Can Exercise Help Reduce Headaches?

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How Exercise can help prevent headaches

All of us have had headaches in the past, the agonizing head pain which doesn’t seem to go away. I first started having headaches in my early twenties. It became an almost daily pain that I wrote off. I assumed it was just work stress-related, what a bad idea that was!

One day at the office my head began pounding on the left side. I couldn’t concrete or even move. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my adult life. That’s when I knew my headaches were saying something and it was time to visit the doctor.

What were minor headaches had evolved into cluster headaches. Imagine if headaches were a big bully and suddenly his even bigger brother comes along. That’s what cluster headaches felt like. My doctor began recommending serious changes in my diet and exercise routine, and now 3 months later I’m feeling normal again. Thanks Dr. Roniar for inspiring this post.

Why My Doctor Recommends Exercise to Cure Headaches

The most active countries in the world only have about 33% of their population actually exercising. Ever heard the expression, “You don’t use it, you lose it?”. This saying is so true when it comes to your heart’s ability to pump blood.

You can’t expect your heart to pump at optimal condition if you sit on a couch and never raise your heartbeat past a potato chip of a decibel. My doctor told me as politely as possible, he was right.

The heart and the brain go hand and hand. Fixing one helps the other. When you suffer headaches the blood vessels in your brain constrict. However those who actively exercise have blood vessels which are used to flowing openly and don’t constrict.

Training and exercising increase blood funnel, which trains your brains blood vessels to avoid constricting. Therefore, avoiding headaches all together.

It’s not smart to train while suffering a headache as the increased blood flow at that time will only increase the pain. Exercising is not a on-the-spot cure to headaches but rather a preventive approach to avoiding headaches occurring in the future and other unwanted diseases as well.

Exercise also increases the body’s natural endorphins, which are your painkillers. Training four times a week for forty minutes has been clinically proven to reduce stress and help you sleep better at night. Stress and lack of sleep are two major migraine triggers, so exercising weekly is very important!

Sometimes the preventive approach is the best approach, that’s why my doctor recommends exercise to cure any headache ailment.

Coffee is an Instant Band-aid for Headaches

Coffee to help headaches natural cure

If you ever experience a splitting headache that’s intolerable try drinking Coffee. I’m not a fan of the dark brew but it did help tremendously when I needed it for my headaches.

Coffee or anything with Caffeine constricts blood vessels in the brain, which instantly cures almost any headache. Caffeine is also an effective mood booster, but what goes up must go down.

There is a negative side to the alleviating effects of Caffeine. If you start taking it to much and to often it will actually create headaches when you quit using, call it your brain balancing out.

Other Effective Natural Cures for Headaches

Are you drinking enough water?

The average American drinks 2.5 cups of water a day. That’s 5.5 cups less than the recommended average of eight cups a day. Subtle dehydration is actually the leading cause of most headaches!

Most headaches can also be cured by just drinking water. Drinking a cup of water has been proven to reduce headaches within just 30 minutes to three hours.

Not to beat a dead horse but in this article you’ll hear a lot of, the preventive approach is the best approach. So try drinking more water throughout the day from now on. If you do suffer a headache power through it with a few cups of water and it should clear up in a jiffy!

Are you taking your multivitamin?

Magnesium is one of the bodies most needed and important minerals. It helps regulate the nervous system and blood sugar levels. Scientist have discovered individuals with a lack of Magnesium are much more likely to experience headaches.

Most vegetables contain a high amount of needed minerals, but the problem is most people don’t eat enough daily vegetables. So the next best substitute is to take a good multi-vitamin which you can find for less than $10 at Wal-mart.

By taking your daily recommended dosage of Magnesium, you actually reduce the chance of suffering headaches by more than 40%. And if you still do suffer a headache its intensity will also greatly reduce. That’s the power of taking a simple multi-vitamin each day.

Reduce alcohol intake substantially!

We’ve all had Monday morning work with a hangover. It’s pretty easy to deduce alcohol is a major cause of headaches, especially when hangovers cause some of the most painful!

Alcohol is an especially bad headache trigger because it acts as a powerful diuretic. Urinating too often is bad because it strips the body of fluids and electrolytes. That’s why it’s always recommended to drink water while drinking.

Studies have proven that one third of people who suffer frequent headaches will experience headaches while drinking. So the next time your head hurts think about putting down that next beer my friend.

Meditation for headaches really works?

The happiest man on earth is an American who left the states and traveled away to become a Buddhist monk. After dedicating his life to his new temple and faith he began to meditate sometimes up to 8 hours a day.

Scientist confronted this man and did several studies on him. To their shock they discovered this man was the happiest man on earth. He had the most still and calm brainwaves ever to have been recorded.

Grey matter in the brain reduces drastically by those who meditate. Nobody knows what grey matter is for or how it works in the brain. It is known that it’s caused by watching porn or violence, it’s safe to say grey matter is probably not good at all for your brain.

That’s why meditation is the best for calming your mind and making you feel happier. It’s also effective at helping prevent headaches just like exercise if it’s done as a daily habit.

Try getting more sleep for peace of mind!

Did you know sleep deprivation was a torture method used to get soldiers to reveal their secrets? Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health and has serious consequences.

Studies have found that those who slept less than 6 hours per night were more likely to suffer painful headaches. The same is true for those who slept more than nine hours per night.

The goal is to have a good night’s sleep which is somewhere between seven and nine hours per night. You can use mobile apps like easy sleep to calculator exactly what time you should sleep and wake up.

Most headaches are due to insufficient sleep, poor exercise habits and non-nutritious diets. That’s directly from my doctor too so I just saved you an appointment and some moolah!

Exercise, Nutritious Diet and Water Because it’s All You Need.

exercise and diet to cure headaches

My doctor is the best on the planet when it comes to understanding and curing people. Although after years of working together I only now started realizing for almost every disease or illness he recommends the same secret advice. Live a healthy lifestyle, which he breaks down into three categories.

Exercise four times a week for about forty minutes, eat healthy non-processed foods and avoid white sugar, and drink 8 cups of water a day with a good multi vitamin.

If you’re someone who needs a doctor to help with your headaches, take my doctor’s advice. It’s only going to get worse until your problem snowballs into something you weren’t prepared for. Trust me I know people who have gone to the hospital and discovered their months were limited. God bless.

Making these simple changes to your daily routine will help eliminate your headaches from occurring ever again. More than that you will began healing the body as it has time off from the bad habits which were slowly killing it before like eating white sugar or empty carbs.

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