Lipo Stricton Review

Lipo Stricton is a thermogenic fat burner made with a day and night formula. It’s made with an AM and PM pill for 24/7 fat loss. The manufacturers believe this is the best approach to weight loss.

Lipo Stricton works around the clock to boost the metabolism indefinitely. The nighttime formula will not disrupt sleep and is stimulant free. But taking any supplement while sleeping is alarming.

What sounds like the perfect supplement may be a scam. The Lipo Stricton website is expired and needs renewal. Who the manufacturer is, is also very unclear. Supposedly, it’s RightWay nutrtion. But that’s nowhere on the packaging.

What Is Lipo Stricton All About?

Lipo Stricton is a super thermogenic that claims RightWay nutrition is the manufacturer. But the RightWay nutrition website does not list any information regarding Lipo Stricton. But it still retails at GNC for $99.99.

Compared to many other supplements, Lipo Stricton is very pricey. There are supplements we review with the same ingredients and at a much better price. The cost of Lipo Stricton makes its overall value for price, very poor.

There’s something odd about Lipo Stricton, the manufacturer is unknown. Some websites claim it’s made by RightWay nutrition. But there’s zero information on the RightWay website insinuating they are the creators and the package label only displays an expired website. It does not list any ingredients or manufacturer information.

The idea of a supplement with a night and day approach to fat loss sounds great. But we need more information on the manufacturer to see if they are credible and breakdown on how the ingredients work.

Whether you are a newcomer to diet supplements or have tried a product that didn’t work, we recommend that you give Phen375 a chance.

How Does Lipo Stricton Work?

Lipo Stricton works by using a day time pill and a nighttime pill. The pills work together for a 24/7 around the clock approach to fat loss and help burn fat two different ways.

The day time pill turns on the bodies fat burning mode and boost the metabolism and energy. The nighttime pill contains thermogenic ingredients that burn calories while you sleep and sleep aids to reduce sleep related side effects.

“Day Time Formula” 850 mg – The day time formula is mainly made of natural stimulants and energy boosters. The increase in energy causes the body to burn more calories than at normal energy levels.

The majority of customer reviews noticed a huge boost in energy. “I love this product that it gave me the energy I need without getting jittery” and ” First day of taking it, I felt a major rush of energy.” These Lipo Stricton reviews are from the GNC website.

“Nighttime Formula” 1310 mg – The night time formula is made of a mix of sleep aids, blood sugar regulators, and anti-oxidants. The improved sleep will repair damaged muslce tissue, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

There was only one customer review regarding the night time pill. But the review we did find was positive.  “I love the PM formula with it. I felt like I had the best nights sleep ever.” This Lipo Stricton review is from the GNC website.

Two different formulas means Lipo Stricton has double the ingredients of most supplements. Keep in mind, the benefit of an extra 12 hours of weight loss is offset by the double chance of side effects.

How Does Lipo Stricton Burn Fat?

Lipo Stricton burns fat two different ways. Its AM and PM formula work differently because they are both made of different fat burning ingredients. The breakdown of each formulas key ingredients will explain how fat is burned.

The day time formula features 5 key ingredients and the nighttime formula features 4 key ingredients. Some of these ingredients have clinical studies. But the majority are unstudied.

Day Time Formula

Acacia Rigidula Extract – It’s a very powerful natural stimulant that reduces the appetite and contains over 40 active compounds. Acai Rigidula boosts the metabolism by dilating blood vessels, increasing the heart rate and pulse rate.

Caffeine – The worlds most used drug and a central nervous stimulant. Boosts energy and focus. The increase in energy cause the body to burn more calories than normal. But some users did report feeling “jitteriness”.

Citrus Aurantium – Citrus Aurantim is better known as Bitter Orange. Its a potent stimulant and appetite suppressant. But its active compound has been related to serious side effects and even death.

L-Arginine – L-arginine synthesizes in the body into a compound called nitric oxide. It causes the blood vessels to open wide and release insulin, growth hormone, and other compounds that restore muscle tissue.

Yohimbe – No studies proving an effective weight loss ingredient. Its used to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing blood pressure. But it’s not safe because strokes and heart attacks have been reported.

Night time Formula

Cinnamon Extract –  The oils exacted from Cinnamon bark can reduce muscle spasms, stimulate the appetite, and clam the body. It’s also used to treat low blood sugar because of it’s insulin like properties.

Fenugreek Extract – Fenugreek seed assists with digestion, it’s believed to help detoxify the body and help with weight loss by slowing down digestion, which curves the appetite. It’s also consumed for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid – “GABA” is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, it’s used to calm nervous activity in the brain, also known as stress. It’s been used as a supplement for years and sold as a natural neuro tranquilizer.

Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil – “MCTs” are partially man made fats. They  help decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Multiple studies have backed the consumption of MCT oil as a fat burning supplement.

The day time formula contains an abundant amount of stimulants, which cause the energy boost to burn more calories. The nighttime formula claims to be a thermogenic formula. But it’s more of a sleep aid and muscle repair formula.

Does Lipo Stricton Have Any Side Effects?

This supplement should be taken by healthy adults who are eighteen or older. If you have been prescribed medication or have any medical illness, consult your doctor or nurse prior to use. Never take longer than 2 months or mix with alcohol. Do not use if pregnant or planning to be.

Users reported mild side effects like increased heart beat, dry mouth, mild sweat, jitteriness, alertness, and increased energy. These side effects are not harmful and can be ignored.

There’s a rare chance that users may experience side effects like head pains, stress, anxiety, dizziness, loss of breath, and insomnia. Discontinue use if you experience any of these side effects because there can be an increased chance of stroke or heart attack.

It’s great to burn fat throughout the day and at night while you sleep. But that’s double the chance of side effects, unlike other 12 hour only fat burners. Taking any supplement while you sleep is a decision you should research and deeply consider.

Where Do I Buy Lipo Stricton?

The best place to purchase Lipo Stricton is from Amazon. You’ll receive the lowest price available. But this supplement is most likely made by a company that no longer exists or it’s a scam that’s still running.

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