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By Ryan Summers – Dec. 17th 2016

Welcome to my review of the “3 Week Diet”.

My name is Ryan, I recently finished the 3 week diet so I’m going to share my final results.

I’ve also added a couple customers opinions of the diet, that were submitted by our readers who’ve tried the three week diet as well.

Contents: Here’s what I’m going to be talking about in this 3 week diet review..

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How I Lost 21 Lbs with The 3 Week Diet..


I felt tired and I was so lightheaded. The walls seemed like they were closing in.

Ryan is everything ok? You look really pale.” My boss at work remarked to me.

I felt too fatigued and so drained of energy that I even had a hard time walking. I left work early that afternoon, went home and ate everything that I had in my fridge.

I stuffed my face like it was Thanksgiving, but afterwards I was so guilty. I worked so hard to maintain my diet, I had been losing weight each week and then I collapsed and gave in to my cravings.

Diets always made my cravings intensify and made me feel tired. Then people would tell me I should workout but I always felt too exhausted! It was like this for me for a very long time and I had tried too many supplements to remember and had failed so many different diets.

Things would start great at first but then I’d gain the weight back right after. I would get frustrated because I wanted to be healthy and in better shape.

I wanted to make an actual lasting change because I thought the worst of myself, but then one day I read on Facebook that a friend had a successful transformation her new diet called the “3 Week Diet”.

I was intrigued but from my previous experiences with diets and supplements I figured it wouldn’t work for me, but I didn’t have much else to try either.


And the creators claimed that this diet would help:

  • Control your cravings.
  • Raise your energy.
  • And give results.

I thought this could be the solution I’ve been searching for, but I wasn’t sure even though I made the purchase and bought the diet.

It downloaded onto my computer almost instantly, because I felt feisty about waiting I immediately started preparing and cooking the available foods that I had for the first’s days meal plan.

I soon discovered each meal is surprisingly tasty and that fact made it easier to overlook the idea that I was on a diet.

All that first afternoon I had zero appetite. I definitely felt fuller than normal from the first diet meal, probably because of the meal’s higher nutrition. So I kept following the “3 Week Diet” and it kept helping reduce my appetite.

I would feel so energized and have zero hunger after each nutritious meal. It felt great and with my new energy I finally began to go to the gym as well.

It’s like the three week diet had given me the mental confidence that I needed to start training hard and because I had less cravings I stopped eating as much junk food as well!

It was so much easier to follow this diet compared to others that I tried in the past, I was feeling easily full from smaller meals of lean meat and fruit instead of my usual hamburgers and soda.


In total using the three week diet I lost 21 Pounds!

My face looks younger and my jawline is more visible. Many of my coworkers are commenting on my Facebook photos saying that I looked great and asking me what my secret is.

Things were going that good that I purchased multiple copies of the 3 Week Diet as Christmas Gifts for my friends and family.

Now that I’ve finished the three week diet I’ve burned 21 pounds and it feels great. Things seem so much better for me.

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What is The “3 Week Diet” ?


The 3 Week Diet will help reduce hunger, boost energy and burn fat. Keep in mind it’s not a crazy strict diet and not harmful so It’s totally safe.

It’s a very easy diet meal plan to follow and will help you control your hunger cravings, boost your energy to make you more active and help your body burn more calories so that you lose weight faster.

It’s not the magic solution though. It can help you burn a lot of fat but I think the diet really shines when you follow a thirty minute workout routine every day as well.

You will have an easier time eating less junk food because this diet will help reduce your junk food cravings as well.

Here are the types of foods in the diet. Now you’ll have a better idea on what you’ll be eating.

    • Lean Meats – Meats like Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, are all low in fat and carbs, but very high in protein.
    • Low Carbs – There are many foods low in carbs like eggs, vegetables, and you can even use butter to cook everything, mmm!
    • Low Sugars – Sugars essentially are a glob of carbohydrates and the main reason that people put on weight. Imagine if you lived like a caveman, the only sugars you would consume would be natural and from berries. Our bodies are not meant to process fake sugar, it’s poison!
    • High Fats – There’s a misconception that fat is bad but the truth is in order to lose weight you MUST east fat. You see the body considers fat as its most precious reserve and is essential to fight starvation, so to trick your body into burning its stored fat than you must eat a lot of fat and as long as the total daily calories that you consume is relatively low than you’re safe eating excessive fat, which is how you trick and force the body to burn fat instead of muscle protein or glucose from carbs.

three-week-diet-reviewsThe combination of these specific food types will make you:

      • Reduce your hunger so that you consume less daily calories.
      • Attack your stubborn fat and burn it into additional energy
      • Raise your daily energy.
      • And speed up your metabolism so that you burn an extra 15-25% more daily calories, so that you’ll see results and get skinny quicker.

If you see it from this perspective the 3 Week Diet is a diet that will make your body burn stubborn fat and have permanent results.

A common thing I saw in other customer’s reviews is that they had overly exaggerated results. So I want to share the real positives and negatives from my experience with the 3 Week Diet.

My Final Results

So let’s go over my final results with the “3 Week Diet”.

I lost 21 lbs in only 3 weeks. That’s more 7 lbs each week.


This is my complete transformation. I followed the diet, went to the gym each week and stopped eating out.

The quality-of-life changes that I’ve realized since transforming are..

      • People are more polite.
      • I sweat less and can breathe better.
      • I get checked out often.
      • I am able to put on tighter clothes.
      • I feel comfortable in social situations.
      • I am more motivated to exercise and feel more productive.
      • My body feels better after waking up.
      • I am more awake and no longer crash throughout the day.
      • My facial features are more sharp and less rounded.
      • I feel attractive and happy now when I see my pictures.
      • I feel much better about myself
      • I have more confidence.
      • I see girls looking at me.
      • I am energetic and feel happy.

Everything has changed for the better since I changed my body. I feel that this diet did helped me change my life and I’m glad that I decided to try it.

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The Positives and Negatives of the “3 Week Diet”


Let’s begin with the negatives..

three-week-diet-reviewYou have to cook – The 3 week diet meal plan has a big breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Some people are really on-the-go and do not have time to cook, but you must dedicate the time to cook because it’s so important!

At first it was challenging for me to cook, so I suggest you pick a Sunday and bulk cook every meal for the week to save you time.

The food cost – It does add up. When I bought the 1st week’s food my grocery bill was $24 dollars more.

However that first week I realized that it was worth it because I was trading the cost of junk food for healthy and good food, and without eating out I was actually saving money.

So the food cost might seem more initially, but you’re investing in yourself and getting real value.

Now for the positives..

the-three-week-dietRaised energy – I realized on the first day of trying this diet that I felt so much more energized and awake. It was a feeling that kept me active for a few hours before eventually subsiding.

It starts after you finish eating and it feels like you’ve been energized. Your body suddenly will be like, “hey you have to get up and do something”, it’s like if I can climb a mountain or something.

This effect is really useful, especially because before I always felt lethargic and needed extra energy to exercise, however now I had it. I also became more awake at work, unlike before when after lunch I would normally would crash and feel sleepy.

No appetite – One of the main effects of a good diet is that it can suppress your hunger. Before I started the the three week diet it I always felt like nothing could stop me from wanting to eat, but I was wrong.

When I first tried the 3 week diet, I had just came home from work and hadn’t ate yet. While I was watching TV, I prepared my first meal and after eating I felt fully fed.

I had always ate after I came home from work, sometimes I even got fast-food on the way home and then would eat more food at home. However that first day on the 3 week diet I didn’t eat anything until later that night because I had no appetite. I didn’t feel like eating anything.

Fast food restaurants and constant eating were always my main problem but now with my new diet it helped control my hunger and reduced my cravings.

three-week-diet-download-pdfDifferent diets and exercises – I hate to admit that before, my heavy lifting was basically opening the fridge and my diet consisted of whoever delivered the fastest.

Even though I started the 3 week diet to lose weight I knew that I had to actually start exercising, and so should you.

You can find many different diets and exercise routines across the web, but personally I think the 3 week diet is one of the most effective and when combined with an exercise routine than you can get lasting weight loss results.

The manufacturer of the “3 Week Diet” actively promotes going to the gym. I hadn’t really exercised before and always felt discouraged from going to the gym, but the diet guide made me feel excited to go and made me day-dream of my possible results..

I also began a new habit where I would go online and find a “cardio exercise” video to follow each day, I recommend you do as well!

Only thing needed – Something that I enjoyed about this diet is that it’s the only thing you need to burn fat. Unlike many other weight programs that require you to buy upsell items or additional supplies, which is so frustrating.

With this diet all you need to do is cook. It doesn’t require anything extra, you just cook twice a day and it will help you control your cravings so that you eat less and you’ll feel more active. Once you try the 3 week diet, you’ll feel this extra motivation that will help you to go to the gym and train.

Normally I start with cardio on the stairmaster but you can choose from hundreds of exercises and find the right one for you. For example, you may find that you like swimming every day. ????

It won’t consume you – If you’ve ever seen those exercise DVD’s like P90X they literally consume your entire schedule because of their the complex workouts. One thing I like about the 3 week diet is that it’s convenient because you can easily bulk cook all your meals at once.

It WORKS! – Personally what I enjoyed the most over anything else is that it works. I have a history with weight loss products, diets and supplements that gave no results.

Since I decided to try the 3 week diet, from the first week I could tell it was massively effective.

So I know you can get the same results. Get the “3 Week Diet” from here and tell me what you think!

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Other Users “3 Week Diet” Results

It always motivated me whenever I saw other people’s real weight loss transformations. So I went ahead and searched for other users “3 Week Diet” results and feedback so that you can see their transformations as well.

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Your FAQs of the “3 Week Diet”


In this section I’ll try my best to cover the common questions that many of you are probably asking.

Will this diet give me results? Well I recommended the 3 week diet to my sister and mother, they both said that they noticed a big decrease in their waist size, and my sister even started going to the gym with me.

My dad was curious and decided to try the diet as well, he’s also doing better now.

They all said that they ate less food and felt more active from following this diet. So yes I think that it can help you as well, just remember to avoid junk food and don’t skip any diet meals.

How does the 3 week diet work? It’s a diet full of highly nutritious meals that will boost your energy, control your hunger cravings, and raise your metabolism so that you lose weight fast.

You’ll be amazed at the difference of quality of life that you experience when eating nutritious and truly healthy meals.

Can I take it if I’m expecting? Well personally I don’t know but my opinion is yes because it’s a healthy diet. However it’s best to ask a doctor because a calorie restricting diet may not be good for a developing baby.

My fat is really stubborn will this diet help me? This diet will attack all of your fat at the same, so all of your stubborn fat will be melted away my friend!

No time for the gym. Will it still work? Well like I advised earlier it’s best that you exercise even just a little but personally I would agree that YES you can burn fat and see results by strictly following this diet.

You’ll lose weight each day and this diet will prevent your hunger cravings from causing you to randomly eat. So you’ll see results, however going to the gym will give you quicker results.

What results can I expect with this diet? This is the most asked question, well I lost 21 pounds in 3 week so yes I think you’ll lose 18-25 lbs if you follow the diet correctly and stay moderately active.

Although if you really put in the effort to go to the gym and train hard than you’ll probably get even better results.

So what’s next after I stop taking Phen375? Freedom at last! Hopefully by this point you’ve seen good results and you want to keep them. So I learned of a simple trick to help maintain your new and skinnier size and prevent the old weight from coming back.

I’ve followed plenty of diets to know that usually the weight comes right back after and that’s why in this coming section I want to cover what you can do to prevent that.

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How To Stay Skinny Afterwards..


Something that most people don’t plan for is how to stay skinny after they stop using a supplement or diet, so it’s crucial to know what to do and plan ahead.

Most users don’t know what to do and they gain the weight back overtime. So I researched what you could do to stay skinny and not gain any weight back.

So far it’s working because I’m not putting on any weight back. It’s a simple technique where you fast for certain days of the month. Basically you only consume liquids and eat no food for one day.

This is how I fast..

      • I pick a day to eat my last meal earlier like around 6pm.
      • Then I only drink liquids and smoothies until bed.
      • Before I fall asleep I drink a cup of water.
      • In the morning after I awake I drink coffee.
      • Then I’ll fast and only drink liquids until later at night at around 9pm.

It’s a little over 24 hours without any food, only healthy smoothies and liquids. It’s just a simple fasting technique that I found that has been helping me stay skinny and not gain weight back.

I recommend that you try to fast after you’ve lost weight if want to stay skinny and you only have to do it twice a month.

Is The “3 Week Diet” Right for You or No?


So you’re wondering if you should try the 3 week diet? Personally I would recommend this diet if you’re serious about your weight loss.

Although it’s a great diet and really helped me change, it still isn’t the magic solution. Yes it can be followed and will cause weight loss because of the big appetite suppression.

However the three week diet is more like a weapon in an arsenal. It’s a weapon that attacks fat and fights cravings. It’s a weapon that will make you more active and less lethargic.

When use this weapon and combine it with exercise then you’ll get great results. You also get a few exercise video routines, so It’s the full program for anyone to start losing weight.

To be frank my opinion is that the 3 week diet is one of the best diet’s available and once you try it you’ll definitely agree

I feel really confident that if you try it and even exercise just a little bit, than you’ll burn fat and get real weight loss results as well.

So get the 3 Week Diet from here. I totally recommend you try it and lose more weight!

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