Musclepharm FitMiss Burn Review

Many of us want to lose weight and thought about using FitMiss Burn. It retails worldwide and has a large following of users. The customer reviews are generally positive, but some users had complaints.

The creators of Fitmiss Burn claim it’s a super concentrated weight loss supplement that’s made for the needs of a female athlete, but we’ve discovered its formula is exactly the same as another fat burner. 

The only difference between two supplements is the packaging and the genders they market too.

There is little about FitMiss that makes it specifically for women. It markets to women because it’s easier to sell as a gender specific fat burner. It looks like FitMiss is an old supplement that’s being repackaged and sold to a new market, because it uses almost the same exact ingredients as an older discontinued supplement.

What Is FitMiss Burn All About?

FitMiss Burn is made by Musclepharm, it retails worldwide through many retailers, some of these retailers include Wal-mart, GNC, and Wal-greens. It’s very easy to find in almost any city, but find you’ll best price at Amazon.

The good part is FitMiss Burn has great value and low cost. Its one month supply contains 45 servings, so if you’re not happy with the results at least you didn’t spend a lot of money.

 If you purchase this supplement from anywhere other than Amazon you’ll have to pay the normal retail price, but at GNC with a gold card you’ll get a special price of $34.99.

The manufacturer Musclepharm sells a supplement called Shred Matrix, which they’ve repackaged and now sell as FitMiss Burn. FitMiss Burn has the same ingredients as Shred Matrix, they both use the same formula but just at different doses. In the end FitMiss is not really made “only for women”, it’s basically Shred Matrix and clever marketing.

Sarah Jameson, Nurse, Folsom CA, “I love this product! Combined with my diet and exercise program, it helps curb my cravings, I have more energy and lose weight. For me, it works best to take only before breakfast, as I noticed that when I took both for breakfast and lunch, I had a difficult time falling asleep at night. I highly recommend FitMiss to feel less hungry and speed up weight loss results, it did for me.”

Ryan Smiff, Janitor, Boston MA, “I don’t have too much to say about this product. I ordered FitMiss about 3 weeks ago because I was looking for a fat burner and it had pretty good reviews. It doesn’t give me energy and I’ve been taking it as recommended for a few weeks now. Haven’t seen zero results. I eat like normal, drink at least a gallon of water a day and work out 6 times a week. Don’t think this is right for me.

FitMiss Burn claims it will boost the metabolism, reduce cravings and increase energy levels, but these are only claims. Musclepharm is known to make good supplements, but they’re also known to be overpriced. So to know if FitMiss is worth its cost we must investigate its formula and break down the ingredients, to know if it’s effective.

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

Where Do I Buy Fitmiss Burn?

The best place to purchase Fitmiss is from Amazon, because you’ll receive the lowest price available.

How Does FitMiss Burn Work?

FitMiss Burn claims it works by using a six stage fat loss system, each stage activates in sequential order and releases two to four key ingredients, and each stage is responsible for inducing a different weight loss effect.

The manufacturers suggest stage 1 and 2 raises the metabolism and energy.

Stage 3 reduces the appetite and begins burning fat, stage 4 calms the nerves and mood, and Stage 5 and 6 are diuretics. Some of the many benefits from taking this product are better digestion, more focus and and increased energy to prevent weight loss fatigue.

But we discovered FitMiss Burn does not have any stages. It does not work as described because the ingredients do not release at different stages. It’s more like all the different ingredients release in the stomach all at once. That’s false advertising and lying about how a product works. FitMiss  reviews suggest it’s a fat burner with 37 weight loss ingredients, with that many ingredients, one of them should work, right? Well, that’s their idea at least.


  • It retails at a great price of only 29.99 through Amazon
  • There are many positive Fitmiss reviews online
  • The diuretics help reduce water retention and prevent the bloated look.
  • Each bottle contains forty five servings instead of the usual thirty.


  • No money back guarantee
  • Some Fitmiss reviews suggested mild side effects for first 3 days
  • The manufacturers lied about featuring a six stage fat loss system
  • Too many ingredients that can increase chance of side effects

“A Caloric Deficit Will Quickly Burn Fat”

The key to successful weight loss is eating less calories than your body burns for the day. If your body burns 2,000 calories a day, and you only eat 1,500 calories for the day, than you’re at a daily deficit of 500 calories and you’re losing weight.

You cannot expect to lose weight if you’re overeating. If you eat 3,000 calories but your body only burns 1,800 calories for that day, than you’ve ate a 1,200 calorie surplus and will gain weight.

The goal is to take FitMiss Burn under the right conditions, to further promote weight loss, so you should follow a healthy low-carb diet plan and a solid compound workout routine while taking FitMiss.

FitMiss Burn has more ingredients than most supplements we review, some of the ingredients are effective and have clinical studies, but the other ingredients have zero scientific evidence that they are effective. We’ve broke down the the key ingredients that you should know about, so you can further understand how FitMiss burns fat.

How Does FitMiss Burn remove Fat?

FitMiss Burn burns fat with a few select fat burning ingredients from its formula, there are a total of thirty seven ingredients in the formula that support weight loss, but only a couple of these ingredients are capable of burning fat off.

The formula features fifteen key ingredients, the creators claim there are 2-3 key ingredients that release throughout different stages of the pill, along with other weight loss supporting ingredients, but we discovered FitMiss does not have stages and the ingredients will all release at once in the stomach.

We’ve picked the ingredients that are responsible for burning fat and have broke them down in our fitmiss reviews, so that you can see how they burn fat and if they’re effective.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine is the worlds most used stimulant and psychoactive compound. The consumption of caffeine causes lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats, it also increases focus and energy, but prolonged use of Caffeine will dampen its weight loss effects.

Green Tea Extract – There are multiple studies confirming that Green Tea Extract can induce weight loss. It contains an antioxidant that’s found in green tea and will induce weight loss when combined with caffeine, the two compounds work together in synergy to burn fat. But Green Tea Extract is not effective by itself or by people who have a high tolerance to caffeine.

Raspberry Ketones – The Dr. OZ television show boosted the popularity of this weight loss ingredient during a televised segment called “Raspberry Ketones: Miracle fat-burner” Raspberry Ketones are thought to increase the metabolism and affects a hormone responsible for the breakdown of fat. But there is no reliable scientific evidence that suggests it aids in weight loss when taken by humans.

Yohimbine HCL – A study in 2006 revealed that using Yohimbine will not increase strength or aid in muscle growth, but it will significantly aid in fat reduction and weight loss. It has a powerful stimulant effect and should not be taken by those who can not handle stimulants. Yohimbine is a very popular weight loss ingredient and many supplement use it in their formula, it’s like taking multiple Redbulls at once, the boost in energy will help burn excess calories.

The ingredients are typical and used in many other supplements, but at .66c a serving, it’s much cheaper than many other supplements. Some of the ingredients do contain chemicals, this can increase the chance of side effects and some Fitmiss reviews did report mild side effects.

Safety rules should be followed whenever you take any weight loss supplement, so in the next section we’ve investigated the possible side effects, to know how safe is this supplement.

Does FitMiss Burn Have Any Side Effects?

FitMiss Burn can increase the chance of side effects, because its ingredient list is very big and contains chemicals. Guide lines should be followed when using this supplement. Do not take at night or with caffeine. Do not take if sensitive to caffeine.

There is a chance of mild side effects. These side effects can include a light sweat, dry mouth, loss or increase in focus, and an elevated heart rate. These possible side effects can safely be ignored and are not bad for the body. If these side effects start to become unpleasant, you can reduce your daily serving size by half, until your body creates a tolerance, and than you can resume the normal dosage.

There is a small chance of dangerous side effects, which is possible with any supplement. Sometimes even the safest supplements can be very dangerous to someone who’s allergic and doesn’t know it. These dangerous side effects include insomnia, headache, dizziness, and trouble breathing. You should immediately discontinue use if you experience any of these dangerous side effects, but we found zero Fitmiss reviews that reported these side effects.

At Fat Burner Depot Safety is Our Main Concern”

FitMiss Burn and similar supplements should only be taken by adults who are eighteen and older. You should not take this supplement if you’re currently taking prescribed medication or suffer from a medical condition. If you do, you should consult your physician or doctor prior to consumption, they’ll tell if you’re able to use it or not.

The best results happen when you mix a good diet and solid exercise routine with the right fat burner. Don’t expect a fat burner to do all the work if you’re not exercising or eating right. Being healthy will reduce the chance of side effects, but some people are more prone to side effects. Your body is a reflection of what you eat and how healthy you are.

If you’re someone who goes out and drinks alcohol every weekend, you can expect more side effects, and this is a noticeable trend found in the Fitmiss reviews from irresponsible customers.

Can You Buy Fitmiss Burn at Walgreens or Amazon?

At Fat Burner Depot we do more than review fat burners and try our best to find you the cheapest prices on supplements. After investigating where you can buy Fitmiss Burn, we found the lowest price is on However if you don’t have a shipping address you can also buy it from a store like Walgreens and GNC. Regardless of where you buy it from you should find it for less than $20 dollars, some retailers even offer a money back guarantee.

This product is manufactured and distributed by the nutritional supplement company “Musclepharm“, which is one of the largest supplement brands on the markets. Unfortunately, Musclepharm sells their Fitmiss products for a premium price.

For example, the Fitmiss fat burner at GNC and is less than $18, but it’s nearly $26 on the manufacturers website. I haven’t seen any coupon codes either, but there are some discounts available through the independent retailers.

“It takes less than a week to notice the detoxifying effects”

Fitmiss Burn is excellent at detoxifying the body. It contains ingredients like Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea Extract, which are powerful antioxidants. This product will help remove harmful toxins from your body, you’ll age slower and even look younger by regularly undergoing detoxification. Have you ever noticed that some people always look younger than their age? That’s because they have less toxins stored in their body and therefore age slower.

This product will burn fat, increase energy and supercharge the metabolism. You’ll feel more active and lose weight, while you detoxify. There are also natural ways to remove toxins from your body. Running is a great way to get in shape and sweat out bad toxins.

Did you know that exercising intensely for 40 minutes a day has been clinically proven to slow aging and restore youth. Also, drinking lots of water will help purify your liver and cleanse the body.

The Six Stages of Fitmiss Weight Loss

The manufacturers of Fitmiss Burn claim that it’s a complete fat burning solution for women. Supposedly, it’s a unique 6 stage fat loss system. Its key ingredients mix together and create 6 different weight loss effects. Stage one will begin thirty minutes after swallowing the pill. I’ll go into the dynamics of each stage for you in further detail below.

Stage 1 – Energy Boost

Users will feel the initial effects within the first thirty minutes. After the pill dissolves in the stomach, the stimulant ingredients are absorbed the fastest. You should feel a boost in your energy and activity level. It’s a cleaner energy with less of a crash and will make your body burn more calories.

The key stimulant ingredients in stage one are Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea Extract. Users reported feeling more alert and awakened. Stimulants will fight off weight loss fatigue so that you’re not tired during the day, but some side effects can occur like restlessness and mild sweats. It’s best to use this product during the day, if you take it after dark you may suffer from insomnia and have difficulty sleeping.

You can burn up to 278 extra calories each day with this product. It will increase energy, boost your metabolism and make your heart beat faster. It’s even possible to lose weight while just sitting at a desk with this supplement because your body is working harder than normal, burning more calories in the process.

Stage 2 – Increased Concentration

Fitmiss goes beyond being a weight loss supplement because it has many other beneficial effects like improving concentration and focus. Stage two will make it easier for you to stay on task and avoid distractions. The stimulant ingredients in this product also contain mental enhancing properties that increase focus and clarity. Every morning millions of Americans drink coffee for this reason and effect.

Some Fitmiss reviews claim it was easier to stay on a diet because of the extra focus and concentration. The ability to feel more present in the moment and less on autopilot makes it easier to avoid junk food temptations. However it’s possible the appetite suppressors were the real reason that the users had an easier time eating less junk food. In the next section we’ll investigate the ingredients that reduce hunger and suppress the appetite.

Stage 3 – Appetite suppression

Most Americans will fail over sixty diets in their lifetime, the leading cause of failure is junk food. For many of us the hardest part of dieting is resisting the urge to eat. To effectively lose weight our body must be in a caloric deficit, so you have to eat less calories than your body requires for the day. A caloric deficit will force the body to burn stored fat, to make up for the missing calories. The problem is that dieting amplifies hunger and every day it gets harder to resist eating.

The biggest challenge of weight loss is resisting cravings and avoiding junk food. So Fitmiss Burn is full of appetite suppressing ingredients that are proven effective and really work. It’ll substantially reduce your hunger,  so you can go hours without eating anything and still feel fine. The key hunger suppressing ingredients are Raspbery Ketones and Glucomannan, which signal the brain and tell it to not feel hungry.

Stage three does more than just suppress the appetite, it also boosts the metabolism and helps the body breakdown fat molecules. Stored fat will more easily burn into energy and some of the dietary fats that you eat will not be digested. There are special fat-binders in this supplement that will make it difficult for the stomach to absorb dietary fats, so that they can instead be secreted.

Stage 4 – Mood Enhancer

When you lose weight, the caloric deficit can really affect your mood. I’ve seen the nicest people become mean after a few days of not eating and hardcore dieting. Luckily, Fitmiss has ingredients that promote happier and calmer moods during the day. Its herbal extracts support the nervous system and brain, so that your feeling relaxed and at peace while quickly burning fat.

The key mood enhancing ingredients are Uva ursi and Dandelion, which have been used in medical practice for thousands of years. Although there are no conclusive studies proving these ingredients are effective, many reports and users do claim they felt healthier and more relaxed. If you’re a working professional than you probably face a lot of daily stress. The good news is this product can help take the stress off and make life easier.

Stage 5 – Diuretic Phase

Over 60% of the human body is made of water. One of the healthiest habits you can have is to drink a gallon of water a day. Your skin will look healthier and more clear, but there is one downfall. Muscles retain water and can swell to make you look bigger. Overtime water weight cause a rounded or bloated look, almost like softer features. To prevent this water bulk, Fitmiss has diuretics that strip the body of retained water so that you look toned and lean.

The diuretics ingredients are 5-htp and Ginseng, which are known to increase serotonin and make the body release water. If your already skinny but have some fat you want to get rid of than shedding water weight may help you look skinnier. If you want to look even more shredded and have really defined muscles, try cutting sodium from your diet as well.

Diuretics strip the muscles of water and promote muscle definition, but Sodium does the opposite and tells the body to store water. So you should avoid salty foods, they’re fattening and cause weight water. Stage three will quickly make you look skinny and lean. You’ll burn fat and shed unnecessary water weight, so that you don’t look fat or bloated.

Stage 6 – Enzymatic

As we get older the digestive track weakens and has a harder time absorbing nutrition. Enzymatics help support healthy weight loss and aid the stomach with the digestion of protein and fats. Your stomach should have an easier time digesting and absorbing Fitmiss Burn, so its ingredients hit the bloodstream faster and harder.

The sixth stage acts like a catalyst to increase the absorption rate and effectiveness of the ingredients in this supplement. The key enzymatics are DigeSEB and HemiSEB, which help the digestive system break down Fitmiss and absorb more nutrition from the meals you eat.

The effects from sixth stage don’t promote weight loss, rather they support and enhance the fat burning effects from the previous stages. Although we must clarify that the stages don’t happen in consequential order. After the pill initially dissolves and the ingredients are absorbed, these six effects happen at the same time.

Basically, there are the six different weight loss effects that you’ll get from taking Fitmiss Burn and for $16 dollars that’s a lot of value.

Are There More Fitmiss Products?

Fitmiss is a brand of supplements, manufactured and distributed by the nutrition company Musclepharm. In total there are nine different FM supplements, all cost less than thirty dollars. Women are very satisfied with their results, leaving good reviews for FM Burn and the other products of this brand. We’ve given this fat burner 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Some of the different Fitmiss products include a pre workout, detoxifying cleanser, sleep aid, protein shake and bars, and bcaa’s which are essential amino acids. The FM bars are a great source of protein, easy to travel snack and can potentially be used as meal replacements.

We recommend you to try some of the various FM supplements, they routinely receive good reviews and are quality products that really work. They can also be mixed and stacked together without any side effects. For example, Fitmiss Delight is the brands protein weight loss powder but it can be taken with the Fitmiss fat burner for better results. Discover another woman’s fat burner by reading what is plexus and combining it with Fitmiss for maximum results.

Fitmiss Burn Vs Shredz Fat Burner

The two most popular fat burners for women on the market are Shredz For Her and Fitmiss Burn. Both are manufactured specifically for women and marketed only to women. The main question is, “Which one is better?” If you want the best possible results take Shredz, but it costs over forty dollars and can have mild side effects. You can probably get very similar weight loss results by taking Fitmiss and at it’s low price it can’t be beat.

Fitmiss Burn costs only sixteen dollars, it’s really powerful and at such cheap price it has more value than many other fat burners like Animal Cuts. Its users claimed to have had less belly fat and thinner thighs in only four weeks.

You can buy Shredz and Fitmiss products on and the Vitamin Shop. However before making your purchase, check on their official websites for discounts and coupon codes. Sometimes you can save up to 20% and get free shipping on your online purchase.

Personally, I don’t think one product is better than the other. On the contrary, they’re both very effective and will give you great results. However they each have pros and cons, it really comes down to how much money you’re wanting to spend. While Shredz For Her may be better at burning fat, Fitmiss is almost three times cheaper and only slightly less potent.

Real Customers Share Their Fitmiss Burn Review

Women have reported Fitmiss Burn is an effective weight loss pill and gives satisfying results. The majority of customer reviews are very happy and praise this product for its ability to burn fat and suppress the appetite. Some users lost up to five pounds a week during the first month, but with a healthy diet it’s possible to lose even more.

We discovered for every nine good reviews, there was always one neutral or bad review. In the bodybuilding and fitness industry a 90% approval rating is miraculous. However even with such a good rating, we must cover the negative aspects of this product.

Unfortunately, not all of the Fitmiss ingredients are natural and some women claimed they felt dizzy during the first week. If you do have any side effects, you can drink water to alleviate your symptoms and they should subside within a few days.

Christopher, Teacher, 53, “Most men don’t know the challenges of being overweight as a woman. Taking matters into my own hands I started the gym four years ago. In this time I’ve taken enough supplements to know which ones do and don’t work. Overall Fitmiss is a 6/10 in my opinion, it’s not bad but it’s not the greatest either. For it’s price you really cannot go wrong. So my review is neutral, a shade of grey. Yes it works and you’ll lose up to three pounds a week, but there’s more efficient options available.

How to Properly Take Fitmiss Burn

The dosage directions on the Fitmiss label are very easy to follow. You should take your first serving (2 pills) with breakfast and the second serving three hours later or at at lunch. Avoid taking this supplement at night, it can cause insomnia if you don’t follow the dosing instructions correctly.

The proper way to take Fitmiss Burn is on a full stomach, during the morning hours. It’s recommend you drink a gallon of water a day while taking it. Its diuretics will strip your body of extra water, so you have to stay hydrated.

This product contains powerful stimulants like Caffeine and Green Tea Extract. Try to not drink coffee or take other energy boosters while taking Fitmiss. The nervous system can have a reaction and side effects could occur. Caffeine overdoses can cause jitters, chest tightening, heart palpitations, and mild sweats.

Drinking water can counteract most negative side effects symptoms. Try to stay hydrated and refreshed with lemon water. Simply cut a lemon into slices and leave it in a pitcher of water overnight.

Fitmiss Burn Before and After Transformations

There have been many Fitmiss success stories and before and after transformations. At Fat Burner Depot we’ve searched through countless Fitmiss customer reviews and found the best weight loss stories and results to share with you.

These are real women who faced their insecurities and overcame a poor self image. Hopefully, these honest testimonials are motivating and inspiring to you or anyone else wanting to get skinny fast.

Kathleen, Lawyer, 37, “I don’t have much time for myself as a lawyer with my own established office. My business, family, and responsibilities come first. I felt successful and unstoppable until one day my favorite jeans no longer fit me. My waist had grown too fat and I had then realized it. It was the wake up call that I needed. I began running everyday and researching the best workout product to burn fat.

One friend recommended me Fitmiss Burn and after much hesitation I bought it. At first I didn’t expect to see any results, but in less than two weeks I had already lost 4 kilos. My diet and gym exercise routine were simple and with Fitmiss it became so easy to burn fat. Obese or not you will lose weight and I really recommend this supplement from my experience.

Marsha, Retired, 47, “Yoga in the park or riding my bike always were my weekly exercise. It wasn’t until I hit my forties that I felt uncomfortable with my body and realized I had to workout harder. My husband loved me but it seemed he wasn’t attracted to me anymore either.

I wanted to change my body and life. Since I was retired and had so much free time, I joined lifetime fitness and bought Fitmiss Burn from gnc. I saw my waist skinnier within two weeks, even my children noticed how much weight I had lost.

Fast forward ten months, I’m now the spokeswoman for my dieters club and have lost over 80 pounds. I’m remarried to a wonderful husband who appreciates me, my self confidence is much higher and I’m happier in my daily life. If you exercise and diet while taking Fitmiss I promise you that you’ll be amazed with your final weight loss results.”

“Live Longer and Look Better by Eating a Healthy Diet”

There is no perfect weight loss solution, it’s a difficult process that requires time and effort. If it were easy, everybody would have six pack abs. You can’t fake the shape you’re in but you can take control and create the shape you want to be in. The more conscientious you have the higher chance of success that you’ll have in your personal life and business endeavors.

If you still needs more words of encouragement, have faith and be patient. I used to be obese and medical doctors told me that I only had months to live and not even prescription medication would save me. I proved those doctors wrong.

I started my life changing before and after transformation. I knew I would die if I didn’t succeed. In less than two years my waist size went from a 56″ to a 32″. The best part is I’m still alive! So if I can give up my terrible eating habits, start a diet and begin exercising to save my life than you can too. Believe in yourself and you’ll accomplish any fitness or weight loss goals.

Final Thoughts

The best place to purchase Musclepharm FitMiss Burn is from Amazon, you’ll receive the lowest price available and read real consumer Fitmiss reviews.. Some of the Amazon vendors even offer a money back guarantee, you just have to keep your eyes open for the best deal.

FitMiss can be taken by men, it’s made with almost the same exact formula as Shred Matrix, so if you’re a guy looking for Shred Matrix and you can get the past the whole “made for women” theme, than you can save some money by buying FitMiss Burn and technically you’ll get “Shred Matrix” but at a better price.

Overall this supplement is decent, it’s made by a reputable company, and has a blend of some really powerful ingredients; and some not so powerful ingredients too. The formula is fairly effective, and we’ve seen customers with great results.

The results vary for those who follow a diet and workout routine, in the end it’s up to you and the effort you put in, that’s how you’ll guarantee yourself results. You can see customer Fitmiss reviews on Amazon by clicking the “Visit Site” button below.

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