SirenLabs Neuro Lean Review

Neuro Lean is a concentrated thermogenic only available at GNC. The creators of this supplement make bold claims and big promises. Any GNC  will gladly agree with these questionable claims for quick a sale.

Selling false hope and blowing smoke is profitable marketing for many supplement manufacturers. Although, some diet pills actually do live up to their claims, but most are just a waste of money.

It’s difficult to trust most recommendations, even word to mouth advertising. GNC representatives will say whatever is necessary to maintain sales quota. The online reviews are also slim to none. Who can you really trust these days?

What Is SirenLabs Neuro Lean All About?

Neuro Lean is a fat burner manufactured by SirenLabs and sold exclusively at GNC. It’s a concentrated blend of mid to high grade ingredients. GNC offers the one month supply for $79.99. Although, Amazon offers it as cheap as $69.99.

Consumers prefer a recommendation or review before making a purchase. However, searching for an online SirenLabs Neuro Lean review is next to impossible. There’s very little information online. The only information online are biased marketing campaigns, which are useless.

The main advantage of Neuro Lean is its formula is made of 3 blends. The “B.A.D. Fat Annihilation Blend”, “Alpha Nootrophic Blend”, and “Endo Define Blend”. The blends are responsible for healthy neuro recovery, energy and fat burning, and precise focus.

The creators believe Neuro lean can boost energy, enhance focus, lower water retention, and burn fat. But these claims hold no truth without real customer reviews, and we found none.

How Does SirenLabs Neuro Lean Work?

Neuro lean works by using three different blends. Supposedly, it’s three solutions in one. It’s a recipe made of three unique blends. Each blend has a different effect and is made from different ingredients.

The blends and their effects are marketed as the main selling points. Each blend has a different function. However, the three blends work in unison and complete the recipe.

“B.A.D. Fat Annihilation Blend” 396 mg – The most important blend, responsible for boosting energy and burning fat. Contains stimulants and fat burners. Lowers blood pressure and increases blood sugar. Stimulants boost energy and suppress appetite. Turns on the bodies natural fat burning mode.

“Alpha Nootrophic Blend” 168 mg – The focus blend, responsible for improved concentration and increased focus. Contains mood enhancers and memory boosters. Increases brain chemical responsible for memory and learning. Delays mental fatigue. Improves memory, thinking, and learning.

“Endo Define Blend” 127 mg – The neuro recovery blend, responsible for faster neuro recovery and a calm mind. Contains stress relievers and immunity boosters. Mild sedatives help relieve daily stress. Improves immune system by stimulating cells. Opens blood vessels and improves blood flow which help the brain think faster.

The three blends have different purposes but they make a complete recipe. The blends explain how Neuro Lean works. The ingredient breakdown below will explain how it burns fat.

How Does SirenLabs Neuro Lean Burn Fat?

Neuro Lean burns fat with it’s anchor blend, “B.A.D. Fat Annihilation Blend”. This blend isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. The ingredient breakdown of this blend will explain how fat is burned.

There are five key ingredients. Some have clinical studies. The rest have no proof evidence or evidence if they work. Unstudied ingredients are more like estimated guesses.

ADVANTRA Z – Plant known as “Bitter Orange”. Appetite suppressant and stimulant. Synephrine has many clinical studies and backings. Very powerful natural stimulant.

ALPHA YOHIMBINE – Flop ingredient. Used for erectile dysfunction. Opens blood vessels and improves blood flow which may aid in weight loss. No clinical studies.

Beta Phenylethylamine HCL – Clinically trialed central nervous system stimulant. Enhances daily energy and boosts metabolism. Similar to caffeine but burns more calories.

DENDROBIUM – Orchid plant used to lower blood pressure and increase blood sugar. The bodies perfect condition for fat burning. A powerful stimulant that can reduce pain and inflammation.

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS – Normal caffeine. Except, it has virtually no water. It’s been dried for pill form. For this reason, it’s more potent. Boosts energy and burns calories in the process.

The ingredients work in conjunction to turn on the bodies fat burning mode. Half the ingredients are studied and useful. The rest lack proof and studying. Ingredients like Yohimbine are questionable at best.

Does SirenLabs Neuro Lean Have Side Effects?

Most natural supplements are not prone to side effects. But users could suffer light side effects such as elevated energy, decreased food cravings, mild sweat, dry mouth, and jitteriness. Stop use immediately if you feel dizziness, insomnia, severe headache, heart murmur, or loss of breath.

General rules should be followed while taking any medication. Use only if over the age of eighteen and healthy. Contains Caffeine. Do no take before bed time. Stop use if sensitive to Caffeine. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or planning pregnancy.

Consumers taking prescription medication or living with any medical conditions please consult a physician prior to use. Take this product no more than eight weeks. Never consume with alcohol. Avoid other Caffeine products.

If you feel the lighter side effects, it’s most likely because of your diet. Avoid Coffee, Tea, and soda. A balanced diet and proper exercise will make side effects non-existent.

Where Do I Buy SirenLabs Neuro Lean?

The best place to purchase SirenLabs Neuro Lean is from Amazon or GNC. You’ll receive the lowest price available.

SirenLabs Neuro Lean Reviews may be biased. But we bring you the honest truth. Keep in mind, there is no money back guarantee.

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