5 mg of Phentermine, so they have the same effectiveness.

Consume one Phentermine capsule or tablet in the morning time and one at lunch time, don’t take more than three pills.

“Phentermine sounds too good to true”

Is Phentermine a safe weight loss pills for me?Well, the reality is that it’s not. Even though it may sound like the miracle weight loss pill, it’s not because it has serious potential side effects.

To take Phentermine, your doctor has to physically examine you and decide that you’re overweight enough to take it.

You can’t take Phentermine the best diet pills for women and men if you want to lose just a few pounds, it’s a prescription medication that’s meant only for overweight people who have lots of weight to lose and dangerous for anyone else.

How powerful Phetermine actually is?

Phentermine is not some GNC supplement or “as seen on tv” weight loss pill. It’s an incredibly strong prescription medication. It’s basically the main chemical from the drug “speed” or amphetamines.

Phentermine’s massive weight loss power is usually overshadowed by its nasty side effects. When taking Phentermine, you will most likely suffer from hyperactivity, insomnia, and trouble concentrating. If any other more serious side effects start to happen, consult the doctor who prescribed you the medication.

Phentermine’s serious side effects are why you and your doctor must work together and decide if it’s right for you.

How long can I take Phentermine?

Overtime Phentermine will work less and less effectively, as the body builds a tolerance to its amphetamine ingredients.

Like any drug your body will need more Phentermine to get the same fix. So after 3 months your doctor will simply stop prescribing you Phentermine, until your body’s tolerance drops again.

So you really have 90 days to lose as much weight as possible. During these 90 days you’ll find it much easier to change your eating habits with the help of Phentermine, and if you do you’ll see lifetime long results because it’s the best diet pills for women and men.

Where Can I Buy Phentermine?

Are Phentermine the best diet pills for losing weight?Unfortunately, it is against the law to purchase Phentermine without a prescription because it’s medication with a lot of side effects.

You must visit a doctor and receive his approval before a pharmacy can sell you the best diet pills for women and men on the earth.

Luckily there is a better and safe alternative to Phentermine. Learn More: Phen375

What’s The Safe Alternative to Phentermine?

The fact remains that Phentermine will always be the best diet pills for women and men, but also the most dangerous. That’s why it’s prescription-required only and strictly regulated.

Unless your doctor thinks you are an ideal candidate (sufficiently over-weight but with low blood pressure), do not expect to be getting a hold of Phentermine.

And with so many side effects, why would you even want to take Phentermine? How about a safe and better alternative?

If we’re talking strictly prescription medication, there is nothing better than Phentermine 37.5.

The other prescription weight loss medication’s currently available are even more harmful or a waste of money all together.

The good news?

Luckily, if we look at non-prescription alternatives, the two best diet pills for women and men which are better than Phetermine are:

The safest non-prescription, best diet pills for women and men:

    1. Phen375, the official Phentermine alternative. Better and safer.
    2. PhenQ, a good and effective fat burner.

Just remember, not taking the best weight loss pills for women or men is the best option. But it’ll take triple the amount of work from you to lose weight, so try out of one the best diet pills for women and men, and watch the pounds fall right off.

Three Important Weight Loss Tips

Want to see the fastest results while taking the best diet pills for women or men? Then always remember these 3 easy weight loss tips.

Please try and add these three tips to your daily routine.

1. Drink more water to lose weight faster

Drink more water to lose more weight faster and eat lessWater will activate body’s fat burning furnace and improve its ability to quickly lose weight. Not drinking enough water is the #1 reason why people gain fat, because without it your body will want to eat more.

Scientist have proven that drinking water will make you digest food almost 8000% faster, which is a huge difference.  So ignore those crazy, low carb diet plans and just drink more water to lose weight!

Water will also suppress your appetite by filling your stomach and then telling your brain that you’re full. Just by drinking half a gallon of water each day, you’ll have a 75% chance of weight loss success.

It’s best to drink water 40 minutes prior to and after you eat, but never drink anything while you’re actually eating. Throughout the day, you should be drinking about  10-14 cups of water. And that’s the best weight loss secret to lose weight fast!

Water also assists with bowel movements, if you’re regularly pooping, twice a day, than your metabolism is working great! That’s how you can check your metabolism and water will help prevent constipation. You should drink water because even the best diet pills for women can affect your liver, water will flush everything out and protect your liver.

2. Fall Asleep at the Right Time to Burn More Fat

Best Diet Pills Reviews And Side Effects

It’s important for the body to fall asleep between 10 and 11 p.m. for multiple reasons.

If your body begins to sleep during these “perfect hours” it will release 6-8 times more sleep hormones  than if you fell asleep at a later time.

The body’s main sleep hormone is Melatoninit calms the body and emotions while you’re asleep.

Melatonin causes the body to reach a deep level of REM sleep, which creates a better and more healing sleep. Not even the best weight loss pills for women and men can help, if you’re not getting your sleep!

By falling asleep at the right time, your body will release a hormone that will make sleep more regenerating, and that will reduce all of your daily stress the following day.

Stress is the #2 biggest reason why people gain weight. When you don’t get enough sleep, you have less control over your decisions and suffer from more negative emotions like anxiety.

Anxiety is the worst emotion for weight loss, it literally tells your brain to store more fat, like if you were in a dangerous situation. Lots of fat being stored is how the body deals with stress, basically it’s a survival mechanism meant to fight starvation.

3. Resist Junk Food Cravings and Eat Healthy Foods

Are you looking for the best weight loss pills available?Remove all junk food from your life, clean out the pantry and throw away anything that’s junk food. It’s only holding you back from your weight loss transformation.

Avoid all soda’s and food like hamburgers, it’s all processed and contains unhealthy fats, sugars and fattening carbs. Using the best weight loss pills for women or men will help you suppress junk food cravings, and water will naturally help as well.

Do you really want to eat poison from fast food restaurants, instead of healthy food from earth?

Start finding new healthy foods:

  1. Green vegetables and red vegetables are full of fiber!
  2. Grains like oatmeal and bread are slow burning energy-boosting foods
  3. Healthy fats from fish like Salmon or fruits like Avocado are very good
  4. Meats like tuna, beef, turkey or chicken are very low fat and high in protein

You don’t have to stop eating junk food forever, just form new eating habits and once a week enjoy a cheat day and treat yourself to some junk food. Just remember, even the best diet pills for women and men won’t work if the user is eating for two everyday.

How to Keep Fit and Healthy

Find the best diet pills on the marketThis last weight loss tip is very important, do not combine proteins and fast-burning carbs in the same meal.

If you eat these two foods in combination, it’s very difficult for digestion because of the foods different acidity.

As an example: Hot dog bun (fast carb) + hot dog (protein) are a bad combination for the body.

A hot dog diced + lettuce, with ranch in a salad are a safe combination for the body.

Toast (fast carb) + Margarine (fat) are a safe combination.

What about exercise?

You now know what are the best diet pills for women and men like yourself, and what you need to do to get the best results with your new diet pills. If you follow all the advice, you’ll have excellent results and be very fit in only three months.

So what about working out?

That’s completely up to you. You don’t have to workout if you choose not too. You could try walking on a treadmill or jogging.

If you eat right and take the best weight loss pills for women and men, than you don’t have to worry about burning more calories in the gym because the fat will already be falling right off. The most important thing is that you’re at least somewhat active, like going for a walking throughout your day.

The Facts:

Exercise only accounts for about 20% of the fat burning process, (nutrition will always be more important!)

Nutrition and eating healthy make up the other 70% (The last 10% is sleep and hydration)

So the numbers speak for themselves, it’s much more important to focus on your diet than an exercise routine. That’s how the body will always work.


To achieve your weight loss goal and accomplish your transformation, you need to take one of the best diet pills for women or men available, and follow the five important weight loss tips:

  1. Drink half a gallon or 10-14 cups of water a day
  2. Resist unhealthy foods and don’t eat junk food
  3. Try to fall asleep sometime beween 10 and 11 p.m.
  4. Follow New Guide: How to lose weight fast in 2016
  5. For the best results, take one of the best diet pills of 2016, below.
Best Weight Loss Pills for Women and Men in 2016
5 Star Review Rating4.8 stars, based on 137 reviews

1. Phen375 is the official phentermine alternative. Better and safer,  the best weight loss pills for women available.

2. PhenQ, a good and effective fat burner. The safest and best diet pills for women supplement on the market.