PhenQ Review – Transformation Reveal

Hello, my name is Sarah and welcome to my review of PhenQ.

As many of you know once I use a supplement I always make a review and show my final weight loss results.

(I’ve also put some honest customer opinions of PhenQ that were submitted by our readers.)

How I Lost 42 Lbs with PhenQ In 3 Months..

(My story begins almost four months ago..)

I was exhausted and looked really sick. It felt like the room was freezing my life away.

Sarah you should go home. It’s ok for today.” My college professor told me.

So I took my professors advice but instead of going home I went to a Taco Bell.

I ate enough food to win 1st place at a food eating contest, but when I got home the shame hit me.

I was on a diet and was doing so well, but I had just destroyed all my hard work.

The problem was diets drained my energy and made my cravings stronger. So I could only follow a diet until I became too drained to fight off my cravings, and I was trapped in this pattern for as long as I could remember.

I also tried a lot of weight loss products and still struggled with my eating, and If I did get any results than I would always gain it all back.

I would scream in my room, praying that I could make a change and finally feel good about myself.

I was ready to give up and really had no reason to continue with my life. I had already tried everything and had given up hope.

Those were the dark times of my life, then one day I saw an old friend at Wal-Mart and she had lost so much weight! She told me she used something called PhenQ.

It sounded like something worth looking into to but I still didn’t trust it. So later on that night I went to the manufacturers website.

On the official website they said this about PhenQ:

I thought could this be the solution I’ve prayed for? But I didn’t really get my hopes up and decided to try just one bottle.

The UPS delivery guy showed up with the package like five days later. I was more excited than I expected when it arrived. I eagerly cut open the box  an swallowed my first pill.

I didn’t know what to expect next but within like just fifteen minutes I realized I was pacing my kitchen.

My mother had called and normally I sit while talking to relax but today I had so much energy that I was pacing around.

Then later that night I couldn’t eat anything. It felt like my hunger had ran away. So finally I was like OK, I have to eat this is too much, but I couldn’t even finish a bowl of cereal because I wasn’t hungry!

That night while getting ready to sleep I kept thinking, “wow this is crazy, I actually really feel it working!”

Since then I’ve added PhenQ to my daily routine and each day it gives me energy and I don’t eat much.

It’s made my body so active and my hunger nonexistent. And I started to run each morning because I felt so active.

I had bought running shoes for my birthday and this was the perfect chance to use them. It felt as if PhenQ gave me the mental confidence to finally exercise in my neighborhood and with my appetite suppressed I didn’t eat so many calories each day.

I could eat a mid-sized portion of healthy food and feel stuffed quickly. I gave up fast food too because it was my evil addiction.

I remember once crying in my car while stuffing McDonalds in my face and wishing I could stop overeating. However if I eat out now it’s only at a healthy restaurant.

The first month with PhenQ I lost 16 pounds! Seriously I screamed in joy when I saw my weight scale. I had promised not to weigh myself until the bottle was done with, and it was worth it.

It felt like Christmas because my waist was smaller and my thighs were skinnier. I had this new self esteem erupting from me like a volcano.

And people sure did tell me things, at work the guys were nicer to me and the girls were really friendly now. It felt like I was dreaming and I was so happy with my results that I bought more PhenQ.

My waist kept shrinking smaller and I continued to lose more weight, my self esteem kept building and I knew my life was changing for the better.

It’s been three bottles of PhenQ now and I’ve lost 42 pounds and I feel so happy.

Life is so beautiful now and I feel so alive. I finally look sexy in a bikini and I’m dating a lot now. I’m so happy about life!

If you want weight loss results like me than I recommend you Try PhenQ for yourself from here.

Does PhenQ Really Work?

Before & After PhenQ Transformation

PhenQ will stop cravings, energize the body and boost the metabolism. Just remember it’s not Phentermine which was banned years ago. So it’s much safer!.

The PhenQ tablets that you take are normal pill sized, they will substantially suppress the appetite, increase the bodies activity level and boost the metabolism so that you can melt that fat away!

However it’s not the perfect supplement. PhenQ will make accomplishing your weight loss goals much easier, but if you want the best results than you have to eat healthier and try to exercise even if just a little bit.

I looked into the main ingredients, and after researching each one I broke them down below for you.

  • L-Carnitine – This will make the body break down more fats and burn them for energy.
  • Chromium Picolinate – This is a powerful appetite suppressant/reducer that regulates the bodies blood sugar levels to maintain a minimal appetite.
  • Calcium Carbonate – This ingredient will reduce the amount of dietary fats that your body absorbs through meals and stores into the body.
  • Capsicum – This is the main active ingredient and it has two functions. It will improve the bodies blood flow so that the other ingredients are better absorbed, and it will increase the users body temperature. It’s been proven that Capsicum can cause users to burn an additional 270 calories per day without doing any exercise or additional work.

The four main ingredients cause PhenQ to:

  • Stunts the appetite so that it’s easier to follow a diet.
  • Burns annoying belly fat and turns it into useable energy. 
  • Increases your bodies activity level by boosting its energy.
  • Raises your metabolism and improve its performance so that you can burn up to 20% more calories per day and burn fat faster!

  • If we only listened to the manufacturers than PhenQ would sound like the perfect supplement for burning belly fat and getting lasting results.

    But is it really possible? 

    If we always believed what the manufacturer said than maybe, but that’s not ever the case. So I’m going to give my real results with PhenQ from my experience with it.

    My End Results

    In the end I lost 42 lbs in 3 months. That’s around 14 lbs each month.

    The difference is huge and in these last 3 months I’ve made a lot of life style changes. I’ve started exercising and eating healthier but the biggest change has been my self esteem and confidence.

    I’ve also started seeing a guy, it’s little things like that which I never would have been doing before.

    Some of the best parts of losing weight are:

    • It’s easier to feel comfortable in crowded places.
    • My body wakes up easier and needs less sleep.
    • I am a lot more active than before.
    • Guys will flirt with me.
    • My wardrobe has completely changed.
    • There’s less food cravings. 
    • My emotions feel happy and I’m more confident.
    • I’ve become more sociable with strangers.  
    • My face is thinner and looks more model like.
    • People compliment me all the time about my changes.
    • I feel alive and so confident.
    • I found peace to my self hatred.

    Basically everything that was wrong in my mind began to change as well. Yes my body changed but it’s more than that because my mind and self image changed during my transformation as well.

    Now I’m happy, I love being me. I feel empowered and if I could do it than YOU CAN TOO!

    If you’re a beginner than maybe you should start with PhenQ because it’s been proven to reduce your appetite and burn fat away.

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