Liporush DS: Is It Right For Me?

LipoRush DS is a multi-functional thermogenic manufactured by an Australian lab and sold through GNC. The manufacturers claim it’s designed only for advanced users. Sounds like elitism marketing, used to push sales.

Regardless if it works, the fancy packaging and GNC recommendations ensure sales. The online NDS LipoRush DS customer reviews are generally positive. But some users did have bad complaints.

GNC’s advertising and recommendations can be biasedwhich makes it difficult to trust them. However, some NDS LipoRush DS reviews did recommend this supplement, but thorough research should still always be done before the purchase of any health product. So we’ve gone ahead and brought you the unbiased truth.

What Is Liporush DS All About?

LipoRush is developed by “NDS” and promoted through GNC. The creators claim it’s a super concentrated thermogenic made of many ingredients. It retails at GNC for $79.99.

The good part is, each bottle contains a two month supply or 60 capsules; only one pill a day. The bad part is, if you don’t like the supplement, it still costed $79.99. That’s a lot of money to waste.

If you search online for “NDS LipoRush DS reviews”, the only websites with customer reviews are GNC and “NDS”. The shown reviews are too giving, like a sales pitch. They’re most likely biased. It’s best to trust customer reviews from sites like Ebay or Amazon. Except, there are no other customer reviews.

NDS claims LipoRush will burn fat, shed water, enhance focus, increase appetite control, and boost energy. That’s a lot of big promises. But there’s no credibility to these claims without real customer reviews.

How Does LipoRUSH DS Work?

LipoRush works by using 18 different ingredients. That’s 3 times the ingredients of a normal supplement. The amount of ingredients in this supplement is ridiculous. Supposedly, it’s like a jack of all trades. Instead of having only one purpose, it mildly serves many solutions.

The formula is made from four different blends of categorized ingredients. Each blend is responsible for a different effect. However, the four blends work in conjunction and complete the formula.

“Lipo Burn Blend” 425.5 mg – Thermogenic blend boosts energy and burns fat. Contains a number of stimulants, fat burners, and antioxidants. Slows the digestion of food. Burns calories by boosting the metabolism and energizing the body.

“Water Shred Blend” 175 mg – Diuretic blend rids the body of excess water. Creates a leaner and more defined look. Contains two diuretics. Increases the times users will urinate throughout the day and reduces bacteria in urine.

“Neuro Recovery” Blend 50 mg – Brain blend boosts concentration and focus. Increases the amount of Oxygen in red blood cells. Contains mild sedatives that alleviate daily stress. Improves mood by raising Serotonin levels.

“Amino Fit Blend” 50 mg – Muscle repair blend prevents muscle breakdown and promotes muscle growth. Contains Branced Chain Amino Acids that promote muscle growth and repair.

LipoRush has many ingredients, some of them are effective. But with so many ingredients, the chances of side effects are also more likely. The ingredient breakdown below will further explain how LipoRush works and burns fat.

How Does Liporush DS Burn Fat?

LipoRush burns fat with its main blend, “Lipo Burn blend”. Creators claim it’s a high octane and concentrated thermogenic formula. The breakdown of this blend and its ingredients will explain how fat is burned.

This blend features six key ingredients. Each ingredient has a fat burning or stimulant property. But only a few have clinical studies.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine that has been dried of all water. It’s like a cup of Coffee in a pill, but it’s more potent than regular Caffeine. Boosts energy and burns fat.

Amla Fruit Extract – Known as “Indian Gooseberry”, helps lower total cholesterol and reduce fatty acids. Except, It’s not really a fat burner or energy booster. Why is it here…

Beta Phenylethylamine HCL – Special class of central nervous system stimulant. Short acting energy booster that increases the rate fat is burned. Clinically proven and studied.

Synephrine HCL – Known as “Bitter Orange”. Helps release adrenaline which increases the metabolism and rate fat breaks down. Natural, powerful stimulant.

Dendrobium – Clinically studied stimulant that mimics the bodies natural amphetamines. Multiple effects such as boosted metabolism, better mood, increased focus and energy levels.

Yohimbine – Used to treat erectile dysfunction. It opens the blood vessels and allows blood to flow more freely. The increased blood pressure and flow aids with weight loss. Dangerous supplement with heart attacks and seizures reported.

The ingredients are effective. But they come at a price. Some ingredients contain chemicals. We never said LipoRush didn’t work or burn fat. Our complaint is its safety.

Does LipoRUSH DS Have Any Side Effects?

Because the ingredient list is so large, it increases the chance of users suffering side effects. It’s even worse that some of the ingredients contain chemicals. Rules should be followed while taking this weight loss supplement. Do not take before bed time. Contains Caffeine. Do not use if sensitive to Caffeine.

Users may experience light side effects such as elevated heart rate, increased need to urinate (diuretic), jitteriness, increased blood pressure, alertness, and dry mouth. These symptoms are non problematic and not dangerous.

Users may experience severe side effects such as headaches, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, light headed, and insomnia. There can be an increased chance of stroke or heart attack. Discontinue use immediately if you suffer any of these symptoms.

This medication should only be used by healthy adults. If you use prescription medication or live with any medical aliment. Please, consult a doctor or physician prior to use. Never consume longer than eight weeks or with alcohol. Do not use if pregnant or planning pregnancy.

Where Do I Buy LipoRUSH DS?

The best place to purchase NDS LipoRush is from Amazon or GNC. They offer the lowest price available.

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