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SirenLabs Neuro Lean Review

Neuro Lean is a concentrated thermogenic only available at GNC. The creators of this supplement make bold claims and big promises. Any GNC  will gladly agree with these questionable claims for quick a sale.

Selling false hope and blowing smoke is profitable marketing for many supplement manufacturers. Although, some diet pills actually do live up to their claims, but most are just a waste of money.

It’s difficult to trust most recommendations, even word to mouth advertising. GNC representatives will say whatever is necessary to maintain sales quota. The online reviews are also slim to none. Who can you really trust these days?

What Is SirenLabs Neuro Lean All About?

Neuro Lean is a fat burner manufactured by SirenLabs and sold exclusively at GNC. It’s a concentrated blend of mid to high grade ingredients. GNC offers the one month supply for $79.99. Although, Amazon offers it as cheap as $69.99.

Consumers prefer a recommendation or review before making a purchase. However, searching for an online SirenLabs Neuro Lean review is next to impossible. There’s very little information online. The only information online are biased marketing campaigns, which are useless.

The main advantage of Neuro Lean is its formula is made of 3 blends. The “B.A.D. Fat Annihilation Blend”, “Alpha Nootrophic Blend”, and “Endo Define Blend”. The blends are responsible for healthy neuro recovery, energy and fat burning, and precise focus.

The creators believe Neuro lean can boost energy, enhance focus, lower water retention, and burn fat. But these claims hold no truth without real customer reviews, and we found none.

How Does SirenLabs Neuro Lean Work?

Neuro lean works by using three different blends. Supposedly, it’s three solutions in one. It’s a recipe made of three unique blends. Each blend has a different effect and is made from different ingredients.

The blends and their effects are marketed as the main selling points. Each blend has a different function. However, the three blends work in unison and complete the recipe.

“B.A.D. Fat Annihilation Blend” 396 mg – The most important blend, responsible for boosting energy and burning fat. Contains stimulants and fat burners. Lowers blood pressure and increases blood sugar. Stimulants boost energy and suppress appetite. Turns on the bodies natural fat burning mode.

“Alpha Nootrophic Blend” 168 mg – The focus blend, responsible for improved concentration and increased focus. Contains mood enhancers and memory boosters. Increases brain chemical responsible for memory and learning. Delays mental fatigue. Improves memory, thinking, and learning.

“Endo Define Blend” 127 mg – The neuro recovery blend, responsible for faster neuro recovery and a calm mind. Contains stress relievers and immunity boosters. Mild sedatives help relieve daily stress. Improves immune system by stimulating cells. Opens blood vessels and improves blood flow which help the brain think faster.

The three blends have different purposes but they make a complete recipe. The blends explain how Neuro Lean works. The ingredient breakdown below will explain how it burns fat.

How Does SirenLabs Neuro Lean Burn Fat?

Neuro Lean burns fat with it’s anchor blend, “B.A.D. Fat Annihilation Blend”. This blend isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. The ingredient breakdown of this blend will explain how fat is burned.

There are five key ingredients. Some have clinical studies. The rest have no proof evidence or evidence if they work. Unstudied ingredients are more like estimated guesses.

ADVANTRA Z – Plant known as “Bitter Orange”. Appetite suppressant and stimulant. Synephrine has many clinical studies and backings. Very powerful natural stimulant.

ALPHA YOHIMBINE – Flop ingredient. Used for erectile dysfunction. Opens blood vessels and improves blood flow which may aid in weight loss. No clinical studies.

Beta Phenylethylamine HCL – Clinically trialed central nervous system stimulant. Enhances daily energy and boosts metabolism. Similar to caffeine but burns more calories.

DENDROBIUM – Orchid plant used to lower blood pressure and increase blood sugar. The bodies perfect condition for fat burning. A powerful stimulant that can reduce pain and inflammation.

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS – Normal caffeine. Except, it has virtually no water. It’s been dried for pill form. For this reason, it’s more potent. Boosts energy and burns calories in the process.

The ingredients work in conjunction to turn on the bodies fat burning mode. Half the ingredients are studied and useful. The rest lack proof and studying. Ingredients like Yohimbine are questionable at best.

Does SirenLabs Neuro Lean Have Side Effects?

Most natural supplements are not prone to side effects. But users could suffer light side effects such as elevated energy, decreased food cravings, mild sweat, dry mouth, and jitteriness. Stop use immediately if you feel dizziness, insomnia, severe headache, heart murmur, or loss of breath.

General rules should be followed while taking any medication. Use only if over the age of eighteen and healthy. Contains Caffeine. Do no take before bed time. Stop use if sensitive to Caffeine. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or planning pregnancy.

Consumers taking prescription medication or living with any medical conditions please consult a physician prior to use. Take this product no more than eight weeks. Never consume with alcohol. Avoid other Caffeine products.

If you feel the lighter side effects, it’s most likely because of your diet. Avoid Coffee, Tea, and soda. A balanced diet and proper exercise will make side effects non-existent.

Where Do I Buy SirenLabs Neuro Lean?

The best place to purchase SirenLabs Neuro Lean is from Amazon or GNC. You’ll receive the lowest price available.

SirenLabs Neuro Lean Reviews may be biased. But we bring you the honest truth. Keep in mind, there is no money back guarantee.

Musclepharm FitMiss Burn Review

Many of us want to lose weight and thought about using FitMiss Burn. It retails worldwide and has a large following of users. The customer reviews are generally positive, but some users had complaints.

The creators of Fitmiss Burn claim it’s a super concentrated weight loss supplement that’s made for the needs of a female athlete, but we’ve discovered its formula is exactly the same as another fat burner. 

The only difference between two supplements is the packaging and the genders they market too.

There is little about FitMiss that makes it specifically for women. It markets to women because it’s easier to sell as a gender specific fat burner. It looks like FitMiss is an old supplement that’s being repackaged and sold to a new market, because it uses almost the same exact ingredients as an older discontinued supplement.

What Is FitMiss Burn All About?

FitMiss Burn is made by Musclepharm, it retails worldwide through many retailers, some of these retailers include Wal-mart, GNC, and Wal-greens. It’s very easy to find in almost any city, but find you’ll best price at Amazon.

The good part is FitMiss Burn has great value and low cost. Its one month supply contains 45 servings, so if you’re not happy with the results at least you didn’t spend a lot of money.

 If you purchase this supplement from anywhere other than Amazon you’ll have to pay the normal retail price, but at GNC with a gold card you’ll get a special price of $34.99.

The manufacturer Musclepharm sells a supplement called Shred Matrix, which they’ve repackaged and now sell as FitMiss Burn. FitMiss Burn has the same ingredients as Shred Matrix, they both use the same formula but just at different doses. In the end FitMiss is not really made “only for women”, it’s basically Shred Matrix and clever marketing.

Sarah Jameson, Nurse, Folsom CA, “I love this product! Combined with my diet and exercise program, it helps curb my cravings, I have more energy and lose weight. For me, it works best to take only before breakfast, as I noticed that when I took both for breakfast and lunch, I had a difficult time falling asleep at night. I highly recommend FitMiss to feel less hungry and speed up weight loss results, it did for me.”

Ryan Smiff, Janitor, Boston MA, “I don’t have too much to say about this product. I ordered FitMiss about 3 weeks ago because I was looking for a fat burner and it had pretty good reviews. It doesn’t give me energy and I’ve been taking it as recommended for a few weeks now. Haven’t seen zero results. I eat like normal, drink at least a gallon of water a day and work out 6 times a week. Don’t think this is right for me.

FitMiss Burn claims it will boost the metabolism, reduce cravings and increase energy levels, but these are only claims. Musclepharm is known to make good supplements, but they’re also known to be overpriced. So to know if FitMiss is worth its cost we must investigate its formula and break down the ingredients, to know if it’s effective.

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

Where Do I Buy Fitmiss Burn?

The best place to purchase Fitmiss is from Amazon, because you’ll receive the lowest price available.

How Does FitMiss Burn Work?

FitMiss Burn claims it works by using a six stage fat loss system, each stage activates in sequential order and releases two to four key ingredients, and each stage is responsible for inducing a different weight loss effect.

The manufacturers suggest stage 1 and 2 raises the metabolism and energy.

Stage 3 reduces the appetite and begins burning fat, stage 4 calms the nerves and mood, and Stage 5 and 6 are diuretics. Some of the many benefits from taking this product are better digestion, more focus and and increased energy to prevent weight loss fatigue.

But we discovered FitMiss Burn does not have any stages. It does not work as described because the ingredients do not release at different stages. It’s more like all the different ingredients release in the stomach all at once. That’s false advertising and lying about how a product works. FitMiss  reviews suggest it’s a fat burner with 37 weight loss ingredients, with that many ingredients, one of them should work, right? Well, that’s their idea at least.


  • It retails at a great price of only 29.99 through Amazon
  • There are many positive Fitmiss reviews online
  • The diuretics help reduce water retention and prevent the bloated look.
  • Each bottle contains forty five servings instead of the usual thirty.


  • No money back guarantee
  • Some Fitmiss reviews suggested mild side effects for first 3 days
  • The manufacturers lied about featuring a six stage fat loss system
  • Too many ingredients that can increase chance of side effects

“A Caloric Deficit Will Quickly Burn Fat”

The key to successful weight loss is eating less calories than your body burns for the day. If your body burns 2,000 calories a day, and you only eat 1,500 calories for the day, than you’re at a daily deficit of 500 calories and you’re losing weight.

You cannot expect to lose weight if you’re overeating. If you eat 3,000 calories but your body only burns 1,800 calories for that day, than you’ve ate a 1,200 calorie surplus and will gain weight.

The goal is to take FitMiss Burn under the right conditions, to further promote weight loss, so you should follow a healthy low-carb diet plan and a solid compound workout routine while taking FitMiss.

FitMiss Burn has more ingredients than most supplements we review, some of the ingredients are effective and have clinical studies, but the other ingredients have zero scientific evidence that they are effective. We’ve broke down the the key ingredients that you should know about, so you can further understand how FitMiss burns fat.

How Does FitMiss Burn remove Fat?

FitMiss Burn burns fat with a few select fat burning ingredients from its formula, there are a total of thirty seven ingredients in the formula that support weight loss, but only a couple of these ingredients are capable of burning fat off.

The formula features fifteen key ingredients, the creators claim there are 2-3 key ingredients that release throughout different stages of the pill, along with other weight loss supporting ingredients, but we discovered FitMiss does not have stages and the ingredients will all release at once in the stomach.

We’ve picked the ingredients that are responsible for burning fat and have broke them down in our fitmiss reviews, so that you can see how they burn fat and if they’re effective.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine is the worlds most used stimulant and psychoactive compound. The consumption of caffeine causes lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats, it also increases focus and energy, but prolonged use of Caffeine will dampen its weight loss effects.

Green Tea Extract – There are multiple studies confirming that Green Tea Extract can induce weight loss. It contains an antioxidant that’s found in green tea and will induce weight loss when combined with caffeine, the two compounds work together in synergy to burn fat. But Green Tea Extract is not effective by itself or by people who have a high tolerance to caffeine.

Raspberry Ketones – The Dr. OZ television show boosted the popularity of this weight loss ingredient during a televised segment called “Raspberry Ketones: Miracle fat-burner” Raspberry Ketones are thought to increase the metabolism and affects a hormone responsible for the breakdown of fat. But there is no reliable scientific evidence that suggests it aids in weight loss when taken by humans.

Yohimbine HCL – A study in 2006 revealed that using Yohimbine will not increase strength or aid in muscle growth, but it will significantly aid in fat reduction and weight loss. It has a powerful stimulant effect and should not be taken by those who can not handle stimulants. Yohimbine is a very popular weight loss ingredient and many supplement use it in their formula, it’s like taking multiple Redbulls at once, the boost in energy will help burn excess calories.

The ingredients are typical and used in many other supplements, but at .66c a serving, it’s much cheaper than many other supplements. Some of the ingredients do contain chemicals, this can increase the chance of side effects and some Fitmiss reviews did report mild side effects.

Safety rules should be followed whenever you take any weight loss supplement, so in the next section we’ve investigated the possible side effects, to know how safe is this supplement.

Does FitMiss Burn Have Any Side Effects?

FitMiss Burn can increase the chance of side effects, because its ingredient list is very big and contains chemicals. Guide lines should be followed when using this supplement. Do not take at night or with caffeine. Do not take if sensitive to caffeine.

There is a chance of mild side effects. These side effects can include a light sweat, dry mouth, loss or increase in focus, and an elevated heart rate. These possible side effects can safely be ignored and are not bad for the body. If these side effects start to become unpleasant, you can reduce your daily serving size by half, until your body creates a tolerance, and than you can resume the normal dosage.

There is a small chance of dangerous side effects, which is possible with any supplement. Sometimes even the safest supplements can be very dangerous to someone who’s allergic and doesn’t know it. These dangerous side effects include insomnia, headache, dizziness, and trouble breathing. You should immediately discontinue use if you experience any of these dangerous side effects, but we found zero Fitmiss reviews that reported these side effects.

At Fat Burner Depot Safety is Our Main Concern”

FitMiss Burn and similar supplements should only be taken by adults who are eighteen and older. You should not take this supplement if you’re currently taking prescribed medication or suffer from a medical condition. If you do, you should consult your physician or doctor prior to consumption, they’ll tell if you’re able to use it or not.

The best results happen when you mix a good diet and solid exercise routine with the right fat burner. Don’t expect a fat burner to do all the work if you’re not exercising or eating right. Being healthy will reduce the chance of side effects, but some people are more prone to side effects. Your body is a reflection of what you eat and how healthy you are.

If you’re someone who goes out and drinks alcohol every weekend, you can expect more side effects, and this is a noticeable trend found in the Fitmiss reviews from irresponsible customers.

Can You Buy Fitmiss Burn at Walgreens or Amazon?

At Fat Burner Depot we do more than review fat burners and try our best to find you the cheapest prices on supplements. After investigating where you can buy Fitmiss Burn, we found the lowest price is on However if you don’t have a shipping address you can also buy it from a store like Walgreens and GNC. Regardless of where you buy it from you should find it for less than $20 dollars, some retailers even offer a money back guarantee.

This product is manufactured and distributed by the nutritional supplement company “Musclepharm“, which is one of the largest supplement brands on the markets. Unfortunately, Musclepharm sells their Fitmiss products for a premium price.

For example, the Fitmiss fat burner at GNC and is less than $18, but it’s nearly $26 on the manufacturers website. I haven’t seen any coupon codes either, but there are some discounts available through the independent retailers.

“It takes less than a week to notice the detoxifying effects”

Fitmiss Burn is excellent at detoxifying the body. It contains ingredients like Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea Extract, which are powerful antioxidants. This product will help remove harmful toxins from your body, you’ll age slower and even look younger by regularly undergoing detoxification. Have you ever noticed that some people always look younger than their age? That’s because they have less toxins stored in their body and therefore age slower.

This product will burn fat, increase energy and supercharge the metabolism. You’ll feel more active and lose weight, while you detoxify. There are also natural ways to remove toxins from your body. Running is a great way to get in shape and sweat out bad toxins.

Did you know that exercising intensely for 40 minutes a day has been clinically proven to slow aging and restore youth. Also, drinking lots of water will help purify your liver and cleanse the body.

The Six Stages of Fitmiss Weight Loss

The manufacturers of Fitmiss Burn claim that it’s a complete fat burning solution for women. Supposedly, it’s a unique 6 stage fat loss system. Its key ingredients mix together and create 6 different weight loss effects. Stage one will begin thirty minutes after swallowing the pill. I’ll go into the dynamics of each stage for you in further detail below.

Stage 1 – Energy Boost

Users will feel the initial effects within the first thirty minutes. After the pill dissolves in the stomach, the stimulant ingredients are absorbed the fastest. You should feel a boost in your energy and activity level. It’s a cleaner energy with less of a crash and will make your body burn more calories.

The key stimulant ingredients in stage one are Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea Extract. Users reported feeling more alert and awakened. Stimulants will fight off weight loss fatigue so that you’re not tired during the day, but some side effects can occur like restlessness and mild sweats. It’s best to use this product during the day, if you take it after dark you may suffer from insomnia and have difficulty sleeping.

You can burn up to 278 extra calories each day with this product. It will increase energy, boost your metabolism and make your heart beat faster. It’s even possible to lose weight while just sitting at a desk with this supplement because your body is working harder than normal, burning more calories in the process.

Stage 2 – Increased Concentration

Fitmiss goes beyond being a weight loss supplement because it has many other beneficial effects like improving concentration and focus. Stage two will make it easier for you to stay on task and avoid distractions. The stimulant ingredients in this product also contain mental enhancing properties that increase focus and clarity. Every morning millions of Americans drink coffee for this reason and effect.

Some Fitmiss reviews claim it was easier to stay on a diet because of the extra focus and concentration. The ability to feel more present in the moment and less on autopilot makes it easier to avoid junk food temptations. However it’s possible the appetite suppressors were the real reason that the users had an easier time eating less junk food. In the next section we’ll investigate the ingredients that reduce hunger and suppress the appetite.

Stage 3 – Appetite suppression

Most Americans will fail over sixty diets in their lifetime, the leading cause of failure is junk food. For many of us the hardest part of dieting is resisting the urge to eat. To effectively lose weight our body must be in a caloric deficit, so you have to eat less calories than your body requires for the day. A caloric deficit will force the body to burn stored fat, to make up for the missing calories. The problem is that dieting amplifies hunger and every day it gets harder to resist eating.

The biggest challenge of weight loss is resisting cravings and avoiding junk food. So Fitmiss Burn is full of appetite suppressing ingredients that are proven effective and really work. It’ll substantially reduce your hunger,  so you can go hours without eating anything and still feel fine. The key hunger suppressing ingredients are Raspbery Ketones and Glucomannan, which signal the brain and tell it to not feel hungry.

Stage three does more than just suppress the appetite, it also boosts the metabolism and helps the body breakdown fat molecules. Stored fat will more easily burn into energy and some of the dietary fats that you eat will not be digested. There are special fat-binders in this supplement that will make it difficult for the stomach to absorb dietary fats, so that they can instead be secreted.

Stage 4 – Mood Enhancer

When you lose weight, the caloric deficit can really affect your mood. I’ve seen the nicest people become mean after a few days of not eating and hardcore dieting. Luckily, Fitmiss has ingredients that promote happier and calmer moods during the day. Its herbal extracts support the nervous system and brain, so that your feeling relaxed and at peace while quickly burning fat.

The key mood enhancing ingredients are Uva ursi and Dandelion, which have been used in medical practice for thousands of years. Although there are no conclusive studies proving these ingredients are effective, many reports and users do claim they felt healthier and more relaxed. If you’re a working professional than you probably face a lot of daily stress. The good news is this product can help take the stress off and make life easier.

Stage 5 – Diuretic Phase

Over 60% of the human body is made of water. One of the healthiest habits you can have is to drink a gallon of water a day. Your skin will look healthier and more clear, but there is one downfall. Muscles retain water and can swell to make you look bigger. Overtime water weight cause a rounded or bloated look, almost like softer features. To prevent this water bulk, Fitmiss has diuretics that strip the body of retained water so that you look toned and lean.

The diuretics ingredients are 5-htp and Ginseng, which are known to increase serotonin and make the body release water. If your already skinny but have some fat you want to get rid of than shedding water weight may help you look skinnier. If you want to look even more shredded and have really defined muscles, try cutting sodium from your diet as well.

Diuretics strip the muscles of water and promote muscle definition, but Sodium does the opposite and tells the body to store water. So you should avoid salty foods, they’re fattening and cause weight water. Stage three will quickly make you look skinny and lean. You’ll burn fat and shed unnecessary water weight, so that you don’t look fat or bloated.

Stage 6 – Enzymatic

As we get older the digestive track weakens and has a harder time absorbing nutrition. Enzymatics help support healthy weight loss and aid the stomach with the digestion of protein and fats. Your stomach should have an easier time digesting and absorbing Fitmiss Burn, so its ingredients hit the bloodstream faster and harder.

The sixth stage acts like a catalyst to increase the absorption rate and effectiveness of the ingredients in this supplement. The key enzymatics are DigeSEB and HemiSEB, which help the digestive system break down Fitmiss and absorb more nutrition from the meals you eat.

The effects from sixth stage don’t promote weight loss, rather they support and enhance the fat burning effects from the previous stages. Although we must clarify that the stages don’t happen in consequential order. After the pill initially dissolves and the ingredients are absorbed, these six effects happen at the same time.

Basically, there are the six different weight loss effects that you’ll get from taking Fitmiss Burn and for $16 dollars that’s a lot of value.

Are There More Fitmiss Products?

Fitmiss is a brand of supplements, manufactured and distributed by the nutrition company Musclepharm. In total there are nine different FM supplements, all cost less than thirty dollars. Women are very satisfied with their results, leaving good reviews for FM Burn and the other products of this brand. We’ve given this fat burner 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Some of the different Fitmiss products include a pre workout, detoxifying cleanser, sleep aid, protein shake and bars, and bcaa’s which are essential amino acids. The FM bars are a great source of protein, easy to travel snack and can potentially be used as meal replacements.

We recommend you to try some of the various FM supplements, they routinely receive good reviews and are quality products that really work. They can also be mixed and stacked together without any side effects. For example, Fitmiss Delight is the brands protein weight loss powder but it can be taken with the Fitmiss fat burner for better results. Discover another woman’s fat burner by reading what is plexus and combining it with Fitmiss for maximum results.

Fitmiss Burn Vs Shredz Fat Burner

The two most popular fat burners for women on the market are Shredz For Her and Fitmiss Burn. Both are manufactured specifically for women and marketed only to women. The main question is, “Which one is better?” If you want the best possible results take Shredz, but it costs over forty dollars and can have mild side effects. You can probably get very similar weight loss results by taking Fitmiss and at it’s low price it can’t be beat.

Fitmiss Burn costs only sixteen dollars, it’s really powerful and at such cheap price it has more value than many other fat burners like Animal Cuts. Its users claimed to have had less belly fat and thinner thighs in only four weeks.

You can buy Shredz and Fitmiss products on and the Vitamin Shop. However before making your purchase, check on their official websites for discounts and coupon codes. Sometimes you can save up to 20% and get free shipping on your online purchase.

Personally, I don’t think one product is better than the other. On the contrary, they’re both very effective and will give you great results. However they each have pros and cons, it really comes down to how much money you’re wanting to spend. While Shredz For Her may be better at burning fat, Fitmiss is almost three times cheaper and only slightly less potent.

Real Customers Share Their Fitmiss Burn Review

Women have reported Fitmiss Burn is an effective weight loss pill and gives satisfying results. The majority of customer reviews are very happy and praise this product for its ability to burn fat and suppress the appetite. Some users lost up to five pounds a week during the first month, but with a healthy diet it’s possible to lose even more.

We discovered for every nine good reviews, there was always one neutral or bad review. In the bodybuilding and fitness industry a 90% approval rating is miraculous. However even with such a good rating, we must cover the negative aspects of this product.

Unfortunately, not all of the Fitmiss ingredients are natural and some women claimed they felt dizzy during the first week. If you do have any side effects, you can drink water to alleviate your symptoms and they should subside within a few days.

Christopher, Teacher, 53, “Most men don’t know the challenges of being overweight as a woman. Taking matters into my own hands I started the gym four years ago. In this time I’ve taken enough supplements to know which ones do and don’t work. Overall Fitmiss is a 6/10 in my opinion, it’s not bad but it’s not the greatest either. For it’s price you really cannot go wrong. So my review is neutral, a shade of grey. Yes it works and you’ll lose up to three pounds a week, but there’s more efficient options available.

How to Properly Take Fitmiss Burn

The dosage directions on the Fitmiss label are very easy to follow. You should take your first serving (2 pills) with breakfast and the second serving three hours later or at at lunch. Avoid taking this supplement at night, it can cause insomnia if you don’t follow the dosing instructions correctly.

The proper way to take Fitmiss Burn is on a full stomach, during the morning hours. It’s recommend you drink a gallon of water a day while taking it. Its diuretics will strip your body of extra water, so you have to stay hydrated.

This product contains powerful stimulants like Caffeine and Green Tea Extract. Try to not drink coffee or take other energy boosters while taking Fitmiss. The nervous system can have a reaction and side effects could occur. Caffeine overdoses can cause jitters, chest tightening, heart palpitations, and mild sweats.

Drinking water can counteract most negative side effects symptoms. Try to stay hydrated and refreshed with lemon water. Simply cut a lemon into slices and leave it in a pitcher of water overnight.

Fitmiss Burn Before and After Transformations

There have been many Fitmiss success stories and before and after transformations. At Fat Burner Depot we’ve searched through countless Fitmiss customer reviews and found the best weight loss stories and results to share with you.

These are real women who faced their insecurities and overcame a poor self image. Hopefully, these honest testimonials are motivating and inspiring to you or anyone else wanting to get skinny fast.

Kathleen, Lawyer, 37, “I don’t have much time for myself as a lawyer with my own established office. My business, family, and responsibilities come first. I felt successful and unstoppable until one day my favorite jeans no longer fit me. My waist had grown too fat and I had then realized it. It was the wake up call that I needed. I began running everyday and researching the best workout product to burn fat.

One friend recommended me Fitmiss Burn and after much hesitation I bought it. At first I didn’t expect to see any results, but in less than two weeks I had already lost 4 kilos. My diet and gym exercise routine were simple and with Fitmiss it became so easy to burn fat. Obese or not you will lose weight and I really recommend this supplement from my experience.

Marsha, Retired, 47, “Yoga in the park or riding my bike always were my weekly exercise. It wasn’t until I hit my forties that I felt uncomfortable with my body and realized I had to workout harder. My husband loved me but it seemed he wasn’t attracted to me anymore either.

I wanted to change my body and life. Since I was retired and had so much free time, I joined lifetime fitness and bought Fitmiss Burn from gnc. I saw my waist skinnier within two weeks, even my children noticed how much weight I had lost.

Fast forward ten months, I’m now the spokeswoman for my dieters club and have lost over 80 pounds. I’m remarried to a wonderful husband who appreciates me, my self confidence is much higher and I’m happier in my daily life. If you exercise and diet while taking Fitmiss I promise you that you’ll be amazed with your final weight loss results.”

“Live Longer and Look Better by Eating a Healthy Diet”

There is no perfect weight loss solution, it’s a difficult process that requires time and effort. If it were easy, everybody would have six pack abs. You can’t fake the shape you’re in but you can take control and create the shape you want to be in. The more conscientious you have the higher chance of success that you’ll have in your personal life and business endeavors.

If you still needs more words of encouragement, have faith and be patient. I used to be obese and medical doctors told me that I only had months to live and not even prescription medication would save me. I proved those doctors wrong.

I started my life changing before and after transformation. I knew I would die if I didn’t succeed. In less than two years my waist size went from a 56″ to a 32″. The best part is I’m still alive! So if I can give up my terrible eating habits, start a diet and begin exercising to save my life than you can too. Believe in yourself and you’ll accomplish any fitness or weight loss goals.

Final Thoughts

The best place to purchase Musclepharm FitMiss Burn is from Amazon, you’ll receive the lowest price available and read real consumer Fitmiss reviews.. Some of the Amazon vendors even offer a money back guarantee, you just have to keep your eyes open for the best deal.

FitMiss can be taken by men, it’s made with almost the same exact formula as Shred Matrix, so if you’re a guy looking for Shred Matrix and you can get the past the whole “made for women” theme, than you can save some money by buying FitMiss Burn and technically you’ll get “Shred Matrix” but at a better price.

Overall this supplement is decent, it’s made by a reputable company, and has a blend of some really powerful ingredients; and some not so powerful ingredients too. The formula is fairly effective, and we’ve seen customers with great results.

The results vary for those who follow a diet and workout routine, in the end it’s up to you and the effort you put in, that’s how you’ll guarantee yourself results. You can see customer Fitmiss reviews on Amazon by clicking the “Visit Site” button below.

PhenQ Review – Transformation Reveal

Hello, my name is Sarah and welcome to my review of PhenQ.

As many of you know once I use a supplement I always make a review and show my final weight loss results.

(I’ve also put some honest customer opinions of PhenQ that were submitted by our readers.)

How I Lost 42 Lbs with PhenQ In 3 Months..

(My story begins almost four months ago..)

I was exhausted and looked really sick. It felt like the room was freezing my life away.

Sarah you should go home. It’s ok for today.” My college professor told me.

So I took my professors advice but instead of going home I went to a Taco Bell.

I ate enough food to win 1st place at a food eating contest, but when I got home the shame hit me.

I was on a diet and was doing so well, but I had just destroyed all my hard work.

The problem was diets drained my energy and made my cravings stronger. So I could only follow a diet until I became too drained to fight off my cravings, and I was trapped in this pattern for as long as I could remember.

I also tried a lot of weight loss products and still struggled with my eating, and If I did get any results than I would always gain it all back.

I would scream in my room, praying that I could make a change and finally feel good about myself.

I was ready to give up and really had no reason to continue with my life. I had already tried everything and had given up hope.

Those were the dark times of my life, then one day I saw an old friend at Wal-Mart and she had lost so much weight! She told me she used something called PhenQ.

It sounded like something worth looking into to but I still didn’t trust it. So later on that night I went to the manufacturers website.

On the official website they said this about PhenQ:

I thought could this be the solution I’ve prayed for? But I didn’t really get my hopes up and decided to try just one bottle.

The UPS delivery guy showed up with the package like five days later. I was more excited than I expected when it arrived. I eagerly cut open the box  an swallowed my first pill.

I didn’t know what to expect next but within like just fifteen minutes I realized I was pacing my kitchen.

My mother had called and normally I sit while talking to relax but today I had so much energy that I was pacing around.

Then later that night I couldn’t eat anything. It felt like my hunger had ran away. So finally I was like OK, I have to eat this is too much, but I couldn’t even finish a bowl of cereal because I wasn’t hungry!

That night while getting ready to sleep I kept thinking, “wow this is crazy, I actually really feel it working!”

Since then I’ve added PhenQ to my daily routine and each day it gives me energy and I don’t eat much.

It’s made my body so active and my hunger nonexistent. And I started to run each morning because I felt so active.

I had bought running shoes for my birthday and this was the perfect chance to use them. It felt as if PhenQ gave me the mental confidence to finally exercise in my neighborhood and with my appetite suppressed I didn’t eat so many calories each day.

I could eat a mid-sized portion of healthy food and feel stuffed quickly. I gave up fast food too because it was my evil addiction.

I remember once crying in my car while stuffing McDonalds in my face and wishing I could stop overeating. However if I eat out now it’s only at a healthy restaurant.

The first month with PhenQ I lost 16 pounds! Seriously I screamed in joy when I saw my weight scale. I had promised not to weigh myself until the bottle was done with, and it was worth it.

It felt like Christmas because my waist was smaller and my thighs were skinnier. I had this new self esteem erupting from me like a volcano.

And people sure did tell me things, at work the guys were nicer to me and the girls were really friendly now. It felt like I was dreaming and I was so happy with my results that I bought more PhenQ.

My waist kept shrinking smaller and I continued to lose more weight, my self esteem kept building and I knew my life was changing for the better.

It’s been three bottles of PhenQ now and I’ve lost 42 pounds and I feel so happy.

Life is so beautiful now and I feel so alive. I finally look sexy in a bikini and I’m dating a lot now. I’m so happy about life!

If you want weight loss results like me than I recommend you Try PhenQ for yourself from here.

Does PhenQ Really Work?

Before & After PhenQ Transformation

PhenQ will stop cravings, energize the body and boost the metabolism. Just remember it’s not Phentermine which was banned years ago. So it’s much safer!.

The PhenQ tablets that you take are normal pill sized, they will substantially suppress the appetite, increase the bodies activity level and boost the metabolism so that you can melt that fat away!

However it’s not the perfect supplement. PhenQ will make accomplishing your weight loss goals much easier, but if you want the best results than you have to eat healthier and try to exercise even if just a little bit.

I looked into the main ingredients, and after researching each one I broke them down below for you.

  • L-Carnitine – This will make the body break down more fats and burn them for energy.
  • Chromium Picolinate – This is a powerful appetite suppressant/reducer that regulates the bodies blood sugar levels to maintain a minimal appetite.
  • Calcium Carbonate – This ingredient will reduce the amount of dietary fats that your body absorbs through meals and stores into the body.
  • Capsicum – This is the main active ingredient and it has two functions. It will improve the bodies blood flow so that the other ingredients are better absorbed, and it will increase the users body temperature. It’s been proven that Capsicum can cause users to burn an additional 270 calories per day without doing any exercise or additional work.

The four main ingredients cause PhenQ to:

  • Stunts the appetite so that it’s easier to follow a diet.
  • Burns annoying belly fat and turns it into useable energy. 
  • Increases your bodies activity level by boosting its energy.
  • Raises your metabolism and improve its performance so that you can burn up to 20% more calories per day and burn fat faster!

  • If we only listened to the manufacturers than PhenQ would sound like the perfect supplement for burning belly fat and getting lasting results.

    But is it really possible? 

    If we always believed what the manufacturer said than maybe, but that’s not ever the case. So I’m going to give my real results with PhenQ from my experience with it.

    My End Results

    In the end I lost 42 lbs in 3 months. That’s around 14 lbs each month.

    The difference is huge and in these last 3 months I’ve made a lot of life style changes. I’ve started exercising and eating healthier but the biggest change has been my self esteem and confidence.

    I’ve also started seeing a guy, it’s little things like that which I never would have been doing before.

    Some of the best parts of losing weight are:

    • It’s easier to feel comfortable in crowded places.
    • My body wakes up easier and needs less sleep.
    • I am a lot more active than before.
    • Guys will flirt with me.
    • My wardrobe has completely changed.
    • There’s less food cravings. 
    • My emotions feel happy and I’m more confident.
    • I’ve become more sociable with strangers.  
    • My face is thinner and looks more model like.
    • People compliment me all the time about my changes.
    • I feel alive and so confident.
    • I found peace to my self hatred.

    Basically everything that was wrong in my mind began to change as well. Yes my body changed but it’s more than that because my mind and self image changed during my transformation as well.

    Now I’m happy, I love being me. I feel empowered and if I could do it than YOU CAN TOO!

    If you’re a beginner than maybe you should start with PhenQ because it’s been proven to reduce your appetite and burn fat away.

    Sirenlabs Slimify: Is It Right For Me?

    Slimify is a thermogenic fat burner that sells exclusively with GNC. It’s easy to believe this supplement is worth its cost. Any GNC representative will gladly give you their biased recommendation for a quick sale.

    A quick recommendation won’t always persuade a smart shopper, and if a potential customer goes online, they’ll find very little information regarding Slimify.

    The biased GNC recommendations and lack of online reviews creates a challenge for customers making an educated buying decision. Thorough research should always be done before the purchase of any health product.

    What Is Slimify All About?

    Slimify is a weight loss supplement made by Siren Labs and sold with GNC. It’s made of clinically studied natural ingredients. The one month supply usually retails for $59.99. But Amazon sells it as low as $37.00.

    Shoppers usually like second opinions before making expensive purchases. But finding online SirenLabs Slimify reviews is virtually impossible.

    The web is empty. This product is so good that no one’s complaining or it’s not selling enough.

    The main selling point of Slimify is its key ingredient “Garcinia Cambogia”, which prevents a portion of sugars and carbohydrates from digesting into fat. It also helps suppress food cravings. The reduced fat and appetite support will aid with healthy weight loss.

    SirenLabs claims Slimify enhances the metabolism, controls the appetite, and boosts mental focus. Their motto is “Power to Achieve”. But it’s “Difficult to Believe” because the lack of online reviews.

    Where Do I Buy Slimify?

    The best place to purchase Slimify is from Amazon, you’ll receive the lowest price available.

    How Does Slimify Work?

    Slimify works by using “Garcinia Cambogia”. It’s a natural fat blocker and appetite suppressant. It suppresses the appetite. But not like a traditional fat burner. It raises the level of happiness you receive from eating, making it easier to eat less.

    Studies have proven Garcinia Cambogia blocks an enzyme responsible for turning sugars and carbohydrates into fat. Block this enzyme and carbohydrates digest into energy instead of storing as body fat. As fat burns throughout the day, it’s replaced at a slower rate, and total fat decreases.

    SirenLabs Slimify works as a basic carb blocker, weak appetite suppressant, and natural stimulant. The other key ingredients are a mix of mild fat burners and fat blockers.

    Slimify is like a Mango daiquiri. It tastes great and gets results. But it’s not potent or strong. Some consumers prefer Scotch. A chemically enhanced supplement with immediate results. Whichever your preference, Slimify will safely get results. But it’s not anything new or special.

    How Does Slimify Burn Fat?

    Slimify burns fat with its other key ingredients. The main ingredient Garcinia Cambogia explains how slimify works. But it’s not an actual fat burner. The other key six ingredients are responsible for burning fat. The breakdown of these six ingredients will explain how Slimify burns fat.

    African Mango – No real research, only questionable claims. Supposedly, this fiber helps lower cholesterol levels. Most likely a smoke ingredient.

    Chitosan – Fiber substances that makes you feel full a lot easier. Makes it easier to eat less. Blocks dietary fat and cholesterol.

    Raspberry Ketones – Anti-oxidant that breaks up fat faster and boosts the metabolism. Gained popularity with internet marketers who promoted this so so ingredient.

    Green Tea – Low levels of natural caffeine boost energy and raise alertness. The energy increase helps burns calories. Green Tea stands the test of time as the best natural stimulant.

    Vitamin D –  Necessary for maintaining proper bone structure. Studies suggest healthy levels help achieve weight loss with postmenopausal overweight women.

    Iodine –  Maintains healthy thyroid function.

    The combination of these six ingredients help enhance the bodies natural fat burning capabilities. Although, Slimify is more of your appetite controller and fat blocker.

    Does Slimify Have Any Side Effects?

    Most natural supplements like Simplify do not have bad side effects. Users could suffer light side effects such as a boost in energy, lowered appetite, dry mouth, and jitteriness. Discontinue use if you suffer severe side effects such as insomnia, dizziness, severe headache, rapid heart beat, or shortness of breath.

    Basic guidelines should be followed while using any weight loss supplement. Only use if healthy and over the age of eighteen. Avoid taking before night time. Do not use if sensitive to caffeine or stimulating effects. Avoid using if pregnant, nursing or planning pregnancy.

    If you have a history of any medical conditions or take prescription medication please consult a physician or doctor prior to use. Avoid taking this product longer than 8 weeks, and never consume with alcohol. Try not to consume other caffeine products.

    Most side effects are non-existent if you sleep through the night, those who are light sleepers may experience restlessness. It’s recommended never to consume before night time. Keep out of reach of children.

    Where Do I Buy SirenLabs Slimify?

    The best place to purchase SirenLabs Slimify is Amazon or GNC. You’ll receive the lowest price available. This is mainly for appetite control, for the munchers out there.

    Performix SST: Should It Be Illegal?

    Performix SST is a fat burner that has quickly gained popularity and sells exclusively through GNC. It’s easy to believe this is a good supplement, many of you have even received a recommendation from a GNC representative, but they’ll say anything to close a sale.

    Most consumers will research a product before its purchase, but researching this product is very difficult.

    The online search results for “Performix SST Reviews” contain very biased and poor information, so we’ve compiled the best data to make the most accurate and unbiased review as possible.

    The persuasive GNC representative recommendation and the stylish Performix SST package can persuade even the most skeptical customer, that’s why thorough research should always be done before the purchase of any health product. Most supplements are not credible and exaggerate which makes it very hard to find a good fat burner, so we’ve brought you the truth about SST.

    What Is Performix SST All About?

    SST is made by Performix and sells only at GNC, but it retails worldwide and has many online retailers like GNC,, and Amazon. It’s offered in a powder or capsule form, depending on the retailer, the one month supply will sell for $59.99 to $99.99. The worst price is at GNC, and the best price at amazon for only $54.99.

    The good part is both the SST pill and powder form come with a 30 day supply. If you make your purchase at Amazon for $54.99, that’s only $1.80 a serving, which is a great price. The bad part is if you purchase this anywhere else for $99.99, that’s $3.30 a serving, which for a fat burner is one of the most expensive prices on the market. If you must buy SST than you can save some money by buying it through Amazon, but if you buy it anywhere else, this supplement is not worth its cost.

    This fat burner costs more than most supplements we review, it’s an investment, and anyone would want a second recommendation or a review before such an expensive purchase. But the customer Performix SST reviews are black and white. People either love this gnc fat burner or they hate it, for some this supplement is great, but for the others it’s a bad experience.

    Most customer Performix SST reviews said positive things, “I’ve only been taking this for a week, and I must say it gives me so much energy. I am literally running from machine to machine at the gym. Cardio is no longer my enemy with these little blue babies! I do strength training and cardio 4-6 times a week along with a 1400 restricted calorie diet. I’m taking the recommended 2 pills a day in the morning on an empty stomach. I would recommend to any of my friends!”

    But some customer Performix SST reviews said negative things, “I took the first dose and started shaking and twitching. It wore off after a while. They make me feel pretty terrible and shaky, but not really hungry. When I do eat half way through the meal I feel sort of sick. They’re also causing bathroom and stomach issues. I guess they work for some and not for others. They make me feel like I need to go to the hospital for a heart attack. I’ll give them a week to see if the side effects wear off.”

    Performix is a relatively new supplement brand with just a few years of practice, but in these few years they have quickly gained attention and respect. They’re known to make some of the best looking packages for their supplements, which is a big reason why they sell so well.

    Performix uses stylish packaging and a large workforce of GNC representatives to persuade customers into purchasing their supplements. The look and concept of their supplements is great at first, but we found complaints saying Performix supplements are too extreme, some users even felt like they wanted to go to the hospital.

    The creators claim SST will greatly boost energy, the extra energy expenditure will cause the body to burn more calories. This effect is achieved by the use of a variety of stimulants, but they can affect some users negatively. This is why some users felt like they wanted to go the hospital, so this gnc fat burner is effective and will burn fat, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, it’s probably not be for you.

    How Does Performix SST Work?

    Performix SST works by using a “Terra smart release system”, the intelligent release system creates a controlled delivery of the ingredients, the controlled delivery will release key ingredients at calculated points of digestion, when the body is most receptive to those ingredients.

    This gnc fat burner features a PH resistant shell, the Terra coating shell is the latest in micro layering technology. The different layers of the Terra shell will dissolve at certain points of digestion, depending on the PH levels of the stomach. After you swallow SST, the outer pill will dissolve and release hundreds of Terra shell covered micro balls that contain the ingredients.

    The SST pill is a capsule that’s filled with hundreds of micro balls, which contain the ingredients. Each micro ball has a Terra shell that’s made with a different level of PH resistance, some balls have a low level of PH resistance and will dissolve earlier in digestion, it just depends on which ingredients are in the micro ball and at which point of digestion those ingredients need to release.

    This system allows the ingredients to release at four different points of digestion. When the different PH levels of the stomach dissolve a new set of micro balls, new ingredients will release, the next Terra phase will begin, and the user will feel a different effect.

    Terra Phase 1 (0-2 hours) “Introduction Phase” – After swallowing SST, the outer capsule will dissolve in the stomach and release its micro balls. Some of the micro balls will begin to dissolve and release the first set of ingredients. The thermogenic process will begin and the stimulants will start to boost the energy, the body will begin to burn more calories as its energy and core body temperature slowly increase.

    Terra Phase 2 (2-4 hours) “Chill Phase” – After about two hours, once SST reaches further into the digestive track, more micro balls will begin to dissolve, and second set of ingredients will release. At this point the internal body temperature is still slowly rising, if it’s not already at its peak, some users may experience cold sweats due to the increase in body temperature and energy boost.

    Terra Phase 3 (4-6 hours) “Sustain and Block Phase” – At the half way point, the micro balls will contain to release a steady stream of key ingredients, which maintain and sustain the thermogenic effect. At this point the body has reached its peak core temperature, all the stimulants have released, and the users body is coasting through the day in an elevated fat burning mode.

    Terra Phase 4 (6-8 hours) “Transition Phase” – The last remaining micro balls release their ingredients, it’s like a recovery blend, its purpose is to recover the user and their body from such a strenuous day. Most supplements after they wear off leave a crashing effect, but not SST. The last set of ingredients include a large 1000 mcg dosage of B-12, which naturally boosts mental focus and energy, which leave the user feeling clean and refreshed.

    Each phase releases a series of new fat burning ingredients and feels different than the last, but after all four phases, you’re left feeling alright, unlike most supplements. The recovery blend from Terra phase 4, which creates the non crashing feeling, is a big bonus, and that’s not easily found in most supplements. SST works well, the Terra release system is well designed, but that doesn’t mean it provides results or that its ingredients are effective.

    A well designed release system doesn’t mean anything if it can’t provide results, to know if this gnc fat burner is truly effective, we must break down its ingredients. The key fat burning ingredients are broke down in the next section, so we can know how SST burns fat and if its really worth its cost.

    How Does Performix SST Burn Fat?

    SST burns fat by releasing six different fat burning ingredients during certain points of digestion, half of the ingredients have been clinically proven to improve weight loss, but there still are no clinical studies for SST or the other ingredients.

    We’ve broke down the six SST ingredients to understand how they burn fat, these ingredients are all natural, but some of the ingredients are powerful stimulants that can negatively affect some users. Most people will feel fine while taking this gnc fat burner, but its a fair warning to those who are caffeine sensitive.

    Advantra Z – Advantra Z is also known as bitter Orange or Synephrine HCL, it’s a natural occurring appetite suppressant and stimulant. Synephrine has been clinically proven to induce weight loss by greatly boosting the bodies energy, the extra energy expenditure forces the body to burn more calories than normal, but some users may react negatively to such a potent stimulant.

    Yohimbine – Yohimbe is the bark from a tree in Africa, it can  dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure, but there’s zero evidence indicating that Yohimbine has weight loss abilities. Research found Yohimbine could be used to treat erectile dysfunction, because of it’s ability to dilate blood vessels, which could aid in weight loss by helping red blood cells carry nutrients.

    Sensoril brand Ashwagandha – There’s still very little scientific information for Ashwagandha, but some claims may suggest it can fight stress by acting as a natural stress reliever and antioxidant, which will aid in weight loss by decreasing the levels of stress hormones. This Gingseng root from India is often used in Ayurvedic medicine, it positively heals the thyroid gland, which will protect the adrenal gland from stimulants.

    Caffeine – Caffeine has been used for centuries and is the worlds most used stimulant compound. The consumption of caffeine causes lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats. It’s responsible for increasing attention, focus, and energy. The energy boost and extra energy expenditure will cause the body to burn more calories than normal, but prolonged use of caffeine will weaken its effect over time.

    Mucuna Pruriens – Mucuna Priuriens is a bean from a tropical plant, there are very limited human studies for it, but some claims suggest it can beneficially effect the mental state and relax the body. It can also boost the brains production of the chemical Dopamine, which helps regulate ideal hormonal balance for weight loss.

    Vitamin B12 – The body does not naturally produce vitamin B12, and most people don’t get enough of it. If you already consume enough of it in your daily diet, than you won’t benefit from taking anymore. But if you’re at a deficit, and you begin to consume more, it will assist the body with converting fat and protein into energy. It can help wake up the user and prevent the awkward “crashing” feel after a long day.

    Does Performix SST Have Any Side Effects?

    This GNC fat burner does have a minor chance of side effects, that’s because its formula uses powerful stimulants and some its ingredients contain chemicals. Users should follow safety rules while taking this gnc fat burner, you should not take it at night or with any other caffeine products, and you should not take it if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

    All medicine and supplements have a chance of side effects, some more extreme than others with a varying degree in between. SST users can experience some minor side effects such as cold sweats, dry mouth, boost in attention span, boost in energy, and a fast heart rate. These side effects are not harmful and can safely be ignored. If you experience discomfort from these side effects, you can take half the suggested serving size, until your body develops a stronger tolerance, and than resume normal dosage.

    There’s a small chance this gnc fat burner can negatively affect some users, that’s because its formula uses a variety of stimulants. Stimulants are effective, but a small group of people cannot take them. Some SST users who are sensitive to caffeine reported feeling negative side effects like insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and trouble focusing. If you experience these rare symptoms, you should discontinue use or take half the recommended dosage.

    You will lose the most weight when you combine a healthy diet and a solid workout routine with a good fat burner. You cannot expect this gnc fat burner to burn fat if you’re over eating and not exercising. If you want to lose weight, you must eat less calories than your body burns, it’s that simple. If you’re body burns 1,800 calories a day, and you eat only 1,300 calories for the day, than you’re at a deficit of 500 calories and you’re losing weight.

    If you follow a diet you’ll reduce the chance of any possible side effects, but if you’re unhealthy, you can expect more side effects. The body is a reflection of how healthy its owner is and how well they take care of themselves, if you binge eat or drink, you’re wasting your time taking this gnc fat burner.

    We suggest you follow a low carb and low calorie diet meal plan. You can find more nutritional information and an in-depth diet guide by visiting our blog article, “1500 Calorie Diet

    Where Do I Buy Performix SST?


    • Each pill features a Terra smart release system
    • The powder and pill form both contain a 30 day supply
    • The formula features potent stimulants that have been proven effective


    • This GNC fat burner retails exclusively at GNC unless you purchase it online
    • It’s over priced if you purchase it for the normal retail price of $99.99
    • The formula features caffeine and stimulants that may negatively affect some users

    The best place to purchase Performix SST is from Amazon, you’ll receive the lowest price available of $54.99, we suggest the pill form because it’s easier to manage. If you rather purchase it at a physical location,this GNC fat burner will sell it to gold card members for only $62.99 versus the normal $99.99. But you can find it much cheaper on Amazon by clicking “Visit Site” now.

    Shredz Made For Women: Is It Safe?

    The Shredz brand grew with social media to an international level in only two years and now features supplements for men and women, but we’ve found most of their supplements use the same formula.

    There were two friends and together they created Beyond Genetic Supplements, which is the manufacturer of Shredz. Basically a doctor created his own secret weight loss formula, after his friend tried it he found it was very effective and now the formula is sold all over as Shredz.

    The truth is the Shredz “Fat Burner For Men” and “Fat Burner For Women” both use an almost identical formula, just like most their supplements. Shredz products pride themselves on the success of their secret homemade recipe, but that doesn’t mean their supplements are good and most of them are made of the same ingredients.

    What Is Shredz For Women All About?

    (UPDATE: There’s a more effective fat burner available now. Lose weight faster)

    Shredz is very popular, it’s found in most cities and has online retailers like and It retails for $60 at gnc which is kinda expensive, but there’s a much better price on Amazon.

    The good part is each Shredz supplement comes in a thirty day supply. If you purchase it from Amazon it’s only $1.50 a serving, which is a great price for its value. However if you purchase it anywhere else and pay the full retail price than it’s $2.00 a serving, which is no longer a good price.

    The dosage directions for Shredz are very specific, which gives it a more authentic feel. Users must take one pill before their workout and the second pill 6 hours later. So if you workout in the AM take the first pill before your workout and then the second pill after lunch.

    Melissa Manor, Nurse, Portland OR, “Just finished my one month supply, I workout 3-4 times a week but I don’t have a meal plan and I still  had good results. Felt great energy and less soreness. It made a difference but I want to try something else because it’s expensive and I want to compare it to other cheaper products.

    Jerry Arhnok, Teacher, Sacramento CA, “It gave me a lot of energy for the first 4 hours and then I crashed really hard! All day my heart was racing, i was so tired by the end of the day, and no matter how tired I was I couldn’t fall asleep! It’s either going to work for you or work against you, if you’re willing to take the chance.

    We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

    (Shredz Made For Women Supplement Series)

    Shredz was introduced in 2012, with the use of Instagram and social media marketing it grew to a three million dollar company within a year. Two years later, even Forbes took notice and interviewed the young business man Arvin Lal, who is the CEO of the Shredz supplement brand.

    The brand Shredz and their manufacturer seem very professional. If you order from the official website you actually have the choice to choose between gelatin and vegetable capsules, which we have yet to see any other supplement brand offer this unique option.

    Where Do I Buy Shredz Fat Burner?

    The best place to purchase Shredz is from Amazon, because you’ll receive the lowest price available.

    How Does Shredz Fat Burner For Women Work?

    Shredz Fat Burner For Women works by using a homemade formula. The formula was created by one of the founders of Shredz, there are two founders in total, they’re friends and lifting partners. After their own personal success with the homemade formula, they took the initiative and turned it into an international supplement brand.

    The secret homemade recipe is known as the “Shredz proprietary blend 934mg”, it’s a variety of natural fat burning ingredients and it’s the same blend that’s used in all of the Shredz supplements. The ingredients are nothing new or special, they’re a combination of what every fat burner on the market is currently using, but its a combination of the right ingredients.

    The Shredz proprietary blend is made of 17 ingredients and are a combination of the main feature ingredient used in other fat burners. The formula uses the best of whats working for other fat burners, if you can’t beat them, join them, right? Or in this case copy the best part of them, and market it as your own.

    If you want a second opinion, we are strictly unbiased. However we will say this, most fat burners on the market are made of 5-6 ingredients, usually most of them are ineffective, but there’s always 1 ingredient that’s somewhat effective.

    The Shredz formula is actually a combination of the most effective ingredients in fat burners, and without the junk ingredients. So it’s a safer bet to try this instead of other supplements, but that doesn’t mean we’re saying you should go buy it.


    •  Each bottle contains a 30 day supply
    • It has good price for value if you buy it on Amazon for $45.00
    •  The formula is made of ingredients that were effective for other supplements


    •  Some users reported feeling sick due to the amount of Caffeine
    •  All of the Shredz supplements feature an almost identical formula
    •  It has bad price for value if you pay the full retail price at GNC for $60.00

    (Fitness models on Instagram are paid to endorse Shredz)

    Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women has more ingredients than most supplements we review. Its ingredients are natural and some even have clinical proof, but not all of the ingredients are responsible for burning fat. Some of the ingredients only promote weight loss, they don’t actually induce weight loss like thermogenics or stimulants.

    Even the best fat burner for women and men have many extra ingredients that don’t burn fat, but instead they assist and promote weight loss. The extra ingredients are usually mood enhancers, stress relievers, and relaxers. They take the edge off  from the fact you’re putting the body under a stressful condition, which is how fat is burned, it’s controlled starvation.

    How Does Shredz Fat Burner Burn Fat?

    Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women claims it burns fat with 4 key ingredients, they’re a combination of stimulants and thermogenics. The official website promotes the four key ingredients as the feature ingredients of the formula, but some of these ingredients do not have scientific evidence or proof that they are effective.

    The Shredz formula is made of 17 ingredients, but we’ve only broke down the key ingredients responsible for burning fat. The other ingredients are mood enhancers and stress relievers, the main thing you should know about these other ingredients are their side effects, which we’ve covered in the side effects section.

    We’ve specifically investigated the important ingredients that you should know about, so you can know if Shredz is effective.

    Yohimbine – Scientific studies reveal that Yohimbine can greatly aid in fat reduction and weight loss. It’s a potent stimulant and energy booster that’s similar to Caffeine. It will boost the metabolism by increasing energy, which forces the body to burn extra calories to make up for the energy expenditure. If you’re sensitive to Caffeine, most likely your body will not like Yohimbine.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid – ALA is a natural occurring compound in the body and an antioxidant. There is little scientific evidence or research for ALA. Some side effects in rare circumstances can include skin rashes. This is a filler ingredient that’s trending among supplements, but it doesn’t seem to be effective at burning fat. We cannot say more about this ingredient because there is such little information.

    Gugglesterones – Low calorie diets are effective at first, but after a while the body will grow a tolerance and the metabolism will slow down. The body does not like to burn fat or lose weight. Gugglesterones prevent the body from slowing down its metabolism, so the body is continuously burning fat at 100% without the metabolism slowing down.

    Acetyl L-Carnitine – ACLAR helps the body transport dietary fat into the bodies cells, so the cells can burn the fat for energy. The transport assistance helps the body burn more calories and fat than it would. The cells increase in fat burnt for energy will boost daily energy and alertness.

    Does Shredz Fat Burner For Women Have Side Effects?

    Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women has a large list of ingredients, they are all natural, but there’s still the chance of side effects. Natural ingredients can negatively effect some users, it’s best to follow a few guidelines when taking any supplement, for your protection and to be safe.

    You should not take Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women with other caffeine products or at night. There is a small chance of mild side effects like dry mouth, sweating, constipation, and an elevated heart rate. These side effects usually disappear within the first week after your body develops a tolerance, if the side effects are bothersome, you can half the dosage until your body is comfortable with the recommended serving size.

    There is always a one in a million chance of dangerous side effects and bad reactions, which is possible with any medication. Sometimes even the most natural and safe ingredients can be dangerous to someone who’s allergic and doesn’t know it. If you experience severe insomnia, painful headaches, dizziness, or trouble seeing, you should consult your doctor and immediately discontinue use.

    This best fat burner for women and men should only be used by an adult who is eighteen or older. You should not take this fat burner if you’re taking prescribed medication or suffer from a medical illness. Prior to consumption you should consult your doctor or caretaker for a second opinion, they’ll know what’s best for you.

    If you want to have great results, you’ll have to combine a diet and workout routine with the right fat burner. If you want to guarantee results, you’ll have to eat less calories so you’re at a calorie deficit, which is how you lose weight. If your body burns 2,000 calories but you only eat 1,500 calories that day, than you’re at a 500 calorie deficit and your body will start to lose weight.

    Shredz Review Fat Burner for Women

    There are over eight hundred “Shredz For Her” customer reviews on, but probably half of them are fake. Now a days most online reviews are self promoting and not real, which makes it difficult to know what product to buy. If we can’t find real customer feedback to help our buying decisions, than it gets much harder to know what really works.

    At Fat Burner Depot we do our job as weight loss experts and provide quality information about which fat burners are the most effective. So we’ve given this supplement 4 out of 5 stars.

    Shredz doesn’t offer discounts and there are no promo codes that we know of. So you’ll have to pay the full retail price unless you buy it from a cheaper online retailer. We recommend looking on because they normally have the best prices on the market. This product costs $45 dollars on the manufacturers website. However Shredz is not sold in GNC and very few stores carry the brand. It’s mainly sold through the official company website and

    If you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat animal products, the official Shredz website gives you the option to buy vegetarian capsuled supplements. This is a rare option that very few manufacturers offer, it’s also a viable selling point for those who don’t want to eat animal based capsules. Shredz For Her contains Caffeine and will really boost the metabolism. It has the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of black coffee. Keep in mind, there may be some mild symptoms for the first week such as light sweats and jitteryness.

    Shredz sells an exclusive 30 day challenge, supposedly it’s their complete weight loss package. It’s a bundle deal of the best Shredz supplements for women and costs two hundred dollars. You’ll receive the Fat Burner for HerShredz Toner, and the newest Shredz Detox. The three supplements work together in combination to boost the metabolism and make weight loss easier.

    These three products provide the essential vitamins the body needs and help remove the harmful toxins. You can probably accomplish the same results simply by exercising and eating healthy, but the 30 day challenge will hold you accountable and help you accomplish your goals faster.

    The Shredz toner is basically a creatine supplement that will help you build lean muscle, improve athletic performance and muscle recovery time. Creatine is naturally produced by the body, it regenerates ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the main energy fuel for muscles. Taking creatine will boost your body’s stored ATP, so that your muscles can workout longer, grow stronger and recover faster.

    Creatine is the best supplement to support lean muscle growth, aside from taking illegal anabolic steroids, but its actually safe and very effective. It also makes your muscles absorb more water, but can cause mild side effects like muscle cramps and bloating. However I’ve personally never had any Creatine side effects and think that it’s harmless.

    The Shredz Detox is a simple vitamin wrapped in a pretty package and it’s very overhyped. You can get the same effect from a multi-vitamin, but that’s only my opinion and not a factual statement. Shredz claims their Detox supplement will help the body flush toxins and improve digestion. The problem in my opinion is that it costs forty dollars and most of the ingredients are found in a multi-vitamin. However there are some noteworthy ingredients like African Mango and Lychee Fruit Extract, and both have had clinical studies proving they are effective at burning fat.

    Real Shredz For Her Results and Success Stories

    The best results always happen with a healthy diet plan and gym workout routine. Adding a weight loss supplement to your routine will further enhance the quality of your final before and after results. Many Shredz customer reviews have said that the Fat Burner for Her is an excellent product and would recommend it based off their experience. I found some real reviews that I’ve included below, so you can see how other people felt about their purchase.

    Sarah Jameson, Nurse, 36 “I started taking Shredz for Her after my third child. My body had put on so much weight that I was ashamed of going in public. My dress size had gone up by six sizes and my husband didn’t feel as attracted to me anymore. My girlfriend recommended that I start exercising, I quickly found a gym close to me and hired a personal trainer. I’m old fashioned and believe a diet and exercise are all you need to burn fat, but my trainer suggested that I take Shredz for the best results. In twelve weeks I lost forty pounds and now I feel so good about myself. I accomplished my fitness goals and have more confidence than before. I cannot fully credit my supplements because I followed a strict ketogenic diet and exercised with a trainer. You may not see the same results but if you put in the work than it’s very likely you can lose up to five pounds per week.”

    Michelle Stevens, Teacher, 31 “Teaching is not an easy job, teenagers can be very judgmental of their peers. I didn’t feel insecure about my body until I discovered that my students secretly called me “Obese” behind my back. It was a life changing moment. I always had great family council and supportive friends, even though I was chubby and overweight it never bothered me. When I got a permanent position in the high school it was an honorable feeling, little did I know the kids would eventually bully me for being fat. After that one day, I vowed to lose weight and always look my best from then on. I decided to buy the Shredz 30 day challenge. The cost was expensive and more than I wanted to pay, but it promised results and it sure did deliver. I lost 23 pounds in only thirty days. I recommend this supplement if you’re a women who wants to lose weight.”

    From these two customer reviews we can tell that Shredz supplements are well received and generally have good feedback from customers. However there are more effective fat burners like Phentermine, unfortunately it’s a prescription diet pill and not easy to acquire. The best way to lose weight fast is with a nutritious diet meal plan and exercising weekly with a program like Crossfit.

    When you burn more calories than you eat, your body will burn its stored fat because its in a negative caloric deficit. This deficit signals the body that its not eating enough and to use fat as an alternative energy source for fuel, which is how you lose weight.

    The less carbohydrates that you eat, the less glucose your body will produce. When your body is not producing sufficient glycogen (glucose), it will be forced to burn fat for energy and change stored fat into ketones. A low carbohydrate diet will make your belly and thigh fat slowly burn away overtime. Adding Shredz fat burner for women to a high fat and low carb diet can cause you lose up to 3 pounds a week or possibly more.

    Getting skinny is very simple if you understand caloric surplus and caloric deficit. You can only gain mass or lose mass, you cannot do both at the same time. That’s why many bodybuilders follow a cutting diet during the winter part of the year, and then a bulking diet for the summer part of the year.

    Shredz Reviews and Feedback From Different Customers

    Many Americans have diets full of unhealthy junk food, obesity rates are on the rise all over the world and heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. Changing the food groups that you eat and consuming more vegetables like Broccoli and Asparagus can be very beneficial to live longer and burn stored fat away.

    Shredz is not a fat burner sold at gnc or any physical retailer that we know of, so the reviews that we’ve found are from the internet or real life customers who’ve submitted their honest feedback to Fat Burner Depot.

    Those who’ve taken Shredz supplements have reported positive results and great body transformations. The before and after Shredz pictures from users who’ve shared their success stories are very motivating and give credibility to this supplement brand. Ingredients like Green tea extract and Cayenne pepper will make your body suppress its appetite and burn an extra 250 calories per day. Stimulant ingredients like Caffeine anhydrous will boost the metabolism and raise energy levels, so that you feel less tired.

    Supposedly, there are over half a million or 500,000 Shredz customers. Most of the customers reviews are positive, made from active women who claim to have had permanent weight loss results with these supplements. However there have been some negative reviews that reported side effects, non-effectiveness and bad feelings. We’ll analyze and investigate one of the bad reviews next.

    Unknown, Male “Shredz is not worth buying. I can see their advertisements Instagram but it’s crap supplements that are overly promoted and guarantee no results. Honestly, don’t do it, try a more reputable supplement brand. I burned over 80lbs of fat and am a fitness athlete and nutritionist now. I do not recommend these supplements to anyone.  Don’t buy into the “miracle pill” hype, because it’s NOT Shredz supplements and you’ll waste your money!” Keep in mind, this customers review does not reflect the opinion of Fat Burner Depot. We are strictly a third party review company that investigates the pros and cons of different weight loss supplements on the market.

    Based off what the customer said in the review above, we can determine that they had a negative experience with Shredz. About 10% of people who take the supplement report negative results. Some bad side effects are possible, usually this is because the stimulant ingredients can cause anxiety, mild sweating or restlessness.

    Drinking eight cups of water a day will help negate negative symptoms and dilute the stimulant ingredients. If you make your purchase and are not satisfied within the first two weeks, you can return it for a complete money back guarantee.

    If you’re not satisfied with your purchase and are still looking for a fat burner than we recommend you try Phen375. It’s the best fat burner of the year in our opinion and has many happy customers, so it’s absolutely worth trying and offers a full refund policy as well.

    What Are The Best Female Exercises?

    The best physical exercises for women and men are compound lifts that involve using multiple muscles. By doing exercises like dead lifts and squats you’ll activate almost every muscle in your body. Compound lifts are the best type of exercises because they burn more fat than traditional lifts and boost the metabolism for up to 48 hours. Any exercise that involves more than two muscle groups is considered a compound lift.

    Compound lifts are a form of cardiovascular exercise, their so energy consuming they make the heart beat much faster than normal. If your fitness goal is to gain muscle and lose belly fat than exercises like power cleans, squats and dead lifts are your best choice. These exercises will also improve intramuscular coordination, which will improve your posture and flexibility. However you must be very careful because these are heavy lifts and using poor form can result in an injury.

    Always remember, if you’re not arching your lower back when doing a squat, you can potentially damage your lower back. It’s very important to know the proper form before attempting compound exercises and is worth it to invest in a personal trainer.

    The second best female exercises are lifts that involve training the core, like crunches and leg lifts. Training your core will greatly improve your endurance, ability to run long distances and spinal posture so that you stand erect. Poor posture is actually caused by weak muscles not being able to support their weight, so the body redirects the weight to stronger muscles. This redistribution of weight causes the posture to change into a slouched form. However by exercising and training you can strengthen your weak core muscles so that they can support their weight and cause your posture to stand erect.

    Many personal trainers advise their clients to avoid overtraining, but gym enthusiasts are claiming that overtraining is a myth. Some bodybuilders on anabolic steroids go the gym two times a day, for a normal person this routine wouldn’t give their muscles enough time to recover. So the frequency of how often you lift is very important. If you want to lift full-time than I recommend following a 5 day full body split which involves going to the gym Monday through Friday, but that’s only if you’re really dedicated.

    For those who don’t have that much time, going to the gym three times a week is sufficient.  Anything more than five times a week or doing double days is not ideal for muscle recovery, it’s overtraining unless you’re on some form of steroids or testosterone pills.

    I started taking the Shredz Pre Workout before the gym, I can report that it did boost my energy and is a very effective preworkout supplement. I felt more awake in the gym and had a rush of excitement while lifting. Based off what we read in the customer reviews, Shredz is a supplemental company that has hit or miss products. Many of their supplements are nothing more than basic ingredients in a fancy pacakge.

    Shredz Detox is a simple multi-vitamin with some extra fat loss ingredients, but for forty dollars it’s a rip off in our opinion. However the Shredz Pre Workout is great, packed with stimulants and focuses on effectively enhancing your workout. It really comes down to what you’re buying from Shredz, some of their products are amazing and very potent, but some others are not effective and a waste of money.

    Is Protein a Good Dietary Supplement for Weight Loss?

    Protein is the most essential dietary component. It’s in found in all organisms and makes up body tissue like skin and muscle. The average human needs around 45 to 55 grams of protein a day to be healthy, but larger men with more muscle can require up to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Protein shakes are an easy way to consume more daily protein, which will help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, so that you burn fat while keeping your muscle.

    The macronutrient “Protein” has been clinically proven to increase the rate at which you lose weight and burn fat. Basically, it’s a natural fat burner that’s found in foods such as meats, fish, eggs, etc.. As primal as this sounds, eating protein is like consuming the life force of another living organism, so that you can use it to grow bigger and stronger. It’s an essential amino acid, a building block of life. The more you eat, the more your body can use to recover and grow your muscles, while also toning muscle definition and helping burn fat.

    “Does Shredz Thermogenic Powder Really Work?”

    There is a special “Thermogenic Protein Powder“, that helps with fat reduction and promotes lean muscle gain. Shredz Thermogenic Protein is basically a whey protein powder that’s been combined with stimulant ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Bean. It also contains amino acids like Leucine which will strengthen your muscles and tone them. This type of protein weight loss powder is more experimental, the reviews are so-so and you can probably get the same weight loss results by using whey protein powder.

    It’s safe to say that protein is necessary for healthy weight loss for men and women. Eating a high protein diet can strengthen your immune system and make you feel more full from eating less. However these diets are most effective when you’re eating low carbohydrates as well. The most effective fat loss diet is a low carb and high protein meal plan. This is known as a ketogenic diet, which will naturally suppress your appetite by reducing hunger and promoting fat loss.

    Studies have proven that protein powder and weight lifting can cause you to grow lean muscle mass. You can lose up to fifteen pounds per month simply by taking a protein shake in the morning and night and exercising. We space time in between taking protein shakes because the human body can only digest 50 grams of protein per hour. Taking too much protein will instead turn to fat and then get stored. So it’s better to eat four to six high protein meals a day versus only two or three big meals.

    There’s a secret trick to buying the best weight gaining protein powder and I’ll share it with you. The goal is to find a blend of powder that has a strong protein to carbohydrate ratio. Ideally for each gram of protein there should be four or less grams of carbohydrates in the blend. However if you’re taking Whey protein powder than it shouldn’t have any carbs.

    Shredz Made For Women Discounts and Coupon Codes

    Currently Shredz does not offer any coupon codes that we know of, but there are different sales and discounts offered on their official website. For example, the Shredz 30 day program is on discount by 48% this month alone. The deal of the day does change between the supplements but usually it’s only for the big package deals and not the individual products.

    You can buy Shredz For Women from for the best online price, even cheaper than the official Shredz website. At Fat Burner Depot we think that saving money and getting an effective fat burner is true value. So the cheaper you can find your supplements, the more you have to spend on other important things like a gym membership or diet foods.

    Most of their supplements sell for about $39.99 but you can get a better price from an online vendor like Unfortunately you’ll no longer be able to find Shredz at GNC or most storefronts. It’s not an easily found product and because of recent negative reviews there has been a decline in Shredz sales. This is strictly an opinion though and was made based off what we’ve learned while making this review.

    “Who Are The Shredz Athletes?”

    I know this is a little side tracked and involves a personal story, but I once met the main Shredz Athlete “Lazar Angelov”. He’s like the face of Shredz and probably the most famous of the Shredz athletes. Lazar has over 10 million Facebook likes and millions of Instagram followers. Well we were both on vacation in Cancun, Mx and I bumped into him in the pool area. He’s incredibly fit and the best shape I’ve ever seen on a human.

    Lazar Angelov is probably one of the most aeshtetic human beings on the face of the earth. He’s been training for many years, but recently had to undergo multiple joint surgeries. The surgeries made him lose his muscle, he had to spend a year recovering in a hospital bed. However he’s made a comeback and in the last few months gained everything back. He’s a very motivational man and the best Shredz Athlete on the roster.

    Shredz For Her VS. Fitmiss Burn

    Some women are not keen on taking Shredz For Her and would rather take another product. There is another for women supplement that you might want to look into. It’s been on the market for a few years now and the reviews are mostly positive and very happy. Fitmiss Burn is not better than Shredz but it is much cheaper because it’s an older supplement.

    The best part about Fitmiss Burn is that you can buy it for only $15 dollars. The cheapest retailer we found was, but it’s also sold in mainstream storefronts such as GNC. The price is generally the same everywhere you go and less than twenty dollars. I know friends who have tried both supplements and they had great weight loss results. 

    If you don’t mind spending the extra cash than getting Shredz would probably be the better choice of the two. However that depends on what you consider value because the cheaper price is a big incentive to choose Fitmiss. 

    Final Thoughts

    The best place to purchase Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women is from Amazon. You’ll receive the lowest price available and you can read reviews about this “claimed” best fat burner for women currently available.

    If you pay the full retail price of $60.00, this supplement has a poor price for its value and at that price you can find better supplements. If you purchase it from Amazon for $45.00, this fat burner is decent and has an alright price its value.

    We suggest you count how many pills are in your bottle, sometimes they can be short a few pills, if that’s the case you will receive a refund and a new bottle. You can visit Amazon now by clicking “Visit Site”

    Liporush DS: Is It Right For Me?

    LipoRush DS is a multi-functional thermogenic manufactured by an Australian lab and sold through GNC. The manufacturers claim it’s designed only for advanced users. Sounds like elitism marketing, used to push sales.

    Regardless if it works, the fancy packaging and GNC recommendations ensure sales. The online NDS LipoRush DS customer reviews are generally positive. But some users did have bad complaints.

    GNC’s advertising and recommendations can be biasedwhich makes it difficult to trust them. However, some NDS LipoRush DS reviews did recommend this supplement, but thorough research should still always be done before the purchase of any health product. So we’ve gone ahead and brought you the unbiased truth.

    What Is Liporush DS All About?

    LipoRush is developed by “NDS” and promoted through GNC. The creators claim it’s a super concentrated thermogenic made of many ingredients. It retails at GNC for $79.99.

    The good part is, each bottle contains a two month supply or 60 capsules; only one pill a day. The bad part is, if you don’t like the supplement, it still costed $79.99. That’s a lot of money to waste.

    If you search online for “NDS LipoRush DS reviews”, the only websites with customer reviews are GNC and “NDS”. The shown reviews are too giving, like a sales pitch. They’re most likely biased. It’s best to trust customer reviews from sites like Ebay or Amazon. Except, there are no other customer reviews.

    NDS claims LipoRush will burn fat, shed water, enhance focus, increase appetite control, and boost energy. That’s a lot of big promises. But there’s no credibility to these claims without real customer reviews.

    How Does LipoRUSH DS Work?

    LipoRush works by using 18 different ingredients. That’s 3 times the ingredients of a normal supplement. The amount of ingredients in this supplement is ridiculous. Supposedly, it’s like a jack of all trades. Instead of having only one purpose, it mildly serves many solutions.

    The formula is made from four different blends of categorized ingredients. Each blend is responsible for a different effect. However, the four blends work in conjunction and complete the formula.

    “Lipo Burn Blend” 425.5 mg – Thermogenic blend boosts energy and burns fat. Contains a number of stimulants, fat burners, and antioxidants. Slows the digestion of food. Burns calories by boosting the metabolism and energizing the body.

    “Water Shred Blend” 175 mg – Diuretic blend rids the body of excess water. Creates a leaner and more defined look. Contains two diuretics. Increases the times users will urinate throughout the day and reduces bacteria in urine.

    “Neuro Recovery” Blend 50 mg – Brain blend boosts concentration and focus. Increases the amount of Oxygen in red blood cells. Contains mild sedatives that alleviate daily stress. Improves mood by raising Serotonin levels.

    “Amino Fit Blend” 50 mg – Muscle repair blend prevents muscle breakdown and promotes muscle growth. Contains Branced Chain Amino Acids that promote muscle growth and repair.

    LipoRush has many ingredients, some of them are effective. But with so many ingredients, the chances of side effects are also more likely. The ingredient breakdown below will further explain how LipoRush works and burns fat.

    How Does Liporush DS Burn Fat?

    LipoRush burns fat with its main blend, “Lipo Burn blend”. Creators claim it’s a high octane and concentrated thermogenic formula. The breakdown of this blend and its ingredients will explain how fat is burned.

    This blend features six key ingredients. Each ingredient has a fat burning or stimulant property. But only a few have clinical studies.

    Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine that has been dried of all water. It’s like a cup of Coffee in a pill, but it’s more potent than regular Caffeine. Boosts energy and burns fat.

    Amla Fruit Extract – Known as “Indian Gooseberry”, helps lower total cholesterol and reduce fatty acids. Except, It’s not really a fat burner or energy booster. Why is it here…

    Beta Phenylethylamine HCL – Special class of central nervous system stimulant. Short acting energy booster that increases the rate fat is burned. Clinically proven and studied.

    Synephrine HCL – Known as “Bitter Orange”. Helps release adrenaline which increases the metabolism and rate fat breaks down. Natural, powerful stimulant.

    Dendrobium – Clinically studied stimulant that mimics the bodies natural amphetamines. Multiple effects such as boosted metabolism, better mood, increased focus and energy levels.

    Yohimbine – Used to treat erectile dysfunction. It opens the blood vessels and allows blood to flow more freely. The increased blood pressure and flow aids with weight loss. Dangerous supplement with heart attacks and seizures reported.

    The ingredients are effective. But they come at a price. Some ingredients contain chemicals. We never said LipoRush didn’t work or burn fat. Our complaint is its safety.

    Does LipoRUSH DS Have Any Side Effects?

    Because the ingredient list is so large, it increases the chance of users suffering side effects. It’s even worse that some of the ingredients contain chemicals. Rules should be followed while taking this weight loss supplement. Do not take before bed time. Contains Caffeine. Do not use if sensitive to Caffeine.

    Users may experience light side effects such as elevated heart rate, increased need to urinate (diuretic), jitteriness, increased blood pressure, alertness, and dry mouth. These symptoms are non problematic and not dangerous.

    Users may experience severe side effects such as headaches, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, light headed, and insomnia. There can be an increased chance of stroke or heart attack. Discontinue use immediately if you suffer any of these symptoms.

    This medication should only be used by healthy adults. If you use prescription medication or live with any medical aliment. Please, consult a doctor or physician prior to use. Never consume longer than eight weeks or with alcohol. Do not use if pregnant or planning pregnancy.

    Where Do I Buy LipoRUSH DS?

    The best place to purchase NDS LipoRush is from Amazon or GNC. They offer the lowest price available.

    Lipo Stricton Review

    Lipo Stricton is a thermogenic fat burner made with a day and night formula. It’s made with an AM and PM pill for 24/7 fat loss. The manufacturers believe this is the best approach to weight loss.

    Lipo Stricton works around the clock to boost the metabolism indefinitely. The nighttime formula will not disrupt sleep and is stimulant free. But taking any supplement while sleeping is alarming.

    What sounds like the perfect supplement may be a scam. The Lipo Stricton website is expired and needs renewal. Who the manufacturer is, is also very unclear. Supposedly, it’s RightWay nutrtion. But that’s nowhere on the packaging.

    What Is Lipo Stricton All About?

    Lipo Stricton is a super thermogenic that claims RightWay nutrition is the manufacturer. But the RightWay nutrition website does not list any information regarding Lipo Stricton. But it still retails at GNC for $99.99.

    Compared to many other supplements, Lipo Stricton is very pricey. There are supplements we review with the same ingredients and at a much better price. The cost of Lipo Stricton makes its overall value for price, very poor.

    There’s something odd about Lipo Stricton, the manufacturer is unknown. Some websites claim it’s made by RightWay nutrition. But there’s zero information on the RightWay website insinuating they are the creators and the package label only displays an expired website. It does not list any ingredients or manufacturer information.

    The idea of a supplement with a night and day approach to fat loss sounds great. But we need more information on the manufacturer to see if they are credible and breakdown on how the ingredients work.

    Whether you are a newcomer to diet supplements or have tried a product that didn’t work, we recommend that you give Phen375 a chance.

    How Does Lipo Stricton Work?

    Lipo Stricton works by using a day time pill and a nighttime pill. The pills work together for a 24/7 around the clock approach to fat loss and help burn fat two different ways.

    The day time pill turns on the bodies fat burning mode and boost the metabolism and energy. The nighttime pill contains thermogenic ingredients that burn calories while you sleep and sleep aids to reduce sleep related side effects.

    “Day Time Formula” 850 mg – The day time formula is mainly made of natural stimulants and energy boosters. The increase in energy causes the body to burn more calories than at normal energy levels.

    The majority of customer reviews noticed a huge boost in energy. “I love this product that it gave me the energy I need without getting jittery” and ” First day of taking it, I felt a major rush of energy.” These Lipo Stricton reviews are from the GNC website.

    “Nighttime Formula” 1310 mg – The night time formula is made of a mix of sleep aids, blood sugar regulators, and anti-oxidants. The improved sleep will repair damaged muslce tissue, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

    There was only one customer review regarding the night time pill. But the review we did find was positive.  “I love the PM formula with it. I felt like I had the best nights sleep ever.” This Lipo Stricton review is from the GNC website.

    Two different formulas means Lipo Stricton has double the ingredients of most supplements. Keep in mind, the benefit of an extra 12 hours of weight loss is offset by the double chance of side effects.

    How Does Lipo Stricton Burn Fat?

    Lipo Stricton burns fat two different ways. Its AM and PM formula work differently because they are both made of different fat burning ingredients. The breakdown of each formulas key ingredients will explain how fat is burned.

    The day time formula features 5 key ingredients and the nighttime formula features 4 key ingredients. Some of these ingredients have clinical studies. But the majority are unstudied.

    Day Time Formula

    Acacia Rigidula Extract – It’s a very powerful natural stimulant that reduces the appetite and contains over 40 active compounds. Acai Rigidula boosts the metabolism by dilating blood vessels, increasing the heart rate and pulse rate.

    Caffeine – The worlds most used drug and a central nervous stimulant. Boosts energy and focus. The increase in energy cause the body to burn more calories than normal. But some users did report feeling “jitteriness”.

    Citrus Aurantium – Citrus Aurantim is better known as Bitter Orange. Its a potent stimulant and appetite suppressant. But its active compound has been related to serious side effects and even death.

    L-Arginine – L-arginine synthesizes in the body into a compound called nitric oxide. It causes the blood vessels to open wide and release insulin, growth hormone, and other compounds that restore muscle tissue.

    Yohimbe – No studies proving an effective weight loss ingredient. Its used to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing blood pressure. But it’s not safe because strokes and heart attacks have been reported.

    Night time Formula

    Cinnamon Extract –  The oils exacted from Cinnamon bark can reduce muscle spasms, stimulate the appetite, and clam the body. It’s also used to treat low blood sugar because of it’s insulin like properties.

    Fenugreek Extract – Fenugreek seed assists with digestion, it’s believed to help detoxify the body and help with weight loss by slowing down digestion, which curves the appetite. It’s also consumed for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics.

    Gamma Aminobutyric Acid – “GABA” is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, it’s used to calm nervous activity in the brain, also known as stress. It’s been used as a supplement for years and sold as a natural neuro tranquilizer.

    Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil – “MCTs” are partially man made fats. They  help decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Multiple studies have backed the consumption of MCT oil as a fat burning supplement.

    The day time formula contains an abundant amount of stimulants, which cause the energy boost to burn more calories. The nighttime formula claims to be a thermogenic formula. But it’s more of a sleep aid and muscle repair formula.

    Does Lipo Stricton Have Any Side Effects?

    This supplement should be taken by healthy adults who are eighteen or older. If you have been prescribed medication or have any medical illness, consult your doctor or nurse prior to use. Never take longer than 2 months or mix with alcohol. Do not use if pregnant or planning to be.

    Users reported mild side effects like increased heart beat, dry mouth, mild sweat, jitteriness, alertness, and increased energy. These side effects are not harmful and can be ignored.

    There’s a rare chance that users may experience side effects like head pains, stress, anxiety, dizziness, loss of breath, and insomnia. Discontinue use if you experience any of these side effects because there can be an increased chance of stroke or heart attack.

    It’s great to burn fat throughout the day and at night while you sleep. But that’s double the chance of side effects, unlike other 12 hour only fat burners. Taking any supplement while you sleep is a decision you should research and deeply consider.

    Where Do I Buy Lipo Stricton?

    The best place to purchase Lipo Stricton is from Amazon. You’ll receive the lowest price available. But this supplement is most likely made by a company that no longer exists or it’s a scam that’s still running.

    Animal Cuts Review: Does It Work?

    Animal Cuts is a hardcore fat burner, it markets mainly to the bodybuilding community and its customer reviews are mostly positive, but some users said they felt sick and wouldn’t recommend it.

    Its manufacturer “Universal Nutrition” claims Animal Cuts is a shredding formula that’s made for athletes and bodybuilders. However we found this aggressive supplement contains ingredients that can potentially cause side effects.

    Animal Cuts uses gorilla marketing to target young men and teenagers, the package has a muscular man in blood red and the product website displays only the most massive men. They market to a younger crowd because they’re easier to influence, but we’re not so influenced and we have questions.

    What Is Animal Cuts All About

    Animal Cuts is not a new fat burner, It was released in 2009 and the creators have been in business since 1977 and are well respected. They offer a big line of products and have a reputation for making quality supplements.

    Animal Cuts retails worldwide and the good part is that it retails for fairly cheap. We found the best price at and

    The bad part about Animal Cuts is the amount of pills that you have to take. Each serving has 9 different pills and it requires two servings a day, which is 18 pills each day.

    Ashley Ryan, Student, Houston TX, “First thing is this stuff works pretty good. It takes two packets for the best results. But you definitely feel the energy hit you within about 20 minutes of taking them. So, effectiveness is not an issue. They work. They work well.”

    Luke Melton, Trainer, Miami FL, “I ordered this product with high hopes after reading many really good reviews; however it literally made me too energetic. I took the product and 20 minutes later I was having overwhelming energy, not the good kind either.”

    Animal Cuts will burn fat, boost the metabolism and energy, and reduce water weight. However with 9 pills each serving, it may be too much for a first time beginner.

    We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner”

    Where Do I Buy Animal Cuts?

    The best place to purchase Animal Cuts is from Amazon, because you’ll receive the lowest price available.

    How Does Animal Cuts Work?


    Thermogenic Complex 750 mg

    Burns fat by raising the bodies core temperature.


    Thyroid Complex 350 mg

    Regulates the metabolism and keeps it running smooth.


    Nootropic Complex 500 mg

    Helps maintain proper brain chemistry and improve focus.


    Metabolic Complex 750 mg

    Converts more food into energy and less food into body fat.


    Diuretic Complex 800 mg

    Causes the body to shed water and makes the body look hard.


    CCK Inhibiting Complex 300 mg

    Can suppress the appetite and help reduce food cravings


    Cortisol Complex 300 mg

    Decreases Cortisol production and prevents muscle loss


    Special Bioavailability 500 mg

    Enhances the effectiveness and absorption rate of the other ingredients.

    Each serving contains over 40 active compounds. And for 21 days users will consume 4,250 milligrams of different ingredients. But for this reason there is a high chance of side effects and is not safe for some users.

    We discovered you don’t have to take every pill component. If the diuretic pill complex causes you to visit the bathroom too often or the thermogenic pill complex cause heat flashes, you don’t have to take all the pills. The pill components are color coded. For example, if you don’t want to take the diuretics, just remove the two blue pills.

    Animal Cuts is more extreme than most supplements we review. And may be too much for a beginner to take as their first fat burner. At least some of the ingredients have clinical studies and are effective. But so many ingredients can create a lot of side effects and negatively affect some users.


    • It is very popular among the bodybuilding community
    • There are many positive customer Animal Cuts reviews
    • It is made by a reputable company that has been around for 35+ years


    • It has no evidence that it works
    • There is a high chance of side effects
    • Contains more Caffeine than most supplements we review

    Animal Cuts is more extreme than most supplements we review. And may be too much for a beginner to take as their first fat burner. At least some of the ingredients have clinical studies and are effective. But so many ingredients can create a lot of side effects and negatively affect some users.

    How Does Animal Cuts Burn Fat?

    Animal Cuts burns fat by using 3 different fat burning components. There are 8 total components. But 3 of them that are specially made to burn fat. Which are the thermogenic complex, metabolic complex, and thyroid complex.

    Each of the 3 fat burning components features a few key ingredients that are responsible for burning fat. Some of the ingredients have scientific backing and evidence that they work. But Animal Cuts has not been studied or trialed on humans. We’ve broke down the ingredients that are responsible for burning fat.

    Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine Anhydrous is the dried form of Caffeine. It made for pill form and is more potent. The use of Caffeine creates Lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat. It raises alertness and mental focus. But using Caffeine for too long will cause users to build a tolerance.

    Guarana – Guarana is a popular energy supplement. It has the highest concentration of Caffeine in any plant and contains up to 5.8% of Caffeine by weight. Coffee has only up to 2%

    Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract has scientific backing that it can provoke weight loss. It helps clean the body of toxins and boosts energy. The increase in energy will cause the body to burn more calories.

    L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine is an amino acid and a building block of protein. It can improve the appetite suppressant effects of ingredients that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Which mean Tyrosine can enhance the effects of Caffeine and stimulants.

    The ingredients contain more caffeine than most supplements on the market. Some consumer Animal Cuts reviews said the Caffeine was too much and caused negative side effects. You should drink lots of water to help dilute the Caffeine. But if you experience jitteriness you should stop taking the red pills.

    Does Animal Cuts Have Any Side Effects?

    Animal Cuts can have a higher chance of side effects because it has nine different pills per serving. Safety precaution should be taken when taking this supplement. Do not mix with caffeine products or take before bed.

    There is a possibility of light side effects. These light side effects can include increased energy, sweats, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and nervousness. These light side effect are prone to those are sensitive to caffeine.

    There is a possibility of bad side effects. These side effects can include head pain, restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. Immediately discontinue use if you experience any of these symptoms.

    This fat burner should only be taken by adults who are eighteen or older. If you have been prescribed medication or suffer from a medical condition, consult your caretaker or doctor prior to use.

    Healthy diet and an exercise routine should be followed when taking this fat burner. It will help reduce side effects. The more active you are the less likely you are of suffering a side effect.

    Are Animal Cut Pills Sold at GNC?

    You can walk into your local GNC and ask for Animal Cuts pills, chances are that they have it. Usually get a much better price on online and sometimes save up to twenty percent. However that’s if you don’t mind waiting a few days for your package to arrive.

    There are a huge selection of supplements at GNC, but most of them don’t work and will waste your money. That’s not the case for this supplement. It’s worth it’s value and has created good results for many customers.

    There are many online retailers where you can buy this supplement for a cheaper price. The manufacturer Universal Nutrition has a website sales page where you can buy Animal Cuts directly, but the best price is found on

    This thermogenic supplement is considered hardcore and not for the feint. It has 8 different components,  requires 9 pills each serving and two servings per day.

    The eight different components of Animal cuts are actually complexes of ingredients. In this next section I’ll break down each complex in greater detail. So that you have a good understanding of what I mean by complex and how this dietary supplement works.

    The Eight Weight Loss Complexes in Animal Cuts

    The thermogenic complex 750 mg is made up of ingredients such as “Capsicum”, which comes from chili powder and helps raise your body temperature. This will cause calories to be burned at a faster than normal rate. Some customers even had up to 300 extra calories being burned into energy. This makes creating a caloric deficit much easier and if you mix that with a workout plan you will get great before and after results with this supplement.

    If you suffer from a slow metabolism, it may be because of your thyroid gland found in the throat. Animal Cuts has a unique Thyroid Complex 350 mg that will assist your Thyroid gland and boost the metabolism. Many customers have seen a big spike in their metabolism after taking this product. However those with the ectomorphic body type will least benefit from this complex, because their bodies already burn calories faster than normal.

    To prevent weight loss fatigue and feeling tired there is a Nootropic complex 500 mg that is healthy for the brain. It ensures that the brains chemistry is correct and increase concentration so that it’s easier focus throughout the day. I used to be skeptical of nootropic supplements and thought that they were a scam. After trying Animal Cuts I can now say it did help me because I did not get distracted as much at work and I was more attentive.

    Humans are not meant to be skinny, the truth is our bodies are conditioned to store fat and burn it only if we’re starving. That can make losing weight very difficult, but with the Metabolic Complex 750 mg in this supplement your body will burn more fat and convert it into energy faster.  It will be easier to get out of bed and the best part is that you can almost feel the results coming after about two weeks.

    A lot of us do look bigger than we really are because of water weight. Animal Cuts contains an excellent Diuretic Complex 800 mg that will help you shed off unwanted water from the muscles so that you look more lean and cut.

    If you’re a man or woman we all want the sexy v in the waist and this dietary supplement will do that. Look at the many Animal Cuts customer reviews and they’ll praise how effective it was at stomping food cravings. The CCK Inhibiting Complex 300 mg will control your appetite and make it easier to be full with less food.

    If you combine this product with a ketogenic diet and hard exercises you will see astonishing performance improvements. To fight overtraining the body may experience, the Cortisol Complex 300 mg will prevent lactic acid from building in the muscle and reduce stress from being fatigued.

    The longer you take a supplement, the more your body will develop a tolerance. Eventually most weight loss products stop being effective on their users, but that’s not the case for AC. Its Special Bioavailability 500 mg will act as a catalyst to overcome any tolerance build up. It amplifies the effectiveness of the other ingredients and increase their absorption in the digestive tract. This makes all the other complexes hit the body harder and for a longer period of time.

    Animal Cuts Is a Dietary Supplement for Bodybuilding

    I was a bodybuilder for many years, at times I felt things were going good in the gym but I always felt chubby in my mind. There was a lot of fat in my muscles that I wanted to lose, it really hard though and cardio wasn’t something I wanted to do.

    A friend told me that I should try, “Animal Cuts”. He recommended it and told me that he got really shredded with it. I could even see it in my friend’s face, he was leaner and looked more facially aesthetic.

    When we lose body fat, it comes off as a whole. There is no such thing as spot reduction, when you burn fat it will come off everywhere at once, slowly. Belly fat and inner thigh fat will reduce at the same time. As you begin to lower the percentage of body fat, the face begins to look more attractive and aesthetic.

    People who were overweight can transform and look very attractive after they reveal their facial aesthetics. Men can expect to look more masculine and ripped. The jawline will become more visible and the cheek bones indented. Women will look more feminine and supermodel attractive. Lips become plumper, the rest of the face stays thin. Eyes look thinner and facial aesthetic appear gorgeous.

    The diuretic complex in Animal Cuts is good for bodybuilders, and will help any user to shed water weight to look more toned. The shredded look is not possibly if the body is bloated with water. This supplement does an excellent job at stripping water and also fat weight, so that your muscles stand out and pop. This product has a good reputation with the fitness community since its release in 1977.

    The customer reviews are full of success stories, and highly recommend it for anyone who goes to the gym. If you want lose weight fast than this is a great supplement for you to take, especially if you’re on a cutting cycle or exercise weekly. Next, I’ll cover the results you can expect and the before and after transformation of other customers.

    Animal Cuts Before and After Results

    There are hundreds of positive stories from customers that have taken this supplement. I’ve gathered before and after photos of different users so you can see their real results. Look at how much better these people look and feel, it shows in their faces. They smile wider in the after photo, as if they have a higher self esteem. I’ve also added some customer comments and opinions for your viewing pleasure.

    Michael, Athlete, 24, “I was always skinny, getting bullied was an everyday thing at school. I dreamed of being big enough to beat my enemies up, but I was born with a small frame and smart brain. At least that’s what my mom always told me. So I started working out and a few years later after graduating college I ran into an old bully. He was out of shape and over weight, while I was 20 pounds heavier with lean muscle. It was silent revenge and felt so good, that sounds bad I know.

    I took a lot of supplements during my journey and I am qualified to say that Animal Cuts is one of the best for cutting. If you need to get rid of that last bit of belly fat than this fat burner will get the job done. It’s fairly cheap also and I recommend it as well.”

    Sarah, Dentist, 31, As a woman I know how difficult it is to stress over weight management. When I got older it became harder to lose weight  and after we having three kids there was no time for exercising. My baby fat stayed with me for many years. It was an insecurity that I hit. My clothing were baggy, I dressed like a forty year old woman even though I was in my mid twenties. That all changed after I started taking Animal Cuts. The container is filled with packets and each packet contains nine pills. You take your first serving in the morning and second serving after lunch. It’s best not to take it too late or you will have some side effects like insomnia and night sweats.

    After two months of taking this supplement I have lost over fifteen pounds and look so much skinnier than before. My girlfriends tell me that I look great now, so if you’re in the market for a fat burner than I suggest trying Animal Cuts because it really worked for me.”

    “Animal Cuts continuously proves it’s an effective weight loss supplement”

    You can see from these two customer reviews that they’ve had great results. You can achieve the same success as Ryan and Ashley using this supplement. However if you’re regularly eating junk food like McDonalds or Burger King than it will be much harder to see real progress. The best results happen when you follow a ketogenic diet and exercise routine on a daily basis.

    Feed yourself the proper nutrition so that you grow and remain healthy while growing. I don’t mean getting fat, I mean you will lose body fat while your muscles start to look more defined and bigger.

    When my friend started taking this dietary supplement to burn fat, he didn’t think that it would work and felt that he wasting his time. Three weeks later, he had lost more weight than initially expected. Six pack abs were starting to show and his self esteem was much higher.

    One could even say that losing weight or exercising is a sure way to boost self confidence and have a mental transformation. It was apparent in my friend because he acted in a different manner. Things did not bother him like before, he was calm and sure of his actions.

    If you want to be more masculine, society demands that you act cool and emotionless. That’s so far from reality though. We all feel and hurt. How we deal with those emotions are what separates the weak from the strong. If your goal is to take Animal Cuts and lose twenty pounds so that you can feel better about yourself than do it. However no matter how much fat you burn, the most important aspect is to train your mind and character.

    The body will fade and grow old. Muscles will turn to dust, but a strong character will stay with you for eternity. It can be challenging or difficult, it’s no one’s task but yours. So you have to push yourself with daily dedication and have the discipline to not give up when things get hard.

    It takes courage to be strong, a lifetime of regrets can lead to unhappiness but only we are to blame for those mistakes. So put the extra work in and hold yourself accountable. We have one chance, so do not give in to gluttony and overeating.

    Animal Cuts vs Animal Pak

    Animal Pak is a multi-vitamin made by Universal Nutrition, which are the creators of Animal Cuts. Both these products work together and can be taken at the same time. Animal Cuts is a fat burner and does not cause any side effects if you mix it with the Animal Pak multi-vitamin.

    It’s recommended that you first change your caloric intake so that you’re consuming less calories than your maintenance level.  This will result in a caloric deficit and you’ll lose weight.

    If you can manage your diet well, there isn’t a need for cardio because you’re already burning fat calories with the diet. It’s like getting lean muscle growth as if your bulking but you’re really cutting down and burning fat.

    Cramps can be painful and can occur at any moment. The most common cause is due to lack of magnesium. One of the benefits of Animal Pak is that its full of Magnesium and Potassium, which will act as lubricate for your muscles and prevent cramps. You can buy it at GNC and find it for less than forty dollars.

    The best prices will always be found online. To be honest from my experience with vitamins, you don’t need anything fancy and can get away with taking a cheap brand. Instead of spending a fortune on a brand name supplement.

    There’s a third supplement made by Universal Nutrition that can also be taken with Animal Cuts and Animal  Pak. It’s a hormone booster, that increase anabolism levels such as testosterone. The popular “Animal Stak” can be taken in a cycle with the two other Animal supplements.

    The combination of taking all three Universal Nutrition supplements will improve your protein synthesis and the recovery rate of your body. So that you lose weight quickly, while your muscles grow defined and at a faster rate.

    Can I take Animal Cuts and Coffee Together?

    If you already drink coffee on a regular basis than you shouldn’t have a problem mixing Animal Cuts and Coffee. However the combination of the two can cause caffeine related side effects. So there is no need to begin drinking Coffee if you don’t already, but if it’s been part of your morning routine than it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Coffee affects the nervous system, it can increase focus and enhances concentration. It’s a daily drink for millions of Americans, the majority of the world’s workforce uses it for a boost of energy.  However Caffeine is very psychoactive and its side effects can become addictive over time.

    My aunt drank coffee for many years and now if she doesn’t have her two cups a day her brain starts to hurt. Caffeine creates an addiction by affecting your blood vessels and making them smaller. The scientific term is known as Vasoconstriction. It’s best that you only drink two cups of coffee a week, but that’s if you’re taking Animal Cuts.

    Is Animal Cuts Safe for Women?

    Many women ask is Animal Cuts for me? That depends on how active they are, if you exercise everyday like my wife than yes do take it. You should try to adjust your caloric intake and cardio to lose weight. After you hit a plateau with your weight loss journey, that’s when you should try this supplement. It’s not worth the potential side effects that you could suffer, it’s better to lift natural before using cell tech.

    I’ll let my wife share her thoughts on this product. She’s a mother of two and has been going to the gym for over a year now. “It’s awesome to feel great about yourself and have high self esteem. That wasn’t always the case for me after I had my third child. I felt sluggish and slow most of the time. My husband kept motivating me to workout and said it would change my energy levels. In only two week I had lost ten pounds and I became addicted to the gym.

    Exercising became my life! When I couldn’t get skinnier with cardio I knew it was time to get a supplement for that extra boost. Animal Cuts wasn’t my first choice, it had great customer reviews but looked like it was more for men. I ended up getting it anyways because it was a hardcore fat burner and it really worked. The fat came flying off, my v taper and my abs were constantly visible.”

    Does Liposuction Really Work?

    Many are turning to Liposuction for overnight results, it’s a minor weight loss surgery  that works but has some seriously scary “gone wrong” stories. Approximately one person in every ten thousand dies from the surgery, so it’s not to be taken lightly. Lipo shapes the body by removing fat, which is sucked out by using a vacuum tube. If that’s not frightening enough, sometimes the outer skin becomes bumpy from underneath.

    There are many possible complications and results normally do not last longer than a few months. Surgical scars usually last from a year to a lifetime, but scarring depends on the person. Patients can suffer from post-operative weight gain and other side effects like bruising and pain. There’s still the possibility of infection and irregular healing that requires medical attention. Yet, it remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries.

    Liposuction has multiple requirements for patients to be able to undergo the cosmetic surgery. On contrary to popular belief, this surgery is not for those who are obese. Patients must be skinny with elastic skin and have visible areas of fat. Lipo is meant for the mid thirties woman who is healthy and of normal weight for her size. However studies have shown that the results don’t last and the fat reformulates after a few months.

    “Lipo has evolved over the years but the risks remain”

    Technology is rapidly changing how lipo is performed, now there’s options like laser, water, and external liposuction. Its a short surgery that’s relatively painless, those given anesthesia feel nothing but the following week can be very painful. Absolutely no smoking is allowed before or after the surgery, it can cause serious bruising and other complications.

    The recovery process is fairly short, most patients felt fine in three days to three weeks. However a protection bandage has to be worn for a month to relieve swelling. Final results will be fully visible after the initial discoloration fades and inflammation in the body has reduced.

    Although liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in the world, many of its patients gain their weight back in only a few months. The relapse rate for Lipo is so high because it doesn’t solve the patients root issues like overeating and bad junk food habits. However those who followed a diet and exercised kept the weight off and didn’t gain it back after the surgery.

    Since the 1960’s Lipo has been improving and growing in popularity. In the late 1990s it had hit the United States hard and suddenly was a mainstream trend amongst celebrities and super models. Now medical doctors have devised a noninvasive Lipo, which has a substantially reduced recovery time frame.

    This weight loss surgery is technically cheating, its results are artificial and man made which is why they don’t last. Lipo will never beat a diet and exercise. Patients should try to change their fat causing habits first or risk gaining all the weight back.

    How Do I Take Animal Cuts?

    To properly take Animal Cuts follow the dosage instructions on the label very carefully. Two servings are required each day and each serving comes in a packet. Take your first packet in the morning immediately after waking up and the second packet four to six hours later; preferably on a full stomach.

    Do not take Animal Cuts longer than three weeks, take one week off a month. Follow a 3 weeks on and 1 week off split. Also, the pills are color coded by their effect, the diuretics are blue and the thermogenics are red. So if you’re frequently urinating too often, you can stop taking the blue bills or only take half the dosing size. This supplement has a ton of caffeine, don’t use it in combination with other caffeinated products.

    The best way to take Animal Cuts is on a full stomach, food will help digest the pills and improve the absorption rate of the ingredients. There are nine pills per serving, swallowing them one at a time can take up to five minutes. Unfortunately, that’s one of the commitment requirements of this supplement, you have to take eighteen pills a day, but the results are promising and users are very satisfied.

    My Animal Cuts Results After One Week

    I was chubby for the majority of my early life, it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I became a health enthusiast and started losing excess weight. In the last few years I’ve had to try a lot of different weight loss supplements, but there’s results to show for it. The best fat burner that I’ve taken is Phen375, which is why it’s our #1 recommend review on Fat Burner Depot. However for those thinking about Animal Cuts I’ll share the results that I’ve seen after one week of taking it.

    Currently I’m taking Animal Cuts, it’s been around 190 hours or eight days. The first few days I was sweating and urinating a lot from the diuretics, but the good part is that it really makes hunger go away. I can go hours without eating anything and don’t feel bad from missing meals. It’s too soon to tell if it’s just water weight or actual fat but I’ve lost around four pounds already and am looking skinnier in the mirror.

    This supplement gives a huge energy boost. My workouts are more intense and last longer because I’m not as easily fatigued from exercise. After one week of taking Animal Cuts I think it’s effective and does a good job at burning fat and suppressing the appetite. If you need a new supplement than it’s a great choice and worth the money. Once I finish taking my Animal Cuts pills I’ll share the final before and after transformation pictures.

    If you’re interested in buying it, you can get the best price on Amazon. It costs less than forty dollars and your purchase should come with a money back guarantee. Although some customers reviews reported constipation after one week of taking it, but that may have been due to a poor diet or bad eating habits. I’ve had zero side effects and feel great taking it. 

    Final Thoughts

    If you’ve had a challenge with weight loss like me, or are wanting to find a supplement that will surely provide noticeable results, Animal Cuts is definitely one of your best choices currently on the market.

    This supplement truly is a unique and well built with quality ingredients. It will tackle weight loss in a variety of different ways and that’s how it provides great results in a small period of time while keeping your body functioning normally.

    The best place to purchase Animal Cuts is from because you’ll receive the lowest price available. Its 5% to 15% even cheaper for Amazon Prime members. So if you’re not a member already, it’s worth signing up and that’s how I save money each year on my Christmas shopping.

    Plexus Slim Reviews: What is Plexus?

    Many people ask what is Plexus? Well, Plexus Slim is a fat burning powder and when added to water it turn will turn into a weight loss drink. Initially introduced in 2011, many customers have given positive Plexus slim reviews but we’ve researched the truth to know if it’s actually worth it’s cost.

    Plexus is a best selling weight loss supplement because of it’s quick and easy on-the-go convenience. The best part is Plexus slim ingredients are stimulant-free and it’s meant to be an easy addition to any diet because you only have to drink it once a day, so Plexus weight loss is conveniently easily.

    Plexus Slim supposedly can also help maintain blood sugar levels, cholesterol and fats. This supplement claims to reduce over-eating and hunger cravings, so that the user will eat less. These claims are probably over exaggerated, but many customer reviews do report success while taking Plexus.

    If this pink drink is actually effective and worth its cost is something we’ve fully researched, so that we can give you the right answers. Our researched and unbiased Plexus reviews can help you make the best educated buying decision possible, so discover more below!

    What Is Plexus Slim All About?

    Plexus Slim is made and manufactured by Plexus Worldwide, a company established in 2005. Originally they made diabetic medicine, but then they realized there was much more money in the weight loss industry and they changed all their products into weight loss supplements. As a company there are many plexus reviews discussing their positives and negatives.

    It’s not easy to find Plexus Slim on the marketplace, you either have to purchase it from the official website, or an “Ambassador” which is a salesperson for the Plexus Worldwide multi-level marketing scheme. Regardless of where you purchase it, the basic plexus slim cost is $84.95 and each package contains a 30 day supply.

    The good part is that this pink drink supplement comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee, so you can easily return it if you don’t like it. Even though they guarantee the success of their supplement, it’s hard to overlook that it’s mainly sold by an MLM or pyramid scheme.

    Remember the days in college when we would try to sell our friends and family members Advocare or Mary Kay? Well Plexus Slim is basically the same scheme just with a new name, but if you’re someone who can overlook the bad Plexus reviews for it’s MLM scheme, than you may be intrigued by their actual products. There are many positive plexus slim reviews and good Plexus supplements, even if it is an MLM pyramid scheme.

    Susan Moore, Doctor, Houston TX , “A huge thanks to my friend who introduced me to Plexus!! I’ve been on and off the weight loss train for years now, but things are changing with this yummy pink water. So far in just two months i’ve already lost 15 lbs and the best part is how i feel! I have a lot more energy, feel more happy, and I’m thankful for Plexus because it makes it easier to keep myself healthy. I personally would recommend Plexus weight loss programs to anyone! And it’s a great supplement to promote, i know because I bought my supply from an ambassador, who also happened to be my dear friend and it’s working great for me!

    James Berkley, Janitor, Tampa FL, “Plexus Worldwide is a pyramid scheme and they promote harmful supplements. The FDA refuses to approve their supplements and there’s an action pending against them. The BBB gives them a C- rating for making unsafe products and using shady marketing tactics. It gets worse now that new trial studies of 2016 are confirming that Plexus weight loss products are linked to multiple negative side effects like pancreatitis and congestive heart failure. Do not take any of these supplements and stay away from anybody who promotes this poison to you, which is my honest plexus slim reviews opinion.”

    We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

    One of the major benefits of the Plexus Slim ingredients is that they do not contain any stimulants, but we found that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. The problem is that Plexus Slim contains a high amount of Chromium, a chemical ingredient that lowers blood sugar levels and boosts the metabolism. Even though Chromium boosts the metabolism, the lowered blood sugar levels will reduce energy and make the user feel more tired throughout the day.

    Some customer Plexus Slim reviews said that their energy was greatly reduced, this is because they ate less food than normal while taking Plexus Slim, and also the high amounts of Chromium which creates a lethargic feeling. Aside from the lethargy, the only other problem that users reported were stomach and digestion side effects like constipation.

    Keep in mind 98% of all customer plexus reviews are positive, there were only 2 negative plexus slim reviews that we found out of over a hundred customer reviews and the majority of plexus reviews reported successful Plexus weight loss results! So Plexus weight loss seems believable, but learn more below!

    Where Do I Buy Plexus Slim?

    Plexus Slim works by using a combination of all natural and chemical ingredients. Supposedly this pink drink can reduce the appetite, stop junk food cravings, and boost the metabolism which will speed up the bodies ability to fat burn.

    There are four main Plexus slim ingredients and they are what give this pink drink its weight loss power. Three out of the four key ingredients even have scientific backing that prove they’re effective, but not the main key ingredient which we discovered has not actually been proven to have any weight loss effect on humans. Regardless the three scientifically proven Plexus Slim ingredients are still effective enough to make it work and burn fat effectively, even if its fourth and main ingredient hasn’t been proven to work.

    The pink drink works in a variety of ways, it contains natural antioxidants which detoxify the body, it also lowers blood sugar levels to stop hunger cravings, and reduces the overall amount the user eats by making them feel more full from less food. The positive Plexus weight loss effects come at a price though, a small percentage of users will have negative side effects like dizziness, heartburn, stomach upsets, or headaches. The most common of these negative side effect are the stomach upsets, but they can easily by avoided by taking vitamins with iron and drinking lots of water.

    Plexus Slim claims to taste great, it uses two natural sweeteners called Stevia and Luo Han Guo, but these sweeteners may work against your weight loss goals. The problem is that these natural sweeteners slow down the stomach’s ability to tell the brain that it’s full, and their sweet flavor may trick the brain into thinking it’s receiving calories when it’s actually not, which can cause a temporary slower metabolism.


    • Its formula is completely free of stimulant ingredients
    • Can be easily taken on-go and is extremely convenient
    • Many positive Plexus Slim reviews and satisfied customers
    • 3 out of its 4 ingredient are scientifically proven to be effective


    • It’s very expensive and costs $84.99 for a thirty day supply
    • Some company Plexus reviews suggest their salesman are pushy
    • Only a short term solution and is not meant to be a long-term supplement
    • Plexus Slim cost a lot and it’s sold from an “MLM “or pyramid scheme.

    There are many people who have had positive results and reached their weight loss goals by taking Plexus Slim. Unfortunately, for a lot of these users as soon as they quit taking the pink drink, their lost weight often comes back again. That’s because they never actually changed their diet or exercised, they relied strictly on Plexus weight loss supplements and when they stopped using they where back to square one.

    If you want to lose weight and speed up the process, than you need to make the appropriate lifestyle choices and not rely on just a supplement. Many Plexus Slim reviews said their results weren’t fast enough, but they’ve forgot about the importance of a healthy diet and workout routine. If you combine a healthy diet, exercise, and a good supplement than you’ll effectively lose weight and keep it off, unlike some Plexus reviews.

    What’s Better Than Plexus Slim?

    Phen375 ingredient and side effect review

    Phen375 is the ultimate fat burner and targets all five areas of weight loss.

    This is the one thing you need to make weight loss easier!

    How Does Plexus Slim Burn Fat?

    Plexus Slim burns fat by using the fat burning power of its four key ingredients. Basically this supplement has appetite suppressants and mood blockers which do all the work for you, all you have to do is listen to your body. When you’re about to eat you will want to order less, and eat smaller portions of food than you normally would because you’ll feel less hungry overall.

    There are more effective supplements on the market, but Plexus Slim is unique because it has zero stimulant ingredients and that’s why there are many positive plexus reviews. Unlike other supplements, it burns fat by preventing the user from wanting to eat it in the first place. This is done by regulating the blood sugar levels to tell the brain that the stomach is full, so that we don’t feel hungry.

    So that you can better understand Plexus weight loss and how it burns fat, we’ve fully researched and investigated its four key ingredients that are responsible for fat loss. We’ve broke down each of its four key ingredients in chronological order based off of their priority in the Plexus Slim ingredients formula, so that you know exactly what it is that you’re taking.

    Garcinia Cambogia – This is a fruit that can be used to reduce the users appetite, and will make meals feel more filling so that the user eats less throughout the day. It also helps prevent fat storage by reducing the amount of dietary fat that the body would normally store. There is some scientific testing that proves Garcinia Cambogia can boost the metabolism, but these tests were performed on rats so its still unknown if the same effect would occur in a human. Some Plexus reviews claimed their hunger were greatly stunted while taking it, but it’s unknown how true that is.

    Chlorogenic Acid – Made from green coffee beans, Chlorogenic Acid will increase the body’s ability to burn fat by preventing  glucose from entering the blood stream. Recently a lot of weight loss supplements on the market have been using this ingredient because it promotes weight loss, but it’s also a natural laxative that counteracts most supplemental digestive side effects. Multiple scientific studies have proven participants who took this ingredient saw a large reduction in body fat versus the placebo groups who saw no changes.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid – Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful, natural antioxidant that is similar to a vitamin. It’s found in foods like Broccoli, Asparagus, and Potatoes. This antioxidant is so potent it’s even used in medical labs as a treatment. Basically it will help stop cellular damage like cancerous cells and break down carbs to create more energy. A scientific study found that the extra energy created by ALC increases the metabolism in rats, but this weight loss effect has not yet been proven on humans and still lacks more research.

    Chromium – Scientifically proven effective, the ingredient Chromium will help reduce hunger cravings and make the stomach feel more full from less food. However, this weight loss ingredient is not necessary for the body or health. Chromium has some scientific studies that have proven it has a minor effect on weight loss, but it’s mainly used for regulating blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial for those with diabetes.

    These four main, key fat burning ingredients are what give Plexus Slim it’s Plexus weight loss power! It’s worth noting that these four ingredients can help diabetics, and are a natural medicine for diabetes because of how they affect the blood sugar levels. However, they can negatively mix with diabetic medicine, so you should ask your doctor if Plexus Slim ingredients are safe for you if you have diabetes.

    These ingredients also work in combination to raise good cholesterol, reduce bad cholesterol, and fight depression. But you should be aware that 1% of Plexus Slim reviews said they felt minor side effects, which we’ve fully covered in the next section, so you can decide if this supplement is truly right for you and your body.

    Are There Any Potential Plexus Slim Side Effects?

    Plexus Slim ingredients are natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from negative side effects. A small percentage of Plexus reviews said they had some mild and discomforting side effects. Although this supplement is promoted as safe, it can cause severe constipation for some of its users. It’s best to follow a healthy diet when taking this supplement and avoid any would-be side effects.

    Even though this supplement does not contain any stimulant ingredients it still shouldn’t be mixed with any stimulants like Caffeine or energy drinks. Some Plexus Slim reviews said they felt mild side effects like dry mouth and light sweats, but these are only temporary and should shortly pass. If these side effects are annoying, you can bypass them by increasing your tolerance and only taking half a Plexus Slim packet a day, until you’ve built the sufficient tolerance to take a complete packet.

    This supplement is meant to be taken by adults who are over the age of eighteen and should not be taken by anyone who is diabetic, which is also recommend in multiple Plexus reviews. You should consult your doctor if you suffer from diabetes and ask if Plexus Slim can be taken in combination with your prescribed medication. If you have a bad reaction to this supplement, you may experience some severe side effects such as insomnia, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, or blurred vision. You should seek medical help if you start to experience any of these more serious side effects.

    Keep in mind many of these side effects are dependent on the user’s health and diet. If they have a weak immune system and eat malnutritious food, than they’ll expect more mild side effects than a user who eats healthy and exercises daily. It all comes down to how much effort you put in, that’s what will determine your results and your overall experience taking this weight loss supplement. What is Plexus? It’s just a supplement, so ignore the plexus reviews and remember don’t rely on it for to long, if you want real results.

    What’s the Plexus Slim Cost & More Plexus Reviews

    Plexus Slim can be difficult to purchase because it’s only sold by a multi-level marketing company. So you either have to purchase from an “Ambassador” which is a Plexus Slim MLM salesman or you purchase it online and see the many Plexus reviews.

    However, it’s best to purchase it online through because they have competitive prices, unless you personally know an “Ambassador” and would like to support your friend by buying it through them. But many Plexus reviews suggest it’s a more expensive to buy it directly and it’s better to find a third party vendor.

    Regardless of where you purchase it, Plexus Slim cost the price of $84.99 for a 30 day supply. However, if you purchase it online the shipping package will include an additional “Accelerator” supplement, so you’re getting more bang for your buck and you can read through the Plexus Slim reviews.

    Overall this supplement is convenient and easy to travel with, but it’s just be a side supplement. It’s not really a leading role supplement and more of something you take in combination with a more powerful fat burner. We recommend you take Phen375 in combination with Plexus Slim for better overall Plexus weight loss results.