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Meratol is a metabolism boosting diet pill; which gained quite a bit of attention through celebrity endorsement, and received unprecedented media exposure in the UK.

Meratol diet pills are made with four clinically proven ingredients, these ingredients work in conjunction to burn your unwanted fat. They’ll boost the bodies metabolism and increase daily energy.

This is a risk free purchase with a 2 month money back guarantee offered, but if it actually works and isn’t just another over talked diet pill is questionable, we’ll find out for you.

In this review we will investigate whether this diet pill is legitimate, and if it’s safe to use.

What Is Meratol All About?

Meratol is a powerful herbal alternative to chemical weight loss pills, the makers claim users can expect to lose 2-5 lbs of fat a week.

Meratol aims to address both sides of the dieting equation, increasing the number of calories burned and reducing the amount of calories consumed. Such an approach has been recommended by health professionals, and shown to be the most successful way to lose weight.

To know what it can really do we must look at the 4 main ingredients.

  1. Capsicum Extract increases the metabolic rate at which calories are burned by up to 12 times.
  2. Brown Seaweed Extract  reduces the rate at which fat is stored.
  3. Prickly pear extract significantly reduces calories consumed from fats in the diet.
  4. Cactus Fruit Extract is an effective natural appetite suppressant.

It would seem there are a number of quality ingredients, three of those ingredients even have clinical studies suggesting weight loss is possible .

Overall, a decent supplement; keep in mind, a diet should be maintained whilst using the pills, they do have their limitations. When combined with a low-fat diet and regular exercise, any weight loss goal is achievable.

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How Does Meratol Work?

Meratol effectively boosts the body’s metabolism, this boost causes unwanted fat to burn off faster than normal. Meratol also contains appetite suppressing and fat binding properties, which block dietary fats from being absorbed and reduce one’s appetite.

Meratol’s effectiveness comes from it’s four ingredients, which  work in conjunction to support weight loss. Capsicum extract is a fat burner, Brown Seaweed and Prickly Pear extract are both fat binders, and Cactus Fruit extract is an appetite suppressant.

To fully understand how it all works we’ve broke down all four ingredients and the classifications they fall under.

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Fat Burner & Fat Binder

Meratol was made with two fat fighting compounds, a fat burner(Capsicum extract) and two fat binders (Brown Seaweed and Prickly Pear extract).

Fat binders prevent dietary fat from being digested and instead are excreted out of the body. Therefore, no extra fat is absorbed by your body, allowing you to focus on burning your bodies stored fats. The binded fats also take longer to digest and excrete, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Fat burners increase the bodies core temperature. This creates a ‘thermogenic burn’, the temperature increase requires more energy. This heat forces the body to work harder to cool itself down, burning calories in the process.

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Appetite Suppressant

Most people find the hardest part about losing weight is dieting, Dieting is easy for the first few days until the body recognizes the decrease in food, and begins intensifying cravings. Cactus Fruit Extract is a natural appetite suppressant that has been effectively used for centuries to fight off cravings.

Cactus Fruit Extract achieves weight loss by suppressing the appetite; by decreasing daily cravings, you’ll both eat less during the day, and no longer have the urge to eat as heavily.

Drinking water also suppresses cravings, 8 cups of water daily combined with Meratol will stop even the worst cravings.

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Does Meratol Have Any Side Effects?

The ingredients in are 100% natural and should not cause any negative side effects. However, if you are suffering from a heart condition, are pregnant or breast feeding, it’s suggested you consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Users have reports feeling

  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Reduced Hunger Cravings

Consumers who have reported good and bad results have not reported any serious side effects.

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Where Do I Buy Meratol?

You should purchase Meratol from the official website. It’s the best way to guarantee you receive the real product and at the best price.