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Pro Clinical is the #1 best selling supplement from the Hydroxycut brand, which is one of the most popular supplement brands available. After the original popularity for Hydroxycut, its manufacturers began making its formula into new supplements, like a gummy and powder Hydroxycut. Now this brand and its supplements are some of the most successful selling on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe or worth the money.

The success of Hydroxycut often causes people to overlook the brands darker history, in the past the FDA was forced to warn customers to stop taking Hydroxycut supplements and its manufacturers had to issue a recall for many of their supplements. There were also medical cases of users who suffered serious liver damage, as well as one death, which caused a movement for stricter rules on dietary supplements and more complete safety tests.

Most shoppers will buy whichever fat burner everyone else is taking, these shoppers that buy “what’s popular” create a lot of sales for Hydroxycut. As of this year, they sell over 1 million supplements a year and over 17% of Americans have tried it. But if these consumers spent some time to research, they would know that the FDA had to ban it in 2004 and again in 2009. This is a huge warning signal, yet consumers continue to take Hydroxycut supplements like Pro Clinical and report good results, so we’ve discovered if taking Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is really worth its risk.

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What’s Better Than Hydroxycut Pro Clinical?

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What Is Hydroxycut Pro Clinical All About?

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical retails at many different stores including Wal-Mart and GNC, it’s also available online. It has a variety of online retailers like Bodybuilding.com and Target.com, but Amazon.com offers the best price. If you do buy it online, it’s less than $20 on Amazon, which is the cheapest price available.

Pro Clinical has an excellent cost for its value, each bottle contains 72 caplets and it only requires taking two caplets a day. Its manufacturers recommend taking one caplet for the first few days, to assess the body’s tolerance, afterwards it’s two pills a day, so each bottle comes out to around a 38 day supply. If you do buy Pro Clinical through Amazon.com you’ll pay less than $20, that’s only $0.25 cents a serving, which is an excellent cost for its overall value.

If you look at the cost per serving of Pro Clinical its actually one of the cheapest name brand supplements on the market, but that’s only if you buy it online and not at the full retail price. Just remember, even though you can get a great deal that doesn’t mean that its effective or works well with your body. Hydroxycut supplements are known to contain stimulants that can cause discomforting side effects for certain users. We’ve compiled two customer reviews of Pro Clinical, so that you can hear honest feedback and see a first hand experience with it.

Many customer Hydroxycut Pro Clinical reviews said positive things, “I received a bottle of Hydroxycut Pro Clinical and have been using it for 2 weeks. My diet is clean, but I rarely ever make it to the gym. The only new change has been the incorporation of the Hydroxycut. Now the scale is starting to go down and I havent experienced any side effects. Looks like its doing what its supposed to. Solid product. I’d recommend buying a bottle if you’re looking to cut down.

But some customer Hydroxycut Pro Clinical reviews said gloomy things, “I bought this product and used as it was directed, and I’m sorry to say that it is a waste of money. It didn’t give me energy. I actually noticed a dramatic decrease in energy. They made me very tired, nauseous, and made my brain feel foggy. I can’t say if this is the case with everyone. This product yielded negative results for me but yielded positive for others. However I do not recommend this product.”

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Max for Women Supplement Reviews and Ingredient What Is

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Max for Women 

After Pro Clinical became the #1 best selling Hydroxycut supplement, its manufacturers expanded the series with the addition of Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Max for Women. Basically its a new gender specific fat burner, but we discovered that it uses the nearly same ingredients as the first Pro Clinical.

To maximize profit from the Pro Clinical series its manufacturers also created a non-stimulant Pro Clinical, which they claim can be used with other fat burners. However we recommend that you never combine supplements and for your safety ignore any other suggestions. If you’re thinking about buying the non-stimulant Pro Clinical, keep in mind because of its lack of stimulant ingredients it will have less fat burning power than its regular version.

The Pro Clinical supplement series uses the marketing statements “Over 95 Million Bottles Sold” and “Scientifically Researched Ingredients” on each bottle and package, but it’s a slight bend of the truth. All together Hydroxycut has sold over 95 million supplements, but the packaging makes it sound like they’ve sold 95 million Pro Clinical which is not true. Although it does contain scientifically researched ingredients, that’s only true for about half of the ingredients. To really understand how Pro Clinical works and burns fat we have break down its ingredients, which we’ve done in the next sections.

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How Does Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Work?

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical works by using the power of its unique “7 ingredients formula”, which is free of chemicals but some of its ingredients are potent stimulants that can adversely affect some first time takers. If you want to avoid potential side effects you have to build your tolerance to stimulants, just drink 1 cup of coffee a day for one week before taking this supplement and you won’t notice any discomfort from its stimulant ingredients.

We discovered that Hydroxycut Pro Clinical basically uses the same ingredients as other Hydroxycut supplements. There are some variations in each Hydroxycut supplement but overall it seems they’re consistently made from the same batch of ingredients. All of the Hydroxycut products feature and work by using Caffeine (unless it’s a non-stimulant formula), coffee bean extract and some variation of ketones, which continue to produce good results based off of consumer reviews.

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Supplement and Ingredient Review

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical’s New Package Design

The formula of Pro Clinical categorizes its ingredients into 2 different groups, “Hydroxycut Matrix” and “Hydroxyboost”. The more important group is Hydroxycut Matrix, it’s a blend of key fat burning ingredients that make Pro Clinical work and burn fat.  “Hydroxyboost” boosts energy and features ingredients like Caffeine, but does not contain any fat burning ingredients which are strictly in the Matrix Blend.

The main fat burning ingredient in Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is “Robusta Coffee Extra”, which is 1 of the 4 ingredients that make the “Hydroxycut Matrix” blend. The other three ingredients are Caprica Papaya, Blackberry ketones, and Saffron Extract, but only the Robusta Coffee Extract has had clinical studies. Scientist investigated the effectiveness of Coffee Extract, they performed 2 clinical trials and found it to boost thermogensis by three times, this was affirmed in a peer reviewed study and then published, so we know it’s true.

Muscletech is the creator of the Hydroxycut brand.

The good part is that Muscletech (the creators of Hydroxycut) is fully transparent with the ingredients that are in their products. They have a full disclosure on all their supplements, this is a good sign because as a supplement company they keep no secrets, which makes it easier for a consumer to trust what they’re buying.

Unfortunately many supplement companies are dishonest and have created a bad reputation for weight loss supplements. Some companies are not completely transparent with their ingredients, other times they’ll bend the truth and make false claims. Hydroxycut isn’t perfect either, the FDA banned several Hydroxycut formulas in 2004 and again in 2009 for using dangerous ingredients, but now they’ve changed how they operate truthfully and maintain a strict full disclosure policy on all their supplements.

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What’s Better Than Hydroxycut Pro Clinical?

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How Does Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Burn Fat?

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical burns fat by using the four fat burning ingredients that make up its “Hydroxycut Matrix blend”. The blend features one main fat burning ingredient, the other three ingredients are just for support but they’ll help burn fat as well. Together the four ingredients make Pro Clinical burn fat by reducing cravings and boosting the metabolism, which causes fat to oxidize and burn faster than normal.

The main fat burning ingredient in Pro Clinical, “Robusta Coffee Extract”, is used in many different supplements and has multiple scientific studies backing its effectiveness. Unfortunately the other ingredients in Pro Clinical have not received as much attention from researchers and have no scientific backing that they work and are effective. So to fully comprehend how Pro Clinical works and burns fat, we have to analyze its 4 fat burning ingredients.

Robusta Coffee Extract – This coffee extract is made of coffee beans which have not been processed or cooked, and because of this, they contain a a higher level of CLA (Chlorogenic Acid). CLA is known to enhance and improve the bodies ability to burn fat. In a case study volunteers took Robusta Coffee Extract for 60 days and lost an average of 11 lbs, versus the test group that did not take the ingredient and only lost an average 5 lbs. For two months both groups followed the same exercise routine and diet, this ingredient was the only difference and the results speak for themselves.

Blackberry Ketones – Blackberry ketones are what give  Blackberries their sweet smell and flavor. They also have a molecular build that’s similar to  two other powerful fat burning ingredients. When taking Blackberry ketones they will make fat cells break down, and reduce the possibility of many diseases. In a case study scientists gave high doses of BB ketones to rats and found the ketones improved their ability to burn fat, but currently there are no case studies involving humans, so there’s still many uncertainties with this ingredient.

Caprica Papaya – This ingredient will help improve digestion, detoxify the body and reduce the amount of fat we digest throughout the day. It fights obesity and makes the stomach flatter because it contains a special enzyme that helps prevent the absorption of dietary fat, which controls excess body fat and is very helpful with weight loss.

Saffron Extract – Saffron Extract is a natural appetite suppressant, it increases the brain’s serotonin levels, which makes us feel happy and full so that we less. By feeling more full we have less hunger less cravings throughout the day, and will consume less food or rather “daily calories”. That’s the trick to how Saffron extract helps with weight loss, it helps by preventing it from ever happening in the first place, it will cause the user to not want to eat extra or comfort food that they normally would.

This supplement categorizes its ingredients into 2 different groups, the fat burning group and energy boosting group. The energy boosting group contains stimulants like Caffeine and concentration boosters, but for the purpose of understanding how Pro Clinical burns fat, we’ve only broke down its fat burning ingredients. Overall both groups of ingredients are well picked and solid choices, which is why would we conclude this fat burner as “well-built”.

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Does Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Have Any Side Effects?

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is made of 7 different ingredients, the good part is that they are chemical free, but some are potent stimulants which can cause unpleasant side effects. Pro Clinical has a small chance of side effects, even though its made with a chemical free formula. So to prevent most side effects we recommend that you build your tolerance to its stimulant ingredients, just drink a cup of coffee each day, for one week before taking Pro Clinical and your body will develop the tolerance it needs to combat the common stimulant “jitter” side effects.

If your body dislikes the feeling of stimulants like Caffeine than you may not want to take Pro Clinical because their formula uses Caffeine amongst other stimulants. If you’re thinking of buying the non-stimulant Pro Clinical, you’ll miss out on a lot of extra fat burning power that the stimulant ingredients provide and you should probably reconsider finding a different fat burner.

There is a slight possibility of some side effects like dry sweat, mild mouth watering, and an elevated heart rate. Most side effects are temporary and last less than 3 days. These temporary side effects are not harmful and will stop once your body creates a stronger tolerance to Pro Clinical. Keep in mind if you have any heart conditions or have an expected child, you should not consume this fat burner. There can be very negative side effects, especially if the user has a severe reaction. If you suddenly feel nausea, blurred vision, reoccurring insomnia or loss of breath, you should seek medical help and ask a physician if Pro Clinical is right for you.

If you are not at least eighteen years of age or older, you should not take Pro Clinical and it should never be combined with other fat burners. It should not be taken with any prescription medication or if you have a medical illness. This fat burner should only be taken after a full meal, it will help keep your stomach safe and if you drink more water you’ll protect your liver from any potential damage. Drinking more water will also help remove most unwanted side effects.

Pro Clinical should be taken in conjunction with a solid workout plan and nutritious diet, you will see the fastest results with this combined effort. This fat burner is effective and capable of provoking weight loss, but it will still require hard work on your part. To look younger and leaner, you have to burn your body’s fat to reveal its true aesthetics, so following a diet with a caloric deficit while exercising and taking Pro Clinical, you’ll lose weight faster than you’ve ever done before.

If you want to know what diet to follow, click our text link and see our blog post, “Healthy 1,500 Calorie Diet Meal Plan For Any Fat Burner

Where Do I Buy Hydroxycut Pro Clinical?


  • You’ll lose weight faster than just dieting alone
  • Very cheap online price its less than $20 on Amazon.com
  • Contains weight loss ingredients scientifically proven to be effective


  • Storefront retailers can overcharge so buy it online
  • May cause a faster heart rate so ask a doctor if its right for you
  • Some takers said its essentially a caffeine pill that causes the jitters

The best place to purchase Hydroxycut Pro clinical is from Amazon.com, they offer the best price available, they also carry the non-stimulant Pro Clinical. Those who purchase it from GNC will pay almost $40 and gold card members only save an extra $2. If you rather save 50% or more on your purchase, you’ll need to buy it from Amazon.com. You’ll find the link to Amazon by clicking the “Visit Site” button just below.