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NDS Arsenal X Review Description

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NDS PMD Arsenal X is an energy intensive fat burner. It retails exclusively through GNC and has amassed a following of loyal users. Most of the customer reviews are positive. But some consumers don’t agree.

The creators claim it’s made for active athletes. The package even reads “for serious athletes only”. But that’s just marketing and hype. This is a universal fat burner and anyone can use it. Don’t feel intimidated.

There is little online information regarding Arsenal X. There are a few retail sites and the official site. The official website looks professional. But it’s lacking a lot of information about Arsenal X. So we’ve searched the internet to compile the most in-depth NDS Arsenal X review.

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What Is Arsenal All About?

NDS Arsenal X Review Description

Arsenal X is made by NDS and retails through GNC. The only other place where you can purchase it is at Amazon. They’re not official retailers. But they offer the best price at 54.99

If you were to purchase this at GNC it would cost you $79.99. That’s expensive. So we suggest you purchase through Amazon. The good part is each bottle contains 120 pills. That’s a 2 month supply for only $54.99 through Amazon.

There are only a few customer NDS Arsenal X reviews. Most of the consumer reviews are positive. But some customers said Arsenal X is weak. We decided it’s a strong build. After we investigated the ingredients. The formula uses ingredients that have been proven as effective.

Most consumer NDS Arsenal X reviews were enthusiastic,”I loved it. Helped me lose 40 lbs in 6 months.” and “Used this for almost a year now and it’s a great product. Gives me more than enough energy and works great to cut and tone fat.

But some consumer NDS Arsenal X reviews  weren’t so agreeing, “I took this product until my bottle was empty. I took it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I feel like this client wasn’t as effective as I was lead to believe. I believe that this product helped me to not gain weight. But it didn’t help me lose much weight either.

The creators claims it will boost daily energy, increase muscle strength, and burn fat while preserving muscle tissue. But these claims sound exaggerated. So we must investigate the ingredients and creators to know what’s true.

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How Does Arsenal X Work?

NDS Arsenal X Functions

Arsenal X claims to work by using gel capsules that feature liquid release technology. Supposedly, the capsules create a bigger impact because they release all their contents at once in a liquid form. Unlike pills that slowly dissolve.

The liquid capsules release 3 different complex blends at the same time. Each of the blends contains unique weight loss ingredients and are responsible for a different weight loss effect.

The 3 Blends

  1. Arphemadrine Complex – The fat burner blend that burns fat
  2. Methyl Cut Complex  – The cutting blend that boosts energy
  3. Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex- The repair blend that protects muscle tissue

But we discovered Arsenal X does not have any blends. The blends are names the creators made to make it sound more effective. But it’s nothing more than a clever way to categorize the ingredients. For example, the Methyl Cut blend. Why does it use a word so similar to meth if it’s only made of coffee and an herb? Because meth reminds people of skinniness. It’s just a marketing scheme used to intrigue uneducated shoppers.


  • Each bottle contains a 2 month supply
  • Liquid release technology increases absorption rate
  • 85% of the consumer reviews were positive and would use again


  • The ingredient blends are misleading
  • Only retails through the GNC franchise
  • There is little information online regarding Arsenal

The Arsenal X packaging can seem misleading. Instead of a normal ingredient list. The ingredients are categorized by these ridiculous blend names. This is our biggest concern. But other than that this weight loss supplement is decent and has a good ingredient selection.

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What’s Better Than Arsenal X?

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How Does Arsenal X Burn Fat?

NDS Arsenal X Review Process

Arsenal X burns fat by using its ingredients from the Arphemadrine blend. The creators categorized the ingredients based on their effect such as energy booster, fat burner or amino acid. The categories than received drastic names like Arphemadrine for the fat burners. But it’s really just 4 fat burning ingredients.

The energy boosters were categorized as the Methyl Cut blend and the amino acids as the Anti-Catabolic blend. They’ll boost the energy, repair and protect muscle tissue. But these blends don’t burn fat. That’s why we’ve focused strictly on fat burning blend and its 4 ingredients that burn fat.

Green Tea Extract – There are scientific tests and trials that prove Green Tea Extract as effective. It is a natural energy stimulant and a very powerful antioxidant. It is said to have appetite suppression abilities.

Synephrine – Very unique stimulant that activates beta 3 receptors. This will increase the bodies digestion rate and raise the metabolism. But without affecting the heart rate or blood pressure. So the body will safely burn extra fat.

Theobromine – Researches discovered that Theobromine works very similar to Caffeine. And both of these ingredients belong to the same family of compounds. But Theobromine has a lesser effect than Caffeine on the central nervous system. Which negates most negative effects that are tied to most stimulant supplements.

Yohimbe – Yohimbe improves blood flow and allows red blood cells to carry more oxygen. The increase in blood flow will carry nutrients throughout the body and heal muscle tissue at a faster rate.

Some supplements that we review can contain twice the amount of ingredients. But at $54.99 for 120 capsules through Amazon. That’s .45 cents a serving. And cheaper than most supplements we review. But others agree that the more ingredients in a supplement, the better the product. That’s why we believe in quality over quantity.

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Does Arsenal X Have Any Side Effects?

NDS Arsenal X Review Side Effects

Arsenal X has a small chance of side effects just like any other supplement. The ingredient list is of a normal size and does not contain alarming side effects. If you follow a few simple rules you shouldn’t experience any side effects. Do not take any extra caffeine products or at night.

There is a chance of side effects. These side effects can include a mild sweat, dry throat, increase in energy, and elevated heart rate. The possibility of these side effects is small. And more prone to those sensitive to Caffeine.

The chance that you do have an allergic reaction. You should immediately discontinue use. If you experience any symptoms like insomnia, headache, trouble standing or breathing. You may be having am allergic reaction.

You should take this supplement only if you are eighteen or older. If you are taking any prescribed medication or have a medical illness. Contact your doctor or nurse for permission if this product is right for you.

Healthy adults should follow a clean diet and a proper exercise routine to maximize results. You will feel much happier after your workout because of the endorphin’s the body will release. And eventually being healthy will become a lifestyle.

Where Do I Buy Arsenal X?

NDS Arsenal X Review Purchase Location

The best place to purchase NDS Arsenal X is from Amazon. You’ll receive the lowest price available.

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