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Adiphene is a newly created diet pill, it’s made with 100% natural herbal ingredients, and features a unique formula which has a five step approach to fat loss.

The makers of Adiphene claim they’ve gone much further than before, and created what they call “The most powerful fat loss formula available”. Whether their claim holds any truth or it’s just another marketing ploy, we’ll find out.

Every diet pill claims to be the best or the most powerful. We’ve gone ahead and broke down Adiphene for you, to see if it really works.

What Is Adiphene All About?

Adiphene was created by RDK Globaly Pharmecituicals, the creators of the popular diet pill Phen375. After the success of Phen375, RDK began working on a new diet pill, something better than before, that would turbo charge the metabolism. The end result was Adiphene, a cocktail of weight loss ingredients.

The 12 Adiphene ingredients include

  • 3 Fat burners
  • 1 Fat binder
  • 1 Appetite reducer
  • 2 Thermogenic boosters
  • 5 Stimulants

The key weight loss ingredient are the fat burners and binders; the other ingredients, the stimulants and thermogenic boosters, speed up the metabolism, which force the body to burn additional fat. RDK claims these 12 ingredients will give you 5 times more fat burning power. They’ll burn and bind fat, boost the metabolism, and suppress hunger.

This new diet pill is currently being used by thousands of people,  most users report losing an average of three to five pounds a week.

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How Does Adiphene Work?

Adiphene works to help your weight loss in multiple ways

  • Fat burners increase the bodies caloric burning rate
  • Fat binders prevent the body from digesting fat
  • Appetite suppressants reduces hunger cravings
  • Stimulants boost the metabolism
  • Thermogenic boosters boost the metabolism

The 5 step weight loss approach is thoroughly explained below.

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Fat Burner & Fat Binder

Fat binders bind to the fat you eat, and shuttle them straight through your digestive system, so they can’t be absorbed. Less fat absorbed means less fat stored in the body.

Chitosan extract is a powerful fat binder, one of the 12 ingredients. It will reduce the number of fat calories the body digests, which makes it easier to prevent fat gain, so you can focus on losing weight.

Fat burners burn fat by increasing the bodies core temperature, the heat increase causes the body to work harder to cool it’s self off. Cooling off requires energy, and burns off calories in the process. Vitamin B6, L-carnitine HCL, and ginger root extract are 3 of the most effective natural fat burners.

Vitamin B6 will help the body to metabolize food into energy, which boosts the metabolism, and burns excess fat. L-carnitine HCL helps to mobilize fat stored in tissue, and increases the amount of fat burned during strength or aerobic workouts. Ginger root extract will improve digestion and help detoxify the body.

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Appetite Suppressant

Most people find the hardest part about losing weight is dieting, Dieting is easy for the first few days until the body recognizes the decrease in food, and begins intensifying cravings for junk food. Glucomannan is an all natural appetite suppressant that will fight these cravings, and suppress the appetite.

Glucomannan(kanja root) is a very effective appetite suppressor because of it’s ability to absorb water and swell to many times it’s usual size, basically glucomannan suppresses the appetite and reduces cravings by expanding and filling the stomach to give a feeling of fullness.

Reducing your hunger, even by a little, can really take the stress out of losing weight.

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Metabolism Booster

The 2 thermogenic boosters, Cinnamon Extract 4% and Cayenne Capsicum, both increase the bodies core temperature. This creates a thermogenic burn, the heat increase forces the body to cool itself down. This temperature increase and cool off both require energy, burning calories in the process. This thermogenic burn helps to effortlessly burn up to 270 extra calories of extra fat a day.

The 5 stimulants act like caffeine and stimulate the the release of the hormones epinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine. from the adrenal glands which force your body to burn more stored fat. Stimulants increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, increase stamina and physical endurance. Because these stimulants are absorbed slowly, they’ll give a more sustained supply of energy than caffeine’s quick burst buzz.

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Does Adiphene Have Any Side Effects?

This is product has 12 clinical studies on 12 of its natural ingredients; because Adiphene is all natural, it is pretty much as safe as diet supplements get – side effects are very uncommon, and in these rare instances the effects reported are very mild and may not be related.

User reported feeling:

  • Increased energy
  • Mild sweating
  • Alertness
  • Reduced hunger cravings

Just about anyone can safely use Adiphene. However, because of the thermogenic properties, it should not be used by anyone who has heart conditions or is breast feeding.

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Our Recommendation

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Where Do I Buy Adiphene?

The best place to purchase is from the official website. They offer a “Low Price Guarantee“. So you can feel reassured you’ll receive the lowest price available.

And with a “6 month money back guarantee” you have nothing to lose.