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Many people ask what is Plexus? Well, Plexus Slim is a fat burning powder and when added to water it turn will turn into a weight loss drink. Initially introduced in 2011, many customers have given positive Plexus slim reviews but we’ve researched the truth to know if it’s actually worth it’s cost.

Plexus is a best selling weight loss supplement because of it’s quick and easy on-the-go convenience. The best part is Plexus slim ingredients are stimulant-free and it’s meant to be an easy addition to any diet because you only have to drink it once a day, so Plexus weight loss is conveniently easily.

Plexus Slim supposedly can also help maintain blood sugar levels, cholesterol and fats. This supplement claims to reduce over-eating and hunger cravings, so that the user will eat less. These claims are probably over exaggerated, but many customer reviews do report success while taking Plexus.

If this pink drink is actually effective and worth its cost is something we’ve fully researched, so that we can give you the right answers. Our researched and unbiased Plexus reviews can help you make the best educated buying decision possible, so discover more below!

What Is Plexus Slim All About?

Plexus Slim Reviews, Ingredients, and much more!

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Plexus Slim is made and manufactured by Plexus Worldwide, a company established in 2005. Originally they made diabetic medicine, but then they realized there was much more money in the weight loss industry and they changed all their products into weight loss supplements. As a company there are many plexus reviews discussing their positives and negatives.

It’s not easy to find Plexus Slim on the marketplace, you either have to purchase it from the official website, or an “Ambassador” which is a salesperson for the Plexus Worldwide multi-level marketing scheme. Regardless of where you purchase it, the basic plexus slim cost is $84.95 and each package contains a 30 day supply.

The good part is that this pink drink supplement comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee, so you can easily return it if you don’t like it. Even though they guarantee the success of their supplement, it’s hard to overlook that it’s mainly sold by an MLM or pyramid scheme.

Remember the days in college when we would try to sell our friends and family members Advocare or Mary Kay? Well Plexus Slim is basically the same scheme just with a new name, but if you’re someone who can overlook the bad Plexus reviews for it’s MLM scheme, than you may be intrigued by their actual products. There are many positive plexus slim reviews and good Plexus supplements, even if it is an MLM pyramid scheme.

Susan Moore, Doctor, Houston TX , “A huge thanks to my friend who introduced me to Plexus!! I’ve been on and off the weight loss train for years now, but things are changing with this yummy pink water. So far in just two months i’ve already lost 15 lbs and the best part is how i feel! I have a lot more energy, feel more happy, and I’m thankful for Plexus because it makes it easier to keep myself healthy. I personally would recommend Plexus weight loss programs to anyone! And it’s a great supplement to promote, i know because I bought my supply from an ambassador, who also happened to be my dear friend and it’s working great for me!

James Berkley, Janitor, Tampa FL, “Plexus Worldwide is a pyramid scheme and they promote harmful supplements. The FDA refuses to approve their supplements and there’s an action pending against them. The BBB gives them a C- rating for making unsafe products and using shady marketing tactics. It gets worse now that new trial studies of 2016 are confirming that Plexus weight loss products are linked to multiple negative side effects like pancreatitis and congestive heart failure. Do not take any of these supplements and stay away from anybody who promotes this poison to you, which is my honest plexus slim reviews opinion.”

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, Best Fat Burner

Plexus Reviews - We've researhced the Side Effects and User Feedback

One of the major benefits of the Plexus Slim ingredients is that they do not contain any stimulants, but we found that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. The problem is that Plexus Slim contains a high amount of Chromium, a chemical ingredient that lowers blood sugar levels and boosts the metabolism. Even though Chromium boosts the metabolism, the lowered blood sugar levels will reduce energy and make the user feel more tired throughout the day.

Some customer Plexus Slim reviews said that their energy was greatly reduced, this is because they ate less food than normal while taking Plexus Slim, and also the high amounts of Chromium which creates a lethargic feeling. Aside from the lethargy, the only other problem that users reported were stomach and digestion side effects like constipation.

Keep in mind 98% of all customer plexus reviews are positive, there were only 2 negative plexus slim reviews that we found out of over a hundred customer reviews and the majority of plexus reviews reported successful Plexus weight loss results! So Plexus weight loss seems believable, but learn more below!

Where Do I Buy Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim Reviews for weight loss

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Discover What Is Plexus

Plexus Slim Reviews and Feedback from Consumers

Plexus Slim works by using a combination of all natural and chemical ingredients. Supposedly this pink drink can reduce the appetite, stop junk food cravings, and boost the metabolism which will speed up the bodies ability to fat burn.

There are four main Plexus slim ingredients and they are what give this pink drink its weight loss power. Three out of the four key ingredients even have scientific backing that prove they’re effective, but not the main key ingredient which we discovered has not actually been proven to have any weight loss effect on humans. Regardless the three scientifically proven Plexus Slim ingredients are still effective enough to make it work and burn fat effectively, even if its fourth and main ingredient hasn’t been proven to work.

The pink drink works in a variety of ways, it contains natural antioxidants which detoxify the body, it also lowers blood sugar levels to stop hunger cravings, and reduces the overall amount the user eats by making them feel more full from less food. The positive Plexus weight loss effects come at a price though, a small percentage of users will have negative side effects like dizziness, heartburn, stomach upsets, or headaches. The most common of these negative side effect are the stomach upsets, but they can easily by avoided by taking vitamins with iron and drinking lots of water.

Plexus Slim claims to taste great, it uses two natural sweeteners called Stevia and Luo Han Guo, but these sweeteners may work against your weight loss goals. The problem is that these natural sweeteners slow down the stomach’s ability to tell the brain that it’s full, and their sweet flavor may trick the brain into thinking it’s receiving calories when it’s actually not, which can cause a temporary slower metabolism.


  • Its formula is completely free of stimulant ingredients
  • Can be easily taken on-go and is extremely convenient
  • Many positive Plexus Slim reviews and satisfied customers
  • 3 out of its 4 ingredient are scientifically proven to be effective


  • It’s very expensive and costs $84.99 for a thirty day supply
  • Some company Plexus reviews suggest their salesman are pushy
  • Only a short term solution and is not meant to be a long-term supplement
  • Plexus Slim cost a lot and it’s sold from an “MLM “or pyramid scheme.

There are many people who have had positive results and reached their weight loss goals by taking Plexus Slim. Unfortunately, for a lot of these users as soon as they quit taking the pink drink, their lost weight often comes back again. That’s because they never actually changed their diet or exercised, they relied strictly on Plexus weight loss supplements and when they stopped using they where back to square one.

If you want to lose weight and speed up the process, than you need to make the appropriate lifestyle choices and not rely on just a supplement. Many Plexus Slim reviews said their results weren’t fast enough, but they’ve forgot about the importance of a healthy diet and workout routine. If you combine a healthy diet, exercise, and a good supplement than you’ll effectively lose weight and keep it off, unlike some Plexus reviews.

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What’s Better Than Plexus Slim?

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How Does Plexus Slim Burn Fat?

Plexus Slim Review, Ingredients, Side Effects and Customer Feedback

Plexus Slim burns fat by using the fat burning power of its four key ingredients. Basically this supplement has appetite suppressants and mood blockers which do all the work for you, all you have to do is listen to your body. When you’re about to eat you will want to order less, and eat smaller portions of food than you normally would because you’ll feel less hungry overall.

There are more effective supplements on the market, but Plexus Slim is unique because it has zero stimulant ingredients and that’s why there are many positive plexus reviews. Unlike other supplements, it burns fat by preventing the user from wanting to eat it in the first place. This is done by regulating the blood sugar levels to tell the brain that the stomach is full, so that we don’t feel hungry.

So that you can better understand Plexus weight loss and how it burns fat, we’ve fully researched and investigated its four key ingredients that are responsible for fat loss. We’ve broke down each of its four key ingredients in chronological order based off of their priority in the Plexus Slim ingredients formula, so that you know exactly what it is that you’re taking.

Garcinia Cambogia – This is a fruit that can be used to reduce the users appetite, and will make meals feel more filling so that the user eats less throughout the day. It also helps prevent fat storage by reducing the amount of dietary fat that the body would normally store. There is some scientific testing that proves Garcinia Cambogia can boost the metabolism, but these tests were performed on rats so its still unknown if the same effect would occur in a human. Some Plexus reviews claimed their hunger were greatly stunted while taking it, but it’s unknown how true that is.

Chlorogenic Acid – Made from green coffee beans, Chlorogenic Acid will increase the body’s ability to burn fat by preventing  glucose from entering the blood stream. Recently a lot of weight loss supplements on the market have been using this ingredient because it promotes weight loss, but it’s also a natural laxative that counteracts most supplemental digestive side effects. Multiple scientific studies have proven participants who took this ingredient saw a large reduction in body fat versus the placebo groups who saw no changes.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful, natural antioxidant that is similar to a vitamin. It’s found in foods like Broccoli, Asparagus, and Potatoes. This antioxidant is so potent it’s even used in medical labs as a treatment. Basically it will help stop cellular damage like cancerous cells and break down carbs to create more energy. A scientific study found that the extra energy created by ALC increases the metabolism in rats, but this weight loss effect has not yet been proven on humans and still lacks more research.

Chromium – Scientifically proven effective, the ingredient Chromium will help reduce hunger cravings and make the stomach feel more full from less food. However, this weight loss ingredient is not necessary for the body or health. Chromium has some scientific studies that have proven it has a minor effect on weight loss, but it’s mainly used for regulating blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial for those with diabetes.

These four main, key fat burning ingredients are what give Plexus Slim it’s Plexus weight loss power! It’s worth noting that these four ingredients can help diabetics, and are a natural medicine for diabetes because of how they affect the blood sugar levels. However, they can negatively mix with diabetic medicine, so you should ask your doctor if Plexus Slim ingredients are safe for you if you have diabetes.

These ingredients also work in combination to raise good cholesterol, reduce bad cholesterol, and fight depression. But you should be aware that 1% of Plexus Slim reviews said they felt minor side effects, which we’ve fully covered in the next section, so you can decide if this supplement is truly right for you and your body.

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Are There Any Potential Plexus Slim Side Effects?

plexus reviews about side effects for its users

Plexus Slim ingredients are natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from negative side effects. A small percentage of Plexus reviews said they had some mild and discomforting side effects. Although this supplement is promoted as safe, it can cause severe constipation for some of its users. It’s best to follow a healthy diet when taking this supplement and avoid any would-be side effects.

Even though this supplement does not contain any stimulant ingredients it still shouldn’t be mixed with any stimulants like Caffeine or energy drinks. Some Plexus Slim reviews said they felt mild side effects like dry mouth and light sweats, but these are only temporary and should shortly pass. If these side effects are annoying, you can bypass them by increasing your tolerance and only taking half a Plexus Slim packet a day, until you’ve built the sufficient tolerance to take a complete packet.

This supplement is meant to be taken by adults who are over the age of eighteen and should not be taken by anyone who is diabetic, which is also recommend in multiple Plexus reviews. You should consult your doctor if you suffer from diabetes and ask if Plexus Slim can be taken in combination with your prescribed medication. If you have a bad reaction to this supplement, you may experience some severe side effects such as insomnia, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, or blurred vision. You should seek medical help if you start to experience any of these more serious side effects.

Keep in mind many of these side effects are dependent on the user’s health and diet. If they have a weak immune system and eat malnutritious food, than they’ll expect more mild side effects than a user who eats healthy and exercises daily. It all comes down to how much effort you put in, that’s what will determine your results and your overall experience taking this weight loss supplement. What is Plexus? It’s just a supplement, so ignore the plexus reviews and remember don’t rely on it for to long, if you want real results. Protection Status

What’s the Plexus Slim Cost & More Plexus Reviews

Plexus Slim Reviews for weight loss

Plexus Slim can be difficult to purchase because it’s only sold by a multi-level marketing company. So you either have to purchase from an “Ambassador” which is a Plexus Slim MLM salesman or you purchase it online and see the many Plexus reviews.

However, it’s best to purchase it online through because they have competitive prices, unless you personally know an “Ambassador” and would like to support your friend by buying it through them. But many Plexus reviews suggest it’s a more expensive to buy it directly and it’s better to find a third party vendor.

Regardless of where you purchase it, Plexus Slim cost the price of $84.99 for a 30 day supply. However, if you purchase it online the shipping package will include an additional “Accelerator” supplement, so you’re getting more bang for your buck and you can read through the Plexus Slim reviews.

Overall this supplement is convenient and easy to travel with, but it’s just be a side supplement. It’s not really a leading role supplement and more of something you take in combination with a more powerful fat burner. We recommend you take Phen375 in combination with Plexus Slim for better overall Plexus weight loss results.