Healthy 1500 Calorie Diet That Works With Any Supplement

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“Healthy 1500 Calorie Diet That Works with Any Fat Burner”

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Dieting for your first time can feel challenging, but dieting is actually easy, the only challenge is learning, which takes time. The excitement of trying a new fat burner can motivate any beginner to diet, but without spending time to learn how to properly diet, beginners often give up in frustration when they don’t see their desired results.

The truth is, understanding dieting is very simple, but first you have to understand the body and how it works. The body is like a bank that carries calories, instead of money. Let’s say your body is made up of 100,000 calories, if everyday you burn 2,000 calories to live and you eat 2,500 calories for the day, after you burn your 2,000 calories, you’re still eating/carrying over 500 extra calories for the day. At the end of the day, the extra 500 calories deposit into the body and the body gains 500 calories in weight. And it adds up fast, 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat, after only 1 week of eating 500 extra daily calories, the body will have gained 1 pound of fat.

We’ve explained how you gain weight, but we’re trying to lose weight. So let’s reverse the math, if you eat 1,500 calories per day and everyday your body burns  2,000 calories to live, you’re negative 500 calories for the day. At the end of the day, the negative 500 calories are withdrawn from the bodies fat reserves and you lose weight. (The bodies fat is actually an energy reserve that it will burn for fuel, if it doesn’t receive enough calories, so the negative 500 calories burned from the fat reserves.)

If the body didn’t have the 2,000 daily calories that it needs, to burn to live, then the body would die of starvation, but our bodies are not going bankrupt and we’re not out of calories. We’re only shaving off 500 calories a day, after being negative 500 calories for 7 days or 3,500 calories, the body will lose 1 lbs.

Best Diet Pills to Take While Dieting

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“The Bodies Daily Upkeep Is Not The Same For Everyone”

The bodies daily upkeep is not the same for everyone, we all require a different amount of calories each day to live. For example, the body of 25 year old will need 2100-2300 calories a day, which is a much higher daily calorie need than the body of an 80 year old woman. An 80 year old woman may only need 1,000 calories each day to live, because her bodies not that active, but most of the general population has a body with an average daily need of 2,000 calories.

If the general population has a body with an average daily need of 2,000 calories, then that makes a healthy 1,500 calorie diet the perfect choice for the general population, you’re safely withdrawing 500 calories a day from the body. Losing 3,500 calories or 1 lbs of fat a week is ideal and safe. (You can lose up to 2 lbs of fat a week and be safe.)

Following a diet can seem difficult, but that’s why this 1,500 calorie diet is basic and easy. Unlike other 1500 calorie diet with lots of meals, this is a 1 day, rinse and repeat diet for beginners. Eating the same thing everyday can seem boring, but shopping and cooking for a 1500 calorie diet with different meals each day is far worse.

It’s difficult to manage a complex diet with a busy lifestyle, that’s why this diet is easy to manage. You can easily pre-cook for the entire week. It’s not like you’re dieting year long round. Attempt this 1500 calorie diet for just 1 week, diet longer if you can, it’s a learning experience that requires dedication and the ability to try new things, just remember we all start somewhere.

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This 1500 Calorie Diet Turns On The Bodies Fat Burning Mode

  1. 9:00 Breakfast –  2 Whole Eggs, 2 Slice Bacon, 1 Slice Cheese
  2. 12:00 Brunch –  Whey Protein Shake, 1 Banana
  3. 2:00 Lunch –  2 Cans of Tuna w/ light Mayo. (Alt meal: 4oz Ham/Turkey/Fish)
  4. 6:00 Dinner –  1 6oz Chicken Breast (Or Ground Beef), 2 Slice of Cheese
  5. 8:00 Snack –  3 Slices of Ham, 1 Tblspn of Peanut Butter, 2 Small Slice of Cheese

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This 1500 calorie diet is very special, it turns on the bodies natural fat burning mode and begins the detox process. It’s traditionally called a ketogenic diet, which feature high fat, high protein, and low carbs. The low carbs tell the body to burn its fuel reserves for energy, the body has two fuel reserves, fat and muscle. When the body need more energy, it’ll burn its fuel reserves, it always burns the muscles first and fat second. But this 1500 calorie diet will prevent the body from burning any muscle, because it features very high protein, which will replenish and regenerate any lost muscle tissue.

Using this low calorie, low carb diet, the body is forced to burn its fat and muscle for energy, to make up for the carb restriction and lack of calories; (With the high protein we prevent any muscle loss.) but to make the body really burn its fat, this 1500 calorie diet features very high fat. High fat diets trick the body into feeling comfortable, they tell the body its safe to burn it’s precious fat because there’s an overabundance of dietary fats being consumed. (WE NEED EAT FAT TO BURN FAT, many people don’t understand that.)

The total calories for this diet is 1,500 calories. The average human with a body that has a daily need of 2,000 calories, will be negative 500 calories each day with this diet. This diet forces the 500 negative calories to be burned from the bodies fat reserves, so this diet will safely burn 500 calories of fat each day or 1 lbs of fat a week.

There’s 3 moving parts to this diet, high fats, high protein, and low carbs, they work in a trifecta effect to turn on the bodies fat burning mode. The diets low calories will create a negative daily caloric intake, the low carbs will tell the body it needs to burn its fuel reserves, the high protein will protect any would be muscle loss that we’ve forcefully created by telling the body to burn its fuel reserves, and the high fats will tell the body its safe to burn its fat reserves because there’s so much currently being consumed.

We suggest you follow a low calorie diet and use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

This Ketogenic 1500 Calorie Diet is Perfect for Any Newcomer.

This 1500 calorie diet is flexible and easy to follow, you can change the hours of your meal times to fit your schedule and you don’t have diet longer than 1 week. You should see results after only 1 week, if you want to go for a second or third week, please go for as many as you can! It’s an excellent diet that can be used with any weight loss supplement, this 1500 calorie diet promotes brain function, cognitive memory, and a healthy heart because of its high fats. (The diets overall calorie count is only 1,500, so even though you’re eating a lot of dietary fat, it’s not enough calories to do any harm, just enough to overload the body and turn on its fat burning mode.)

This 1500 calorie diet is also used by medical doctors all over the world, there are many adults and children who suffer from epileptic seizures, their cure is a low carb and high fat diet or a ketogenic diet. When carbs are ate, the body converts them into Glucose, which is used as fuel for the brain but it can cause seizures. When you stop eating carbs or Glucose, the body will instead burn its fat for energy, that fat creates a cleaner energy called “Ketones”, which drastically improve intellectual capabilities while stopping all seizures.

When these children and adults eat low carb and high fat diets, their body do not have carbs to produce glucose and instead burn fat for energy, which fuel the brain with ketones and these fat ketones prevent seizures. It’s incredible that just this diet is the cure to epileptic seizures.

Low carb and high fat diets like the one above, they have little to no sugar, which is perfect for diabetics or anyone with sugar related problems. The body truly does not need sugar and it’s more harmful than beneficial. If you follow this 1500 calorie diet for a month, when you eat sugar again, it will hurt your stomach and make you feel sick. That’s because your body is rejecting the sugar as poison, the body is not used to processing it and does not want to digest it. This 1500 calorie diet should be followed with a gym routine and a weight loss supplement for maximum results.