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Almased is a popular meal replacement powder, that’s backed by years of clinical research. It’s an effective weight loss solution that’s made of only three ingredients, soy, yogurt and honey. So it’s usable by vegans and vegetarians as well.

The natural formula will boost energy and the metabolic rate. Having a faster metabolism will make weight loss easier, so that body burns calories faster. Some customers even saw visible results as soon as two weeks.

This Almased review is based from my experience, my name is Jesse and I’ve struggled with being overweight my whole life. I know what it’s like to fail diet after diet, how hard it is to find the right foods to eat. I started taking Almased because it’s an alternative to junk food and works great at burning fat.

What Is Almased All About?

Does Almased Really Work

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Almased is a diet plan, it’s not a traditional fat burner or a miracle pill. It’s a nutritious shake that can replace junk food meals, overtime this continued healthy eating habit will cause weight loss. Many Almased customer reviews are extremely happy and satisfied with their weight loss results.

Almased focuses on raising the metabolism and energy of its user. People with slower metabolisms store more fat. However boosting the metabolism is an automatic way to reduce unwanted body fat and build lean muscle. You can even lose up to four pounds a week with Almased, a healthy diet and exercise.

This product is sold in many locations, buy it in a store at GNC or online at The Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon. It’s a reliable dietary powder supplement and the two week supply sells for $30. Sadly it doesn’t look like there are any discounts or coupons available.

Sarah, Mom, Sacramento CA, “I’m just starting to take Almased and I can already feel it working. I am way more active throughout the day, and I don’t feel tired after going to the gym. I take it twice a day, its really helped me cut back on junk food. If you need a healthy diet than taking Almased is a great way.”

Mason, Teacher, Miami FL, “My eating habits were out of control, I was gaining weight and looking fatter every day. I began taking Almased as a meal replacement to breakfast, it helps me not feel hungry for hours. For a weight loss shake it actually tastes delicious and is filling. It really suppresses the appetite and I’m starting to get good results.”

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

Real Almased Customer Reviews

Almased is based out of Germany, it’s a family owned company that was started more than 30 years ago. The founder “Hubertus Trouillé” truly believed in holistic science and using natural foods to heal the body. He solely created the supplement and his beliefs led to the success of the brand.

There are over 15 years of scientific research that prove this supplement is effective and really works to lose weight. Even just one serving (50g) is enough to stimulate the metabolism and accelerate fat reduction. Fasting with Almased is easy, try adding cinnamon or lemon for even more flavorful shakes.

Where Do I Buy Almased?

The best place to purchase Almased is from Amazon. You’ll receive the lowest price available.

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How Does Almased Work?

Girl drinking Almased Shake in the Morning

Almased works by using non-GMO Soy, yogurt and honey, mixed and fermented together. The unique mix depletes the body of glucose and turbocharges the metabolism, which forces the body to burn stored fat for energy and flush unneeded excess body fluid.

This nutritious supplement lowers satiety levels, therefore decreasing hunger cravings and suppressing the appetite. Combined with a low calorie diet, Almased results are longer lasting and better than prescription pharmaceuticals or fad diets which are usually ineffective.

Almased is high in protein, which helps prevent weight loss muscle deterioration and expand the body’s energy reserves. Medical doctors are now recommending it to gastric bypass patients, because it increases Leptin levels and alleviates loss of muscle mass. Health care professional prefer this natural product because it diminishes cholesterol as well.

The customer reviews experienced having healthier blood sugar levels, which lowers insulin and further reduces problematic hunger cravings. German scientist Professor Aloys Berg and medical consultant Peter Sauermann both agree that Almased is efficient at burning fat calories and increasing energy expenditure.

almased 14 day figure plan

(Every Almased contains 500g or ten servings of blended powder)

The Almased diet recommends taking one shake in the morning, for faster results you can also take a second shake in the afternoon. The shake serving size for most people is 50g or eight tablespoons. However those shorter than 5″5 should take only six tablespoons, anyone taller than 6″0 should take ten. Preparation is quick and the effects are fast acting, just add 10 to 12 ounces of water and drink slowly.

There are many Almased recipes that call for olive oil and flaxseed oil. The omega-3 in the oils initiates thermogenesis in the body and signals the release of stored fats. Some recipes suggest to blend the shakes with Almond milk or Soy milk, instead of water. However it’s best to use water because it’s free of calories and won’t hinder weight loss results.

If you’re wondering how Almased tastes, the truth is that it has no flavor. The taste is blank and similar to water, so you can drink the shakes plain or substitute flavor by adding natural spices. Customers like to add cinnamon and hazlenut powder or natural sweeteners like Stevia to enhance flavor. Personally, I’ve found that honey gives the most flavor and it’s a natural fat burning component.

Womens Almased Diet Reviews

There are enzymes formed during the Almased fermentation process that target fat cells and induce weight reduction. Just be careful because these live enzymes can be destroyed by making the shake with hot liquids. Also, avoid overeating fruits while taking Almased, fructose can cause weight gain and slow down progress. At the most Fat Burner Depot recommends to eat only two or three pieces of fruit a week.

The Almased diet figure plan is a system that has four different weight loss phases. Each phase has different requirements for what food groups you can eat and how you take Almased. The “four phases to success” is supposed to be a system that creates healthy lifestyle changes and permanent weight loss results. In the next section we’ll break down how each phase works and analyze the Almased ingredients in closer detail.

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The Four Phases of The Almased Diet Plan

The 4 phase Almased Figure Plan for Women and Men

The Almased diet plan is basically a guide or structured plan to correctly taking Almased. It’s made of four unique phases, which assimilate Almased into your diet to create long lasting results. It’s a long-term liquid fast and diet plan that replaces normal meals and will last until you’ve achieved your desired weight loss results. 

Almased Phase 1 the starting phase

Almased Phase 1 (3-14 days) “Starting Phase” – The Almased diet starts with an initial intense fast, where you will only drink three Almased shakes a day and eat a liquid meal like chicken soup. The starting phase requires that you drink at least half a gallon of water a day as well. This initial phase lasts from a few days up to two weeks, ideally the average is ten days. It’s also been proven an initial fast before starting a diet will result in even better results.

Almased Phase 2 the reduction phase

Almased Phase 2 (30-60 days) “Reduction Phase” – The second phase is like a long-term diet, where you will take two Almased shakes a day, and lean meat or vegetables for dinner. On average people can lose up to five pounds a week, but Carbohydrates like pasta and fruit have to be avoided. Continue the second phase for thirty to sixty days or until you achieved your desired weight loss results.

Almased Phase 3 the stability phase

Almased Phase 3 (15-30 days) “Stability Phase” – After any fast or diet the body will eagerly try to gain its old weight back. At this point most dieters return to their previous weight, so Almased has a cool down or stability phase to prevent this bounce back effect. During the third phase you’ll eat two normal meals and take only one shake for either breakfast or dinner. After two weeks to a month your body will finish calibrating to its new, lower calorie maintenance level.

Almased phase 4 the life phase plan

Almased Phase 4 (Indefinite) “Life Phase” – The final phase is a life plan, because you eat three normal meals and take one Almased shake a day for forever. Those who do make it through the Almased diet program lose weight in a healthy manner, over the course of a few months and after the diet ends they don’t gain back any old fat back either. Almased reviews report that users feel more energetic and happier while on this supplement.

The multi-step process of the four phase diet plan is a complex but very effective and natural way to burn fat. Most supplements contain chemical and toxic ingredients, but Almased is made from the purest of organic fat burning ingredients.

This supplement gives a huge natural energy boost which prevents tiredness and its thermogenic ingredients burn away excess calories. In the next section we’ll break down these ingredients and how Almased works to reduce fat.


How Does Almased Burn Fat?

Almased Diet Plan

Almased burns fat by fermenting its three ingredients into a fat burning mixture that’s made of fermented Soy, Yogurt, and Honey. These ingredients alone are ineffective, but after the Almased fermentation process the enzymes transform into powerful fat destroyers.

The unique fermentation process is what makes this supplement what it is and the key to its fat burning power. For over 15 years scientists have been testing and studying this secret fermentated mixture. Clinical trials have proven it’s a natural weight loss remedy that actually works and is a great alternative to prescription weight loss medication.

Almased Yogurt Diet Plan

Yogurt – Foods high in Calcium have been found to improve weight loss results. Calcium enhances the body’s ability to breakdown fat, prevents bone brittleness and raises the metabolism regardless if dietary calories are restricted. Dairy products like Yogurt are very high in Calcium, studies have even shown large fat reduction from users simply eating yogurt three times a day.

The Obesity Society conducted a research test a few years ago, over an eight week period men and women ate three daily servings of high calcium meals like Yogurt. The results were astonishing, no only did the participants lose belly and thigh fat but they also had a substantially faster metabolism after the study concluded.

There good enzymes in Yogurt that multiply during the Almased fermentation process, when you take Almased this live bacteria will subjugate your gastrointestinal tract so that it digests food and burns fat more effectively. However eating yogurt everyday can cause constipation, so make sure you’re drinking sufficient water, the diet plan recommends 8 ounces of water a day.

almased soy yogurt honey

Non-GMO Soy – Soy is very high in protein and many other nutrients. Studies show that eating Soy makes fat weight go down, it also suppresses the appetite and reduces weight gain. The hormone “Leptin” is responsible for signaling the brain that the stomach is full, researchers have now discovered that Soy affects Leptin, so that soy prematurely signals the brain to feel full.

Soy is a natural appetite suppressor, aside from being an excellent meal replacement that’s high in protein. It also replenishes bone marrow during weight loss and has healthy oils that help the heart. The best part is that there are many different ways to cook Soy beans, and they’re a delicious snack that can be ate on-the-go!

Almased Honey Tea Recipe

Rich Enzyme Honey– The best substitute for sugar is organic honey, mixed with water or lemon juice it is a tasty drink that improves cardiovascular condition and reduces cholesterol. There is a special hibernation diet, where you take one tablespoon of honey before bed, because it will stimulate the liver while you sleep so that your metabolism continues to burn fat.

Honey keeps the liver firing so that the metabolism stays powered up and doesn’t turn it off while you sleep. It’s also a natural stress reducer, it will detoxify the system of cortisol and other harmful toxins. Users following the hibernation diet reported waking up feels calmer and happier than usual, aside from seeing positive fat reduction.


Does Almased Have Any Side Effects?

Almased Side Effects


This product is not a supplement that has harmful side effects, it’s made of a natural formula and uses healthy ingredients that do not have any chemicals. Most customers find there is no need for precautions, the shakes can even be taken at night without suffering any difference in sleep quality, unlike most fat burners on the market.

The digestive track has a small chance of suffering mild side effects from taking this product. The daily consumption of Soy and Yogurt can cause blockage and possible symptoms like constipation. Almased recommends users to drink eight to ten ounces of water a day to prevent these stomach problems and keep everything flowing smoothly within the body.

Some users reported suffering headaches from taking Almased, but it may have been dehydration. There’s always that one in a million chance a negative reaction occurs from using this supplement, being lactose intolerant or having an unexpected allergic reaction to soy can lead to a hospital room visit. However these are the most extreme of circumstances and normally side effects do not happen since it’s an organic recipe.

Combine the Almased diet plan with a high cardio exercise each day and the weight will come right off! Dieting is not easy, it will require effort on your part but with sufficient effort fat reduction is guaranteed. Follow a low-carb and high fat diet, which will turn up the body’s fat burning power. Contrary to most false belief, dietary fat is actually extremely necessary to burn stored fats.

When you eat carbs the body transforms them into glucose, which is energy for cells. The body will always burn glucose or carbs as it’s primary source of energy, but to lose weight the primary source of energy needs to be the stored fat. So by cutting carbs from the diet or at least restricting them, the body will not be able to form glucose and therefore will have to search for a backup energy source hence the stored fats.

Is Almased Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women safely drinking Almased Shake

Almased is very safe during pregnancy, it’s actually recommended to pregnant mothers to help lose extra baby fat and  for its healthy nutritional values. It’s very high in protein and pregnant mothers need an additional protein during pregnancy, the minimum of 60 grams a day. Mothers should eat more nutrients to support proper baby growth and development, which is why more across the world are recommending Almased to future mothers.

Calcium is as important during pregnancy as is protein. Luckily, Soy is very high in calcium and its one of the main three ingredients in this supplement. Yogurt is also very high in calcium and its the second main ingredient. So taking Almased will really help promote proper baby development by providing the correct daily serving of needed minerals and other essential vitamins.

The third main ingredient cannot be taken by babies, honey contains germs and bacteria that can be fatal to infants. Pregnant mothers can eat honey, but it’s not recommended. Nonpasteurized and even pasteurized honey can contain botulism spores which can cause a potentially life threatening illness in infants. Fortunately, Almased undergoes a pulverizing and drying process which makes its powder form safe to be taken by pregnant mothers.

Real Almased Results and Diet Success Stories


 Men and women across the world are feeling more than happy with their Almased weight loss results. There are hundreds of users that have gone on to lose more than 50 lbs with this supplement, and that’s not all. Customer reviews praise this meal-replacement powder as the best natural alternative supplement to burn fat and boost the metabolism.

Most users are very pleased with their purchase and see great before and after results. Although a few did claim that they had constipation during the first week. Next up we’re going to look at real reviews from Almased customers, so that you can see the good and bad from honest people who’ve shared their firsthand experience using this supplement.

Sandra Michaels, Trainer, 29, I put on a lot of weight after graduating college. I couldn’t find work and developed chronic stress, which started my bad eating habits. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I began to take my health seriously. After visiting a homeopathic doctor, he suggested that I try the Almased natural diet shake. It’s probably not the best priced supplement and there are cheaper alternatives, but I think it’s the best and most nutritious meal-replacement powder on the market. In the first month alone I lost more than seventeen pounds. The progress slowly gave me a better and more positive body-image. Now I feel greater self worth and have higher self esteem. It’s been four months since I first started, I still take the shakes but only once a day now. From my experience I would recommend this product for anyone looking to naturally burn fat and get skinny fast.”

Ryan Peterson, Detective, 39, “Great choice in my opinion, this stuff is truly awesome, really helped me achieve the V-taper look. As a guy during my teen years I could eat anything, but that all changed in my thirties. My metabolism started to slow down and work made it even worse. As a detective I spent a lot of time sitting at a desk, working on reports and paperwork. Being so inactive throughout the day and getting older caused my metabolism to shut off. Since I wasn’t eating properly or exercising my body began to preserve it’s stored fat, and burn muscle for energy, which is not what anyone wants. My doctor suggested I try the Almased diet plan, he told me taking three shakes throughout the day would keep my metabolism running super-charged. At work I kept my container on my desk and every two to three hours would eat a shake. After three months I lost 31 pounds. I look healthier, my belly is flatter and am looking more attractive facially. So I’m quite happy thus far, am going to take it for another month and see how far this can go.”

The buyers that commit to the Almased diet plan longer than a month end up making this supplement a lifestyle. Initially, a user will take three shakes a day to lose weight fast and then slowly taper off from two to one shakes over the course of of a few months. Some users will continue to take a shake each day indefinitely and at least once per year will do the rigorous diet plan.

Almased vs. Plexus

almased vs plexus slim the pink drink review

Almased is a supplement that focuses on being a healthy meal-replacement to junk food or to help those who skip meals and have a difficulty finding time to eat. The nutritious shakes help the body build muscle, strengthen the immune system and burn fat away. However it’s not a traditional fat burner, in the sense that it doesn’t have fat burning ingredients such as thermogenics.

If you’re looking for a change in lifestyle and want to fix your diet than Almased is the perfect choice. Regardless of how weight is lost, if you rather have a fat burner, there is another powder supplement available. It’s called Plexus Slim, “the pink drink”, because it’s made of a pink fat-burning powder that you mix with water and drink. Still, many of you are probably asking, “What exactly is Plexus?

Plexus is the fat burning powder that Almased is not. It may not offer any nutrition, it’s not natural and has potential mild side effects, but it’s full of powerful thermogenic and stimulants that promote massive weight loss. If your diet is sufficiently nutritious and you already eat decently healthy and want to lose belly fat fast, than Plexus is probably the better fat burner.

Not everyone has a good diet, if you miss meals or don’t receive enough of the right nutrition through your daily diet, than you’re much better off with Almased. It’ll help promote healthiness and weight loss at the same time, without any crazy side effects either. There’s no denying that Almased vs. Plexus is a tie, both are equally as good and quality, but they’re both for different situations.

Our expert recommendation at Fat Burner Depot is, if you’re already skinny and muscular but want further toning, than take Plexus Slim. Although there are exceptions, for those who are just starting to lose weight Almased is the better choice because it offers unparalleled daily nutrition that most humans don’t consume, that alone causes many users to see dramatic fat reduction results.

The diet truly is the deciding factor on how the body looks, which is why the Almased supplement is best for beginners to weight loss. Although if you already have the body looks than Plexus is better, to get your body its finishing touches and shed any unwanted water weight to reveal even more muscle definition.

University of North Dakota Clinical Soy Fat Burning Study

Almased University of North Dakota Fat Reduction Research Study

The University of North Dakota during the early 2000’s began a research and science department dedicated to performing clinical fat burning studies. The university had hundreds of men and women who participated in a variety of weight loss studies. Researchers at the University of North Dakota wanted to test the fat burning power of different foods.

The university spent many months trialing and testing different proclaimed fat burning foods to see which really worked. It was discovered Soybean’s are a powerful fat reduction agent and have a very high serving of protein. The researchers goal was to prove if Soy could be taken for fat reduction and its protein rich nutrition to effectively reduce belly fat.

Over fifty women participated in the clinical soybean weight loss study, they were put on a controlled diet that reduced their calorie intake for three months. The control diet contained Soy related foods such as soy milk and Soybeans. Each week the different variables of the study were reevaluated and measured. Researchers would weigh the women, take their fat percentage, and make sure they were healthy and not on the verge of serious side effects.

After the three month study concluded, University of North Dakota researchers were pleased to discover that Soy control diet proved to be effective at fat reduction. The women who stuck with the diet for the whole three months on average lost fifteen pounds or more. However the group of women who did not eat Soy only saw half the results of the latter group.

This investigation proves the age old theory that Soy helps weight loss, but it can also be taken for muscle gain and bulking. Many bodybuilders include Soybeans in their daily diet, because it’s protein density is much higher than even some meats. The human body can only eat so much meat per day, but with Soy bodybuilders can squeeze-in extra grams of protein to grow bigger and recover faster.

Can I Buy Almased In Amazon or CVS ?

Where can I buy Almased in Amazon or CVS

If you’re asking where can I buy Almased, than it really depends if you can wait for shipping. The price is universally the same everywhere, and there are no Almased discount coupons because the price is already at its lowest. So if you live in the united states and are within a thirty minute drive of the shopping store “CVS”, than it’s worth making a call first and seeing if they carry it or if it’s currently in stock.

Waiting for a package to arrive in the mail can create anticipation and the build up usually makes it even better when you do actually open the package. If you don’t mind waiting five to seven days for shipping, than buying Almased on Amazon is best option. You’ll get the best price available on this supplement and as a buyer are protected by Amazon on every purchase, so you’ll get a quality product or your money back.

At the end of the day, it’s not a very challenging question. If you can make the drive to a local CVS than do it because it’s going to help you to lose weight. However if you’re very busy and don’t have the time to go anywhere, than buying Almased from Amazon is the surest way to get it on your doorstep with confidence. I regularly  shop on Amazon, during their prime sale sometimes they offer supplements like one at unbelievably discounted prices, but the prime sale only happens once a year.

The Creator and Founder of Almased

Hubertus Trouillé founder of the Almased company

(Hubertus Trouillé, founder of the Almased company)

Basically the creator of Almased took Soy, Honey and Yogurt, and fermented or rotted the mixture in a container. After trying the fermented mixture on himself, he discovered it was full of healthy enzymes and acted like natural weight loss remedy.

The live bacteria that had grown during the fermentation process had evolved and transformed into an appetite suppressing and thermogenic compound. The founder had managed to take the simplest of ingredients and create a powerful natural weight loss supplement from it.

What Is the Almased Expiration Date

At first I would wonder when does Almased expire? Well, many will be happy to know that the time frame is much longer than normal foods or even protein powders. So if you only need to lose weight for an event, it can be put back in storage until its needed again, which is highly convenient. Take when desired or store until further usage, it offers flexibility unlike fat burners which force you into a committed two or three week long cycle.

The exact Almased expiration date time frame is about 1 1/2 years or eighteen months after buying it. Although this may seem like a long time, it’s really not so it’s best to follow the diet plan and actually do commit to a cycle. The quality of the powder really does deteriorates in the last six months, which affects the taste and viscosity of the drink, making it stale tasting and sluggish to swallow.

Almased Recipe Cinnamon Roll Shake

Almased Cinnamon Roll Shake Review

Unfortunately when you mix this supplement with water it has zero flavor, it’s a very bland shake and neutral tasting like water, which is why there are a variety of Almased recipes to customize and enhance the flavor quality. My personal favorite is the Almased Cinnamon Roll shake, it’s really easy to make at home or on the go!

The preparation is very easy, the recipe’s serving size is for one person and only requires two ingredients, there is a third ingredient but it’s optional. Take 1 tsp ground cinnamon and 8 tbsp Almased, add 12 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk and mix together in a shaker. To sweeten the flavor you can add Stevia, it’s an optional ingredients,, if you’ve never tried it before it’s a delicious natural sweetener.

I’ve included an additional Almased recipe, in case you’re interested in making an old fashioned vanilla shake with a weight loss twist. It’s made of the same ingredients as the cinnamon roll shake, but without the cinnamon or Stevia sweetener. To create this vanilla shake simply use sweetened almond milk and stir together, it tastes just like a vanilla bean shake.

It really comes down to your sweet tooth and how sweet they would like the Almased shake. We prefer not to use any white sugar or sweetener even if it is natural, when losing weight sugar of any form is a counter-productive and a big no.

Almased Review Final Conclusion

Where do I buy Almased


  • All natural recipe made from organic ingredients
  • Very nutritious full of vitamins and minerals
  • The meal replacement shakes have no flavor and easily mix with water


  • This supplement doesn’t come with many servings in its container
  • It’s expensive since you have two or more bottles just to last one month
  • The formula is holistically natural but still can cause constipation at first

The best place to purchase Almased is from Amazon, they offer the most competitive price available and money-back guarantee. We suggest you buy more than one bottle, so you have enough for a complete month. Although this supplement is mainstream in Germany and sold all over Europe, it still doesn’t yet have a physical retailer in the United States that we know of.

Aside from online retailers like Amazon you probably won’t find this supplement readily available in a retail marketplace. So you can visit Amazon and compare the best price by clicking “Visit Site” below.