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Bowflex Max Trainer

DOCTOR’S ADVICE: Combine Bowflex Max Trainer with a proven fat burner such as Phen375 for better results.

Bowflex Max Trainer is new, a state of the art exercise machine. It will allow your body to burn more fat and with more efficiency. This powerful cardio fitness machine will improve your cardiovascular system and your bodies health. You’ll build stronger lungs, more strength and discipline, and while burning off large amounts of bodily fat.

The Bowflex Max Trainer is a one of a kind fitness equipment machine, it’s unmatched in performance because it features all of the newest fitness technology. Some customers have reported it’s almost like a “backwards motion elliptical” machine. Other consumers have suggested it’s more like running up a mountain, backwards.

Regardless of what reviews say, the Max Trainer’s “backwards movement” is supposedly the best way to exercise and will give a complete body workout in only 15 minutes. They guarantee that within 15 minutes, you will have the highest quality exercise session that’s possible.

Its attention to detail cannot be ignored, the Bowflex Max Trainer looks like a Lamborghini styled fitness machine. So while you’re burning fat and losing weight, you’ll also have one of the best looking fitmiss machines ever made in your house, which will make you feel really motivated while you’re using it.

We know that you’ll want to know more about the Bowflex Max Trainer, especially after you see all the promising customer reviews and positive transformation stories. But it’s a big investment, that’s why you need to know all the pros and cons, so you can make the best educated buying decision.

What Can The Bowflex Max Trainer Do For Me?

If you want to effectively lose weight, than you have to dedicate time to dieting and exercising, but most of us are awfully busy and can’t find time to cook or go to the gym five times a week. That’s why many manufacturers know if they can simplify exercising or dieting, than they’ll make a fortune and you’ll quickly lose weight.

Gym equipment manufacturers know this business model is very profitable, so the Bowflex Max Trainer is the latest fitness equipment machine from the Nautilus brand, which supposedly can give you the best full body workout that’s possible and in only 15 minutes a day. Keep in mind, the Bowflew Max Trainer’s results are proven, it was built specifically to be as effective as possible and is dynamically aesthetic, providing excellence right from the start.

The Bowflex Max Trainer claims to incorporate an interval type of workout, which means it will drastically speed up for a short period and then slow down for a minor rest period. This interval style of workout will cause your body to enter an “enhanced fat burning mode”, and will continue burning fat for up to two days after you exercise.

This unique fitness machine claims to burn almost three times more calories per hour than treadmills, stair-climbers, and ellipticals. It supposedly will workout 85% more upper body than other fitness cardio machines, and is safer than running for people with “older” joints.

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How Does the Bowflex Max Trainer Function?

Bowflex Max Trainer M5

If you analyze the movement of the Bowflex Max Trainer, it’s almost like that of an elliptical machine, because your legs move in a back and forth motion, which is good to protect your joints and still get a great workout.

Although, different to other gym equipment, the Bowflex Max Trainer will workout your arms and legs at the same time, for the best results. This is made possible by the two feet platforms that move in a minor front and major backwards movement. And the users arms will swing to the rhythm of the machines, while gripping the two prong handles will add resistance. You can challenge your upper body and target different muscles by simply changing your hands grip on the handle bars..

During your exercise, the Max Trainer’s meter (Called the “Calories Burnt” display), will display the calories that have been burned. It’ll also measure your hearts pulse rate, and these different meters will change the resistance based on your workout selection. Your workout is scientifically engineered to be the best workout possible.

Setting up your Bowflex Max Trainer at home is very easy, it takes up very little space, less than a 3 foot radius, and is easily powered, unlike other older fitness equipment. The manufacturer also has a variety tracking tools and different exercises featured on the Bowflex Max Trainer app, which is available for Iphone and Android phones.

Experience the Latest Bowflex Max Trainer M7

We’ll individually compare the rest of the Bowflex “M” series momentarily, but first the newest Bowflex state of the art M7 trainer, which claims to provide extra features like more resistance, higher quality handlebars and more available workout programs.

The M7 also features the same workout meters as the other Bowflew Max Trainer’s, but now with the improved “direct target programming”. Now the M7 can direct target your workout needs by automatically controlling the resistance, to keep a controlled heart rate and burn more calories. This is how the M7 Bowflex can give a scientific, elite, and controlled workout that will “make your results reach the MAX”!

What’s the best price on the market for the new Bowflex M7? What’s the difference between it and other Bowflex Max Trainer’s or Bowflex treadmills?

How much does the new M7 model cost? How does it compare to other Max Trainer models and Bowflex treadmills?

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Bowflex Max Trainer Return Warranty & Pricing

Bowflex Max Trainer M3

The Bowlex Max Trainer comes in three unique models, each come with the Bowflex 15 minute “complete body” workout plan and  a weekly exercise schedule. The Bowflex price per model is:

  • Bowflex Max Trainer M3: $999
  • Bowflex Max Trainer M5: $1,599
  • Bowflex Max Trainer M7: $2,199

If you need financial assistance, the Bowflex manufacturer has a credit loan availabl for those who qualify. Basically, it’s a no money down option and no interest fees if it’s paid off before 18 months. This loan also includes the cost for a representative who will come to your home and build the M7 for you.

The Bowflex Max Trainer and Bowflex Treadmill both have a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel for whatever reason that Bowflex wasn’t for you, than you can return it for a refund within the first six weeks, but minus its original shipping and assembly cost. Just remember, it must be returned in pristine condition, it seems they’re picky about accepting used or damaged products.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 model comes with a 12 month parts warranty, while the M5 and  M7 have a 24 month warranty. However, all three have a 3 month labor guarantee.

If you wish to make a return or follow up on a warranty, call the Bowflex customer service number, which is on all the official website and on every purchase receipt.

Should I Buy a Bowflex Max Trainer?

Bowflex Max Trainer M7

If you look at new fitness equipment or workout programs like “Insanity”, or any new exercise fad, it’s clearly evident that we’re trying to exercise as much as possible, in as little time as possible. High-intensity exercises that only take 5 minutes are what’s popular and sell best, but is that a good enough reason to buy the Bowflex Max Trainer? Will you depend on it to accomplish your weight loss transformation, and pay its expensive cost? Maybe, but first look at the facts:

Why should I do Intervals?

It may seem basic or trivial, but intervals are just the change of your heart’s rate from one pace to another. In it’s simplest form, it can be done by running for a moment, and then walking for a short period. But this is the absolute key to weight loss, it will cause your body to keep burning fat for the next 48 hours and will keep your heart healthy because of the activity.

Keep in mind, you don’t need a fancy Bowflex treadmill or expensive gym equipment to do interval training, but a Bowflex fitness machine will enhance and improve your interval training. By using science and monitoring your heart rate, your Bowflex machine can increase or decrease its resistance to keep your heart’s pace controlled and at its highest fat burning mode.

Wait, I’ll Burn Fat For 48 Hours?!

The biggest benefit of the Bowflex Max Trainer is that it maximizes interval training, and interval training maximizes the bodies ability to burn fat and burn calories for up to 48 hours after only one interval workout! Aside from boosting the metabolism, interval training will also help your cardiovascular system and boost endurance, improve cellular healing functions, and maximize fat oxidization.

You don’t need to buy a Bowflex Treadmill or any fitness equipment to do interval training though, so if you don’t have the funds to afford a Bowflex Max Trainer than just run and walk, or use the special financing option if need be, which was discussed above.

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Bowflex Max Trainer’s Results

Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews and Results

Bowflex is a well-known and recognized name in the fitness industry for over thirty years now. The Bowflex manufacturer, Nautilus, holds a perfect ranking with the BBB and has positively solved all of it’s complaint cases. However, most of the complaints were mainly about products like the Bowflex dumbbells, and only a few for the Bowflex treadmill, but none for the Bowflex Max Trainer.

After looking at Bowflex Max Trainer reviews and its results, it looks like it has a very good standing with its consumer base. Its consistently ranked 5 stars and praised for it’s high quality design. It’s completely sturdy and doesn’t shake at all, unlike other machines. You can rejoice in the fact that this fitness machine is well built and can easily withstand your most intense workout sessions. Nautilus continues to craft serious, high end fitness equipment. If you’re looking for the best and have the money to spare, than the Bowflex Treadmill and Bowflex Max Trainer are meant for you.

Keep in mind, there were some common concerns in the negative reviews and we must address them with you. Some Bowflex Max Trainer reviews said that the interior wheels started to vibrate and make noise. Other reviews suggested that they solved this noise issue by using dw-40 or a similar lube type substance. This noise issue can be such a problem for some that even after replacing their wheels with the guarantee, the noise comes back again.

Some of the other common concerns claim that the Bowflex Trainer has a high learning curve, that learning the new motion takes time, that it feels uncomfortable on the knees, and has an overall expensive cost. But these common concerns are dwarfed by the large amount of positive Bowflex Max Trainer reviews and successful weight loss transformations.

We found that the shipping time frame is less than 10 business days, unlike the past when sometimes it would take the Max Trainer fifty days to ship because it was so back ordered from its constant sales when it first released.

What Should I Expect Overall?

Although there are many positive reviews, nobody can do the workout for you. Once you have your Bowflex Max Trainer, you have to push yourself and complete the 15 minute daily workout program. It’s not easy an easy workout program and many find the 15 minutes extremely challenging, especially f you’re just starting to exercise for the first time. So invest your money only if you think you have what it takes, to not give up and quit, push yourself!

However, this 15 minute “short” workout is not enough to make a life altering effect, if you want to learn how to lose weight, you’ll need to get a grip on your daily nutrition. Ask yourself this, “What’s easier, burning 200 calories or just not eating that snickers bar?”. Eating less food is the easiest way to lose weight and exercising is the best way to burn your existing fat. You have to do the two in combination to see real weight loss results. If you’re eating junk food, no matter how much you train with the Max Trainer, you won’t see results because you’re still eating way more calories than you’re burning by exercising.

Is It Worth Its Overall Price?

Bowflex Max Trainer Comparison

Some would say that the Bowflex Max Trainer’s price is very expensive, I think so. The M7 is $2,200 and many don’t have that kind of money, but it’s been the key to many successful weight-loss transformations and who can put a price on that? If you make the initial purchase, there are some hidden fees we must tell you about. For example, you’re still responsible for shipping and handling, which costs $100 USD. And once it arrives, unless you build it, you’ll have to hire somebody to do it for you and that costs close to $300! There is a special company that offers there Bowflex Max Trainer assembly service, if you’re willing to pay their fee and decide you don’t want to build it yourself.

Another hidden fee is the fact that every time a Bowflex repairmen comes to your house, even if it’s under warranty, you’ll still have to pay a “service” fee. This fee is not even discussed on the website, and the fee varies depending on the difficulty of your issue. If that’s not a pain enough, after the labor warranty expires, you’ll have to install and remove pieces yourself, unless you want to pay a large “service” fee. Luckily, they’ve built a high quality fitness machine that rarely needs repairs and it’s common noise issue is easily solved with dw-40.

If you’re someone with such bad luck as to buy a “lemon”, the worst part is that it weighs close to 150 lbs and returning it can cost up to $150 in shipping costs. Some customers get stuck with this shipping bill and if you don’t have local pick up, you’ll have to move the 150 lbs box to your local USPS.

Is It Worth It to Build It Myself?

We found that a lot of Bowflex Max Trainer reviews complained that the $250 assembly fee was ridiculous and astronomically expensive. If you want a serviceman to arrive to your home and build it for you, than it’s $250 and some people don’t like that at all. So is it worth it to build it yourself? Well that comes down to your ability to build basic stuff, that’s no more complex than assembling Wal-Mart furniture.

The expensive assembly cost would make you think that it must be difficult to build, but the reality is that the instructions are very well wrote and easy to follow. All you really need is a box knife to open it all, the required tools like a screwdriver and everything else that you need is included. So, if you can put together a Wal-Mart bunk bed set, than assembling a Bowflex Treadmill or Max Trainer will be easy! If you have any problems, you can even YouTube the entire assembly process, and there’s even free assembly videos on the official Bowflex website.

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Which Bowflex Max Trainer Model is Right for Me?

Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews

Here’s the exact breakdown of the differences between each Max Trainer:

Bowflex Max Trainer M3:

  • Multiple resistance settings
  • 2 unique exercise settings
  • Arm brace heart meter measurer
  • Drink and phone cubby

Bowflex Max Trainer M5:

  • Has double the amount of resistance settings when compared to the M3
  • 8 unique exercise settings
  • Arm brace heart meter measurer w/pulse reading handle bars
  • Drink and phone cubby
  • Bluetooth connection to phone
  • LED backlighting the inner screen
  • Leather-void high quality handle bar grips

Bowflex Max Trainer M7:

  • Automatic heart rate measuring computer controlled resistance settings
  • 12 unique exercise settings w/ smart memory, to adapt and give a computer controlled workout that’s customized to your body.
  • Larger screen with LED backlighting the inner screens
  • Extra features like a button that will increase your workout’s timer.
  • Family accounts, you can create four different user accounts
  • Bluetooth connection w/ the Bowflex app included
  • Even better, more upgraded aerodynamic handlebars
  • Extravagent and flawless looking “Lamborghini” feet pedals

Keep in mind, the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 and the other two models have a maximum weight capacity of 290 lbs. And the machine will make you stand almost two feet taller, so if you’re already tall, make sure you have two feet of extra ceiling room.

So Which Bowflex Max Trainer Model Should I Buy?

Bowflex Max Trainer Results and Reviews

You’ll notice that there’s only a few minor difference when comparing the different Max Trainer’s, the biggest difference is the number of unique exercise setting they contain. For example, there’s the Manual, Max interval, Burn Fat mode, Stairs, etc… The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 only comes with the two core setting, Manual and Max Interval. If you’re ok with that than you’ll save money, but the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 has 6 more settings and is still much cheaper than the M7.

What are these “unique exercise settings”? Basically, they’re settings for the internal computer, so that it will constantly change the machines resistance levels to match your desired setting. So if you chose the Burn Fat mode, your Bowflex Max Trainer M5 or M7 (Because the M3 doesn’t have that setting) will automatically calibrate it’s resistance level during your workout and will assure you burn the most fat possible.

This smart technology is why the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 and M7 are more pricey than the M3. If you decide to purchase the M3, you’ll save close to $700, but you’ll have to manually adjust the resistance with a small knob. Keep in mind, that’s only if you don’t want to spend the extra money to buy the heart monitoring, smart resistance technology that would maximize your workouts, which is featured in the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 and M7.

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Conclusion – Will I Be Satisfied With My Bowflex Max Trainer?

Bowflex Max Trainer

Although the Bowflex Max Trainer series has excellent customer reviews and overwhelming positive feedback, it’s not something many will get to have, mainly because it’s so expensive. Even though it’s been praised in massive media outlets like GQ, Men’s Fitness, and USA Today. Recent, professional reviewers left promising words after trying the Max Trainer themselves, “It’s a new way to exercise at home, it’s not the gym experience, but it incorporates a real way to do your cardio at home and while saving your joints from cold jogs. ”

There was a claim that was made when the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 was initially released, it was said that with the M5 you could burn almost three times more calories than with other fitness equipment. Although it’s manufactured by a long-time trusted fitness company, it’s hard to believe such a far fetched claim, but the Bowflex customer reviews say otherwise and its transformations speak for themselves.

Just remember, there’s elliptical’s that are cheaper than Bowflex and can probably do an equally good job, but they’ll require a lot more work from you. If you wanted to save even more money than an elliptical, you could get a gym membership for less than $20 a month, which is a lot cheaper than the middle level Bowflex Max Trainer M5. You could also set up a home gym, make the initial investment of less than $500 and purchase all the gym equipment you need, like dumbbells and a bench, and it would last you a lifetime.

If you think that a Bowflex Max Trainer or Bowflex Treadmill is the right choice for you, than be certain that you’re making the right decision because it’s an expensive to ship back and return for a refund. Keep in mind, you’re investing into yourself. Not all of us have time to go to the gym, but everyone has at least 15 minutes to exercise with the Bowflex that’s in their home.