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NDS Censor Review Description

Writer’s Tip: Take Phen375 instead of Censor for faster results

NDS Censor is a special oil formula supplement. It’s made of different fats like fish oil and plant oils. It works by sending signals to the body that suggest it’s safe to burn fat, which allows fat to burn off easier.

When we diet the body will burn its muscle or fat to make up for the calorie deficit. And the body will always burn its muscle before fat. But by consuming large amounts of dietary fat. The body will feel safe to burn its fat instead of muscle. And that’s what we want.

Is NDS Censor really better than just taking fish oil? Fish oil accomplishes the same effect and it sells for less than half the price, so is NDS Censor really worth the extra cost? We have created an in-depth NDS Censor review that will help you answer that question and make the most educated decision.

What Is NDS Censor All About?

NDS Censor Review Description

(UPDATE: There’s a more effective fat burner available now. Lose weight faster)

Tonalin Censor is part of a supplement line up that has been around since 2002 and is made by NDS. Which is part of the FitLife brand. So we know it’s backed by official companies that are respected and recognized.

The bad part is it retails exclusively through the GNC franchise. And their supplements are very over priced. They retail it for $79.99. But we found the best price of 180 capsules on Amazon for only $57.99

The suggested dosage is 2 soft gels up to three times a day and with meals.  That’s 6 capsules a day. The Censor bottle contains 90 capsules or a two week supply. So we recommend the 180 capsule supply. Which is a complete 1 month supply and it’s available the cheapest from Amazon.

Rachel Cook, Nurse, Tampa FL, “This will FOREVER be in my supplement regime. Even when I don’t workout, this stuff like attacks the stubborn fat that has settled years ago. Now it doesn’t “burn” the fat… but it makes fat “mobile” to enable you to burn it. As long as you are moving around, you should be able to notice a difference in your clothing.”

Herc Mignus, Marketer, Detroit MI, “Even though I had lost about 8lbs with just diet and exercise, it just wasn’t coming of fast enough. So I asked around and someone said she lost her muffin top using Censor. Just what I needed, I thought. Well it didn’t help one bit but I did noticed my muffin top was a tiny bit smaller.”

Censor claims to reduce the amount of fat that is broken down and stored in the body. And it can be used in conjunction with any other weight loss supplement to further improve results. But why would we want to spend more money on a second supplement and not just buy 1 supplement can do it all?

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article,Best Fat Burner

Where Do I Buy Censor?

NDS Censor Purchase Location

The best place to purchase Censor is from Amazon, you’ll receive the lowest price available.

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How Does NDS Censor Work?

NDS Censor Review How It Works

Tonalin Censor works by using essential fatty acids. Which boosts the metabolism and support a healthy heart, hair, skin, and nails. NDS censor for the body is almost like oil for a car. It makes the body run smoother and more efficient. But some would argue you can save your money and achieve the same effect with a high fat diet.

Over the years this belief developed that fat was bad and carbohydrates were good. But the truth is, fat is essential to lose weight. If we go back to the caveman times, the human ate primarily meat and fat. They didn’t have carbohydrates like bread and pasta. But yet they were all incredibly muscular and strong. That’s because the body can live without carbohydrates and instead use its fat as the main fuel source for energy.

The body has not changed over the years. But our diets have drastically changed and now include daily carbohydrates. NDS censor works on the principal that high dietary fat will promote fat loss. When the body consumes large amounts of fat, it feels at ease to burn its current fat. And as long as the total calories consumed for the day is less than the amount of total calories the body burned, the calorie deficit will result in fat loss.


  • Incredibly safe
  • It’s been scientifically studied and proven effective
  • Promotes healthy bodily functions by lubricating the body with select oils and fats


  • It’s expensive, even the best price on Amazon is still close to $60.
  • The bottle only contains a 2 weeks supply and 2 bottles are necessary for 1 month
  • It retails exclusively with GNC and their supplements are overpriced

It may be difficult for some users to understand the mechanics of Tonalin Censor. That’s ok, it’s a lot of information to try and take at one time. So to further understand how Censor burns fat and its mechanics. We’ve broken down its ingredients.

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How Does Censor Burn Fat?

NDS Censor Review How Fat It Burns Fat

NDS Censor burns fat by using select oils and fat that promote weight loss. When these select fats are ate, they tell the body there is a sufficient supply of fat being consumed. And that the body can begin to safely burn its current fat reserve.

The formula features more than nine different oils and fats. But we’ve selected the most effective and useful ingredients. And broke them down. So that you know which are the key ingredients of Censor and what their effect is.

Tonalin CLA – Tonalin is the highest quality of CLA and for the last quarter century more than 600 different CLA studies have been conducted. And studies show CLA will decrease the amount of fat stored after eating increase how fast fat is broken down, boost the metabolism, and decrease the total number of fat cells the body.

Krill Oil – Krill oil is a strong antioxidant and an effective support for keeping a healthy cholesterol level. It supports cardiovascular health and smooths the joint. It’s like oil for cogs in a machine and it’s very healthy.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid – Omega 3,6, and 9 are very popular. And often talked about. It’s usually derived from fish and has many effects. It’s beneficial for the hearts, promotes anti inflammatory and prevents blood clotting. It lowers cholestrol and reduces blood pressure. Which reduces the risk of many other symptoms like cancer stroke, diabetes, etc.

Omega 6 Fatty Acid – This fatty acid plays a crucial role in healthy brain function as well as natural growth and development. Omega 6 helps stimulate skin and hair growth. It can regulate the metabolism and maintain good bone health.

Omega 9 Fatty Acid – Omega 9 is a fatty acid that is commonly found in animal fats and greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Because omega 9 promotes healthy cholesterol, it removes fat buildup in the heart and arteries. Which could cause heart attack or stroke.

Overall Censor is a very good choice for a supplement. It’s not a heavy duty fat burner. It’s more like a vitamin. But instead of a vitamin it promotes weight loss. What we mean by that is this is a universal supplement like a vitamin. And it’s a very basic entry level supplement that can be taken like if it was a vitamin. It’s safe and effective. But it’s not the strongest choice out there.

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Does Censor Have Any Side Effects?

NDS Censor Review The Side Effects

Tonalin Censor does not contain any chemicals. The ingredients are mainly a combination of fats and oils. And for this reason there are very little side effects. You can even take a second supplement safely in combination with Censor.

There is a chance of some small side effects. Some users complained of acne on their face, shoulders, and back. These side effects are rare, temporary, and only superficial. But they can create depression and damage self esteem.

You may have burps that carry a small taste of fish oil and other flavors. This is normal for the first few days and will pass once your body has adjusted to Censor. If it’s of annoyance just try to chew gum and it’ll shortly pass.

It may be alarming, but your urine will also contains lots of oils and fat. It may look like there’s been a car oil spill in the toilet. But it’s just the body releasing excess fats and oils. It’s not an issue and can be safely ignored.

Censor is one of the safest supplements we have reviewed. And it can even be taken by teens as young as 16. We recommend following a healthy diet and proper exercise routine.

Where Do I Buy Censor?

NDS Censor Purchase Location

The best place to purchase NDS Censor is from Amazon. They offer the lowest price available.

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