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DOCTOR’S ADVICE: Substitute Cellucor HD for a proven fat burner like Phen375 for better results.

Cellucor Super HD is a popular fat burning supplement that can promote weight loss and mental health. Supposedly it will boost energy, control appetite cravings and raise the metabolism. However there are some customers that report they felt unwanted side effects and many of the Super HD ingredients unresearched.

There are lots of weight loss supplements on the market, most of them don’t work, but there are some that actually work and are very powerful. Cellucor Super HD has many customers who report successful results with it and many users that claim it’s effective. So it’s plausible that you’ll get great results as well.

What you’re probably wondering is: “How much fat can I burn with Cellucor Super HD and is it safe ?” In this review we’ve covered those questions and will help you decide if this fat burning pill is ideal for you.

In our Cellucor Super HD review we compare pros and cons, how much fat you can burn, potential side effects, ingredients analysis, and all that you need to know.

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Can Cellucor Super HD Burn Your Fat ?


There are some consumers who don’t believe in fat burning pills but those who have tried Cellucor HD report that it’s powerful and effective at burning fat. Although a small percentage of reviews claim that they suffered bothersome side effects, so you must decide if the results are worth the risk.

Many users report that they lost up to fifteen pounds in only two months and saw noticeable changes in their waist size. Basically this supplement will raise the metabolism and turn on the body’s natural fat burning abilities, which will make the body burn fat even while its sleeping.

Those who try Cellucor HD claim that they feel more daily energy and have more focus. This is probably because Caffeine is one of its ingredients. Some customers even say that they feel a decrease in junk food cravings and see noticeable results in the first month.

Cellucor Super HD comes in capsules or powder form that will quickly break down in the stomach and offload the stored ingredients. So Super HD will release the ingredients as soon as its swallowed and can be taken before workouts for a quick boost in energy.

Pros vs. Cons


3 Pros

While taking this fat burning pill you can expect results such as:

  • Effective Fat Loss – Based off what many user reviews have reported, supposedly this is an effective fat burner but at the cost of having unwanted potential side effects. However if you drink lots of water you’ll prevent side effects.
  • Promotes Mental Health – There are additional ingredients in Cellucor Super HD that are nootropics and help with weight loss fatigue. These ingredients help boost mental energy, concentration and support memory.
  • Can Control Junk Food Cravings – The ingredients in this supplement will make you feel good and tell your brain that you’re full. This will prevent unwanted food cravings and help you eat less.

3 Cons

There’s always some cons to consider with weight loss supplements:

  • Unstudied Ingredients – Many of the ingredients in this weight loss supplement are unstudied and have very little research. Luckily the formula has a couple of ingredients that have been researched and proven to be effective.
  • Potential Side Effects – There is a large list of ingredients in this supplement, so the potential for side effects is high. Although users report that they’ve had successful results, others claim that it has side effects.
  • Drink Lots of Water – This supplement contains diuretic ingredients like caffeine and can cause sweating. So its best to stay hydrated and drink as much water as possible. This will also flush everything safely through the liver.

Cellucor Super HD was released in 2013 and is a best selling fat burning pill. It’s sold in a package of 60 or 120 capsules and has a money back satisfaction guarantee. So you can try it and don’t have to worry about hassle if you return it.

Cellucor Super HD Reviews & Before and After Results


The Cellucor Super HD before and after results and customer reviews shown below will give you a real idea and perspective of what you can expect from this supplement. Most of the customer reviews shared these results:

  • Burn Belly Fat – This fat burning pill will raise the metabolism and reduce food cravings. You’ll eat less and your body will burn more daily calories, which is the perfect combination to burning away fat.
  • Eat Less Junk Food  – Super HD doesn’t control only junk food cravings but rather it stunts all food cravings by telling the brain your full. This will create a controlled deficit of calories, it will help you lose weight and you won’t even feel that you’re hungry.

You can expect similar results to the customer reviews shown below and if you’re not happy with the results than you return Super Hd with its money back guarantee. So you’re guaranteed to lose weight or they’ll quickly refund you.

Super HD Review #1 – Real Customer on Forum


Super HD Review #2 – Honest Customer on YouTube

Super HD Review #3 – Customers on Feedback Website

“I’ve tried multiple GNC weight loss supplements and bought a fat burning powder from Amazon.com, but the weight came back on as soon as I stopped using them. I think I’m happy with Cellucor Super HD because it’s been almost two months now and the weight hasn’t came back like it always did before. My husband tells me that I look so much skinnier and he’s always trying to spank my bottom now. We’re more sexually activate and I think it’s because I look more attractive to him. Whether it’s the pills, gym or my trainer something is working and I’m happy.”

 – Susan Benson, Nurse, Richmond, Texas

“So I bought the Cellucor fat burner because my coworker was telling me about her Super HD weight loss journey and it sounded like she was getting results. Well it’s been a month now and I can confirm that this supplement is alright. It did not give me a mental boost but it did control my cravings and I’ve lost twelve pounds this month. So it’s worked and I can see my waist slimmer, but my complaint is that I keep get mild sweats and my palms are sweaty which is probably caused by all the Caffeine. It’s worth it though because my results are here.” 

Scott Lucas, Fireman, Reno, California

“After first I did not want to use this supplement because I was going to go with Hydroxycut but I was online reading cellucor super hd reviews and it looked promising. The only reason I didn’t buy Hydroxycut instead is because they’re known for jitteriness and Caffeine related side effects. So I compared the two and saw that Super HD had less caffeine. Although I do feel the caffeine when I take it and at first it was unpleasant but I’m used to it now and am losing weight so I’m happy.”

 Albert Jackson, Blogger, Flagstaff, Arizona

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How Does Super HD Work & Ingredients Analysis


Cellucor Super HD works by conjoining the effectiveness of its many ingredients to create one super-potent beneficial effect. The many ingredients work to raise the hearts rate which will cause the body to burn more calories, relax the mind to soothe any hunger cravings, and boost daily energy to make the body more active.

Super HD will trick your body into burning away unwanted fat, help reduce food cravings so that you eat less throughout the day and relax the mind to ease over the weight loss process.

The main ingredients in this formula that have been proven effective are:

  1. Caffeine – This stimulant will boost energy and make the body more active. This results in more daily calories burned. It’s a win/win because you have more energy and burn more calories.
  2. Rhodiola – This ingredient will help the body heal faster from physical fatigue and is a powerful herb that improves mental health. It increases the amount of dopamine in the brain to improve the mood and another chemical that helps muscles heal.
  3. IFAS503 – Made of a blend of three amino acids, this strange sounding mixture will raise the metabolism and tell the body to burn fat. It tricks the body into thinking it’s overloaded with fat and tells the body to begin burning it away.
  4. Capsimax – A thermogenic ingredient made from chili’s, it will raise the internal body tempature and make the body hotter. Imagine the feeling after you eat a hot meal but more subtle and not noticeable. This effect will make the body burn more calories and raise the metabolism.
  5. Yohimbe Extract – There is only a little research that this ingredient is effective, but it has been taken by African tribes for many years and is believed to improve blood flow. Supposedly it also can stop the body from entering a lethargic state when eating a low calorie diet and will keep the body burning many calories.

There are too many ingredients in Super HD to list, so we only analyzed the most effective and proven ingredients. However the other unproven ingredients are untested and have zero proof that they work.

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Does Cellucor Super HD Have Side Effects ?


The Cellucor Super HD ingredients are natural and when taken individually are very safe. However there are so many different ingredients in Super HD that it makes side effects more possible. Around 90% of Super HD customer reviews said they felt fine, but there’s always that 10% that claim they had unwanted side effects.

The users who claim they felt side effects said that for the first few days they felt unwanted side effects and then after the second week they stopped. The side effects they reported were nonharmful and very basic like dry mouth and high jittery energy. If you do feel these symptoms they usually stop after the second week or sooner once your body builds a tolerance.

The potential for side effects with natural ingredients is very minor. However if for watever reason you think that you’re feeling side effects than don’t be alarmed because they will pass in a few days. Drinking lots of water will help prevent side effects and flush all the ingredients from the body.

Fat burning supplements are only for adults and not for anyone younger than 18. If you suffer from any heart conditions than you may want to ask your doctor if supplements with stimulant ingredients are safe for you. Overall this is a very safe supplement and you should feel confident that you have nothing to worry about.

You’ll accomplish your weight loss goals and get the best look if you combine this weight loss pill with a workout routine and healthy diet. You cannot depend on this supplement to do all the work, gym exercise and proper nutrition are mandatory. You have to put in lots of effort and this supplement will act as a catalyst to enhance the amount of effort you put towards losing weight.

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Best Place to Purchase Cellucor Super HD


The best place to purchase Cellucor Super HD is from the Amazon website. They offer the most affordable price available and a satisfaction guarantee on each purchase. So you’re promised satisfactory results or Amazon will refund your money.

  • Safe – Although there are many ingredients in this weight loss supplement, they are all natural and any possible side effects that you could experience are mild at worst.
  • Powerful Fat Burner – The Cellucor Super HD customer reviews all report that they noticed a decrease in hunger, felt a boost in energy and had an easier time burning fat. The final before and after results for many users was up to twenty pounds lost in three months.
  • Satisfaction Promised – If you make your purchase through the official website they guarantee you’ll be satisfied or your money back. They are confident that they can promise you results and feel strong about their supplements effectiveness.

If you’ve ever visited inside of a GNC store than you’ve probably seen the Cellucor brand. They are even sold in Wal-mart and Target but the best vendor is Amazon.com. They have discreet and safe shipping on every package with a satisfaction guarantee and great customer support.

This supplement is worth a try but there are definately better alternatives available like Phen375.

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