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Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review What Is It ?

Writer’s Tip: Take Phen375 instead of Shredz for faster results

The Shredz brand grew with social media to an international level in only two years and now features supplements for men and women, but we’ve found most of their supplements use the same formula.

There were two friends and together they created Beyond Genetic Supplements, which is the manufacturer of Shredz. Basically a doctor created his own secret weight loss formula, after his friend tried it he found it was very effective and now the formula is sold all over as Shredz.

The truth is the Shredz “Fat Burner For Men” and “Fat Burner For Women” both use an almost identical formula, just like most their supplements. Shredz products pride themselves on the success of their secret homemade recipe, but that doesn’t mean their supplements are good and most of them are made of the same ingredients.

What Is Shredz For Women All About?

How Does Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review Burn Fat ?

(UPDATE: There’s a more effective fat burner available now. Lose weight faster)

Shredz is very popular, it’s found in most cities and has online retailers like and It retails for $60 at gnc which is kinda expensive, but there’s a much better price on Amazon.

The good part is each Shredz supplement comes in a thirty day supply. If you purchase it from Amazon it’s only $1.50 a serving, which is a great price for its value. However if you purchase it anywhere else and pay the full retail price than it’s $2.00 a serving, which is no longer a good price.

The dosage directions for Shredz are very specific, which gives it a more authentic feel. Users must take one pill before their workout and the second pill 6 hours later. So if you workout in the AM take the first pill before your workout and then the second pill after lunch.

Melissa Manor, Nurse, Portland OR, “Just finished my one month supply, I workout 3-4 times a week but I don’t have a meal plan and I still  had good results. Felt great energy and less soreness. It made a difference but I want to try something else because it’s expensive and I want to compare it to other cheaper products.

Jerry Arhnok, Teacher, Sacramento CA, “It gave me a lot of energy for the first 4 hours and then I crashed really hard! All day my heart was racing, i was so tired by the end of the day, and no matter how tired I was I couldn’t fall asleep! It’s either going to work for you or work against you, if you’re willing to take the chance.

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review Supplements

(Shredz Made For Women Supplement Series)

Shredz was introduced in 2012, with the use of Instagram and social media marketing it grew to a three million dollar company within a year. Two years later, even Forbes took notice and interviewed the young business man Arvin Lal, who is the CEO of the Shredz supplement brand.

The brand Shredz and their manufacturer seem very professional. If you order from the official website you actually have the choice to choose between gelatin and vegetable capsules, which we have yet to see any other supplement brand offer this unique option.

Where Do I Buy Shredz Fat Burner?

Where To Purchase Buy Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review

The best place to purchase Shredz is from Amazon, because you’ll receive the lowest price available.

Check Shredz Fat Burner Price

How Does Shredz Fat Burner For Women Work?

Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review How Does It Work

Shredz Fat Burner For Women works by using a homemade formula. The formula was created by one of the founders of Shredz, there are two founders in total, they’re friends and lifting partners. After their own personal success with the homemade formula, they took the initiative and turned it into an international supplement brand.

The secret homemade recipe is known as the “Shredz proprietary blend 934mg”, it’s a variety of natural fat burning ingredients and it’s the same blend that’s used in all of the Shredz supplements. The ingredients are nothing new or special, they’re a combination of what every fat burner on the market is currently using, but its a combination of the right ingredients.

The Shredz proprietary blend is made of 17 ingredients and are a combination of the main feature ingredient used in other fat burners. The formula uses the best of whats working for other fat burners, if you can’t beat them, join them, right? Or in this case copy the best part of them, and market it as your own.

If you want a second opinion, we are strictly unbiased. However we will say this, most fat burners on the market are made of 5-6 ingredients, usually most of them are ineffective, but there’s always 1 ingredient that’s somewhat effective.

The Shredz formula is actually a combination of the most effective ingredients in fat burners, and without the junk ingredients. So it’s a safer bet to try this instead of other supplements, but that doesn’t mean we’re saying you should go buy it.


  •  Each bottle contains a 30 day supply
  • It has good price for value if you buy it on Amazon for $45.00
  •  The formula is made of ingredients that were effective for other supplements


  •  Some users reported feeling sick due to the amount of Caffeine
  •  All of the Shredz supplements feature an almost identical formula
  •  It has bad price for value if you pay the full retail price at GNC for $60.00

Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review Instagram

(Fitness models on Instagram are paid to endorse Shredz)

Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women has more ingredients than most supplements we review. Its ingredients are natural and some even have clinical proof, but not all of the ingredients are responsible for burning fat. Some of the ingredients only promote weight loss, they don’t actually induce weight loss like thermogenics or stimulants.

Even the best fat burner for women and men have many extra ingredients that don’t burn fat, but instead they assist and promote weight loss. The extra ingredients are usually mood enhancers, stress relievers, and relaxers. They take the edge off  from the fact you’re putting the body under a stressful condition, which is how fat is burned, it’s controlled starvation.

How Does Shredz Fat Burner Burn Fat?

Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review What Is It ?

Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women claims it burns fat with 4 key ingredients, they’re a combination of stimulants and thermogenics. The official website promotes the four key ingredients as the feature ingredients of the formula, but some of these ingredients do not have scientific evidence or proof that they are effective.

The Shredz formula is made of 17 ingredients, but we’ve only broke down the key ingredients responsible for burning fat. The other ingredients are mood enhancers and stress relievers, the main thing you should know about these other ingredients are their side effects, which we’ve covered in the side effects section.

We’ve specifically investigated the important ingredients that you should know about, so you can know if Shredz is effective.

Yohimbine – Scientific studies reveal that Yohimbine can greatly aid in fat reduction and weight loss. It’s a potent stimulant and energy booster that’s similar to Caffeine. It will boost the metabolism by increasing energy, which forces the body to burn extra calories to make up for the energy expenditure. If you’re sensitive to Caffeine, most likely your body will not like Yohimbine.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – ALA is a natural occurring compound in the body and an antioxidant. There is little scientific evidence or research for ALA. Some side effects in rare circumstances can include skin rashes. This is a filler ingredient that’s trending among supplements, but it doesn’t seem to be effective at burning fat. We cannot say more about this ingredient because there is such little information.

Gugglesterones Low calorie diets are effective at first, but after a while the body will grow a tolerance and the metabolism will slow down. The body does not like to burn fat or lose weight. Gugglesterones prevent the body from slowing down its metabolism, so the body is continuously burning fat at 100% without the metabolism slowing down.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – ACLAR helps the body transport dietary fat into the bodies cells, so the cells can burn the fat for energy. The transport assistance helps the body burn more calories and fat than it would. The cells increase in fat burnt for energy will boost daily energy and alertness.

Where to Buy Shredz

Does Shredz Fat Burner For Women Have Side Effects?

Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review Side Effects

Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women has a large list of ingredients, they are all natural, but there’s still the chance of side effects. Natural ingredients can negatively effect some users, it’s best to follow a few guidelines when taking any supplement, for your protection and to be safe.

You should not take Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women with other caffeine products or at night. There is a small chance of mild side effects like dry mouth, sweating, constipation, and an elevated heart rate. These side effects usually disappear within the first week after your body develops a tolerance, if the side effects are bothersome, you can half the dosage until your body is comfortable with the recommended serving size.

There is always a one in a million chance of dangerous side effects and bad reactions, which is possible with any medication. Sometimes even the most natural and safe ingredients can be dangerous to someone who’s allergic and doesn’t know it. If you experience severe insomnia, painful headaches, dizziness, or trouble seeing, you should consult your doctor and immediately discontinue use.

This best fat burner for women and men should only be used by an adult who is eighteen or older. You should not take this fat burner if you’re taking prescribed medication or suffer from a medical illness. Prior to consumption you should consult your doctor or caretaker for a second opinion, they’ll know what’s best for you.

If you want to have great results, you’ll have to combine a diet and workout routine with the right fat burner. If you want to guarantee results, you’ll have to eat less calories so you’re at a calorie deficit, which is how you lose weight. If your body burns 2,000 calories but you only eat 1,500 calories that day, than you’re at a 500 calorie deficit and your body will start to lose weight. Protection Status

Shredz Review Fat Burner for Women

Real women share their review of shredz

There are over eight hundred “Shredz For Her” customer reviews on, but probably half of them are fake. Now a days most online reviews are self promoting and not real, which makes it difficult to know what product to buy. If we can’t find real customer feedback to help our buying decisions, than it gets much harder to know what really works.

At Fat Burner Depot we do our job as weight loss experts and provide quality information about which fat burners are the most effective. So we’ve given this supplement 4 out of 5 stars.

Shredz doesn’t offer discounts and there are no promo codes that we know of. So you’ll have to pay the full retail price unless you buy it from a cheaper online retailer. We recommend looking on because they normally have the best prices on the market. This product costs $45 dollars on the manufacturers website. However Shredz is not sold in GNC and very few stores carry the brand. It’s mainly sold through the official company website and

If you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat animal products, the official Shredz website gives you the option to buy vegetarian capsuled supplements. This is a rare option that very few manufacturers offer, it’s also a viable selling point for those who don’t want to eat animal based capsules. Shredz For Her contains Caffeine and will really boost the metabolism. It has the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of black coffee. Keep in mind, there may be some mild symptoms for the first week such as light sweats and jitteryness.

Shredz 30 day weight loss program

Shredz sells an exclusive 30 day challenge, supposedly it’s their complete weight loss package. It’s a bundle deal of the best Shredz supplements for women and costs two hundred dollars. You’ll receive the Fat Burner for Her, Shredz Toner, and the newest Shredz Detox. The three supplements work together in combination to boost the metabolism and make weight loss easier.

These three products provide the essential vitamins the body needs and help remove the harmful toxins. You can probably accomplish the same results simply by exercising and eating healthy, but the 30 day challenge will hold you accountable and help you accomplish your goals faster.

The Shredz toner is basically a creatine supplement that will help you build lean muscle, improve athletic performance and muscle recovery time. Creatine is naturally produced by the body, it regenerates ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the main energy fuel for muscles. Taking creatine will boost your body’s stored ATP, so that your muscles can workout longer, grow stronger and recover faster.

Creatine is the best supplement to support lean muscle growth, aside from taking illegal anabolic steroids, but its actually safe and very effective. It also makes your muscles absorb more water, but can cause mild side effects like muscle cramps and bloating. However I’ve personally never had any Creatine side effects and think that it’s harmless.

The Shredz Detox is a simple vitamin wrapped in a pretty package and it’s very overhyped. You can get the same effect from a multi-vitamin, but that’s only my opinion and not a factual statement. Shredz claims their Detox supplement will help the body flush toxins and improve digestion. The problem in my opinion is that it costs forty dollars and most of the ingredients are found in a multi-vitamin. However there are some noteworthy ingredients like African Mango and Lychee Fruit Extract, and both have had clinical studies proving they are effective at burning fat.

Real Shredz For Her Results and Success Stories

The best results always happen with a healthy diet plan and gym workout routine. Adding a weight loss supplement to your routine will further enhance the quality of your final before and after results. Many Shredz customer reviews have said that the Fat Burner for Her is an excellent product and would recommend it based off their experience. I found some real reviews that I’ve included below, so you can see how other people felt about their purchase.

Sarah Jameson, Nurse, 36I started taking Shredz for Her after my third child. My body had put on so much weight that I was ashamed of going in public. My dress size had gone up by six sizes and my husband didn’t feel as attracted to me anymore. My girlfriend recommended that I start exercising, I quickly found a gym close to me and hired a personal trainer. I’m old fashioned and believe a diet and exercise are all you need to burn fat, but my trainer suggested that I take Shredz for the best results. In twelve weeks I lost forty pounds and now I feel so good about myself. I accomplished my fitness goals and have more confidence than before. I cannot fully credit my supplements because I followed a strict ketogenic diet and exercised with a trainer. You may not see the same results but if you put in the work than it’s very likely you can lose up to five pounds per week.”

Michelle Stevens, Teacher, 31 “Teaching is not an easy job, teenagers can be very judgmental of their peers. I didn’t feel insecure about my body until I discovered that my students secretly called me “Obese” behind my back. It was a life changing moment. I always had great family council and supportive friends, even though I was chubby and overweight it never bothered me. When I got a permanent position in the high school it was an honorable feeling, little did I know the kids would eventually bully me for being fat. After that one day, I vowed to lose weight and always look my best from then on. I decided to buy the Shredz 30 day challenge. The cost was expensive and more than I wanted to pay, but it promised results and it sure did deliver. I lost 23 pounds in only thirty days. I recommend this supplement if you’re a women who wants to lose weight.”

Successful before and after Shredz 30 Day Transformation

From these two customer reviews we can tell that Shredz supplements are well received and generally have good feedback from customers. However there are more effective fat burners like Phentermine, unfortunately it’s a prescription diet pill and not easy to acquire. The best way to lose weight fast is with a nutritious diet meal plan and exercising weekly with a program like Crossfit.

When you burn more calories than you eat, your body will burn its stored fat because its in a negative caloric deficit. This deficit signals the body that its not eating enough and to use fat as an alternative energy source for fuel, which is how you lose weight.

The less carbohydrates that you eat, the less glucose your body will produce. When your body is not producing sufficient glycogen (glucose), it will be forced to burn fat for energy and change stored fat into ketones. A low carbohydrate diet will make your belly and thigh fat slowly burn away overtime. Adding Shredz fat burner for women to a high fat and low carb diet can cause you lose up to 3 pounds a week or possibly more.

Getting skinny is very simple if you understand caloric surplus and caloric deficit. You can only gain mass or lose mass, you cannot do both at the same time. That’s why many bodybuilders follow a cutting diet during the winter part of the year, and then a bulking diet for the summer part of the year.

Shredz Reviews and Feedback From Different Customers

Shredz Review and results from mother of two

Many Americans have diets full of unhealthy junk food, obesity rates are on the rise all over the world and heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. Changing the food groups that you eat and consuming more vegetables like Broccoli and Asparagus can be very beneficial to live longer and burn stored fat away.

Shredz is not a fat burner sold at gnc or any physical retailer that we know of, so the reviews that we’ve found are from the internet or real life customers who’ve submitted their honest feedback to Fat Burner Depot.

Those who’ve taken Shredz supplements have reported positive results and great body transformations. The before and after Shredz pictures from users who’ve shared their success stories are very motivating and give credibility to this supplement brand. Ingredients like Green tea extract and Cayenne pepper will make your body suppress its appetite and burn an extra 250 calories per day. Stimulant ingredients like Caffeine anhydrous will boost the metabolism and raise energy levels, so that you feel less tired.

Supposedly, there are over half a million or 500,000 Shredz customers. Most of the customers reviews are positive, made from active women who claim to have had permanent weight loss results with these supplements. However there have been some negative reviews that reported side effects, non-effectiveness and bad feelings. We’ll analyze and investigate one of the bad reviews next.

Unknown, MaleShredz is not worth buying. I can see their advertisements Instagram but it’s crap supplements that are overly promoted and guarantee no results. Honestly, don’t do it, try a more reputable supplement brand. I burned over 80lbs of fat and am a fitness athlete and nutritionist now. I do not recommend these supplements to anyone.  Don’t buy into the “miracle pill” hype, because it’s NOT Shredz supplements and you’ll waste your money!” Keep in mind, this customers review does not reflect the opinion of Fat Burner Depot. We are strictly a third party review company that investigates the pros and cons of different weight loss supplements on the market.

Based off what the customer said in the review above, we can determine that they had a negative experience with Shredz. About 10% of people who take the supplement report negative results. Some bad side effects are possible, usually this is because the stimulant ingredients can cause anxiety, mild sweating or restlessness.

Drinking eight cups of water a day will help negate negative symptoms and dilute the stimulant ingredients. If you make your purchase and are not satisfied within the first two weeks, you can return it for a complete money back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase and are still looking for a fat burner than we recommend you try Phen375. It’s the best fat burner of the year in our opinion and has many happy customers, so it’s absolutely worth trying and offers a full refund policy as well.

What Are The Best Female Exercises?

Does Shredz Really Work For Weight Loss

The best physical exercises for women and men are compound lifts that involve using multiple muscles. By doing exercises like dead lifts and squats you’ll activate almost every muscle in your body. Compound lifts are the best type of exercises because they burn more fat than traditional lifts and boost the metabolism for up to 48 hours. Any exercise that involves more than two muscle groups is considered a compound lift.

Compound lifts are a form of cardiovascular exercise, their so energy consuming they make the heart beat much faster than normal. If your fitness goal is to gain muscle and lose belly fat than exercises like power cleans, squats and dead lifts are your best choice. These exercises will also improve intramuscular coordination, which will improve your posture and flexibility. However you must be very careful because these are heavy lifts and using poor form can result in an injury.

Always remember, if you’re not arching your lower back when doing a squat, you can potentially damage your lower back. It’s very important to know the proper form before attempting compound exercises and is worth it to invest in a personal trainer.

The second best female exercises are lifts that involve training the core, like crunches and leg lifts. Training your core will greatly improve your endurance, ability to run long distances and spinal posture so that you stand erect. Poor posture is actually caused by weak muscles not being able to support their weight, so the body redirects the weight to stronger muscles. This redistribution of weight causes the posture to change into a slouched form. However by exercising and training you can strengthen your weak core muscles so that they can support their weight and cause your posture to stand erect.

Many personal trainers advise their clients to avoid overtraining, but gym enthusiasts are claiming that overtraining is a myth. Some bodybuilders on anabolic steroids go the gym two times a day, for a normal person this routine wouldn’t give their muscles enough time to recover. So the frequency of how often you lift is very important. If you want to lift full-time than I recommend following a 5 day full body split which involves going to the gym Monday through Friday, but that’s only if you’re really dedicated.

For those who don’t have that much time, going to the gym three times a week is sufficient.  Anything more than five times a week or doing double days is not ideal for muscle recovery, it’s overtraining unless you’re on some form of steroids or testosterone pills.

I started taking the Shredz Pre Workout before the gym, I can report that it did boost my energy and is a very effective preworkout supplement. I felt more awake in the gym and had a rush of excitement while lifting. Based off what we read in the customer reviews, Shredz is a supplemental company that has hit or miss products. Many of their supplements are nothing more than basic ingredients in a fancy pacakge.

Shredz Detox is a simple multi-vitamin with some extra fat loss ingredients, but for forty dollars it’s a rip off in our opinion. However the Shredz Pre Workout is great, packed with stimulants and focuses on effectively enhancing your workout. It really comes down to what you’re buying from Shredz, some of their products are amazing and very potent, but some others are not effective and a waste of money.

Is Protein a Good Dietary Supplement for Weight Loss?

Shredz Thermogenic Protein Powder Review

Protein is the most essential dietary component. It’s in found in all organisms and makes up body tissue like skin and muscle. The average human needs around 45 to 55 grams of protein a day to be healthy, but larger men with more muscle can require up to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Protein shakes are an easy way to consume more daily protein, which will help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, so that you burn fat while keeping your muscle.

The macronutrient “Protein” has been clinically proven to increase the rate at which you lose weight and burn fat. Basically, it’s a natural fat burner that’s found in foods such as meats, fish, eggs, etc.. As primal as this sounds, eating protein is like consuming the life force of another living organism, so that you can use it to grow bigger and stronger. It’s an essential amino acid, a building block of life. The more you eat, the more your body can use to recover and grow your muscles, while also toning muscle definition and helping burn fat.

“Does Shredz Thermogenic Powder Really Work?”

Womens Protein Powder to lose weight and burn belly fat

There is a special “Thermogenic Protein Powder“, that helps with fat reduction and promotes lean muscle gain. Shredz Thermogenic Protein is basically a whey protein powder that’s been combined with stimulant ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Bean. It also contains amino acids like Leucine which will strengthen your muscles and tone them. This type of protein weight loss powder is more experimental, the reviews are so-so and you can probably get the same weight loss results by using whey protein powder.

It’s safe to say that protein is necessary for healthy weight loss for men and women. Eating a high protein diet can strengthen your immune system and make you feel more full from eating less. However these diets are most effective when you’re eating low carbohydrates as well. The most effective fat loss diet is a low carb and high protein meal plan. This is known as a ketogenic diet, which will naturally suppress your appetite by reducing hunger and promoting fat loss.

Studies have proven that protein powder and weight lifting can cause you to grow lean muscle mass. You can lose up to fifteen pounds per month simply by taking a protein shake in the morning and night and exercising. We space time in between taking protein shakes because the human body can only digest 50 grams of protein per hour. Taking too much protein will instead turn to fat and then get stored. So it’s better to eat four to six high protein meals a day versus only two or three big meals.

There’s a secret trick to buying the best weight gaining protein powder and I’ll share it with you. The goal is to find a blend of powder that has a strong protein to carbohydrate ratio. Ideally for each gram of protein there should be four or less grams of carbohydrates in the blend. However if you’re taking Whey protein powder than it shouldn’t have any carbs.

Shredz Made For Women Discounts and Coupon Codes

Shredz Discount and Coupon code for Memorial Day

Currently Shredz does not offer any coupon codes that we know of, but there are different sales and discounts offered on their official website. For example, the Shredz 30 day program is on discount by 48% this month alone. The deal of the day does change between the supplements but usually it’s only for the big package deals and not the individual products.

You can buy Shredz For Women from for the best online price, even cheaper than the official Shredz website. At Fat Burner Depot we think that saving money and getting an effective fat burner is true value. So the cheaper you can find your supplements, the more you have to spend on other important things like a gym membership or diet foods.

Most of their supplements sell for about $39.99 but you can get a better price from an online vendor like Unfortunately you’ll no longer be able to find Shredz at GNC or most storefronts. It’s not an easily found product and because of recent negative reviews there has been a decline in Shredz sales. This is strictly an opinion though and was made based off what we’ve learned while making this review.

“Who Are The Shredz Athletes?”

Lazar Angelov Shredz Athlete

I know this is a little side tracked and involves a personal story, but I once met the main Shredz Athlete “Lazar Angelov”. He’s like the face of Shredz and probably the most famous of the Shredz athletes. Lazar has over 10 million Facebook likes and millions of Instagram followers. Well we were both on vacation in Cancun, Mx and I bumped into him in the pool area. He’s incredibly fit and the best shape I’ve ever seen on a human.

Lazar Angelov is probably one of the most aeshtetic human beings on the face of the earth. He’s been training for many years, but recently had to undergo multiple joint surgeries. The surgeries made him lose his muscle, he had to spend a year recovering in a hospital bed. However he’s made a comeback and in the last few months gained everything back. He’s a very motivational man and the best Shredz Athlete on the roster.

Shredz For Her VS. Fitmiss Burn

Shredz For Her vs Fitmiss Burn

Some women are not keen on taking Shredz For Her and would rather take another product. There is another for women supplement that you might want to look into. It’s been on the market for a few years now and the reviews are mostly positive and very happy. Fitmiss Burn is not better than Shredz but it is much cheaper because it’s an older supplement.

The best part about Fitmiss Burn is that you can buy it for only $15 dollars. The cheapest retailer we found was, but it’s also sold in mainstream storefronts such as GNC. The price is generally the same everywhere you go and less than twenty dollars. I know friends who have tried both supplements and they had great weight loss results. 

If you don’t mind spending the extra cash than getting Shredz would probably be the better choice of the two. However that depends on what you consider value because the cheaper price is a big incentive to choose Fitmiss. 

Final Thoughts

Where To Purchase Buy Shredz Fat Burner Made For Women Review

The best place to purchase Shredz Best Fat Burner For Women is from Amazon. You’ll receive the lowest price available and you can read reviews about this “claimed” best fat burner for women currently available.

If you pay the full retail price of $60.00, this supplement has a poor price for its value and at that price you can find better supplements. If you purchase it from Amazon for $45.00, this fat burner is decent and has an alright price its value.

We suggest you count how many pills are in your bottle, sometimes they can be short a few pills, if that’s the case you will receive a refund and a new bottle. You can visit Amazon now by clicking “Visit Site”

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